Trainee Tournaments

Collier Park Trainee Match

Collier Park Trainee Match

Collier Park GC (Pine/Island) Como

18th March 2019
  • ChampionJohn BoultonWinner
  • PrizeEntry FeesPurse
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Not followingT1ZIMT1. D.Dale Howie -2F-270
Not followingT1AUST1. J.John Boulton -2F-270
Not followingT3AUST3. J.Jeong Woo Ha 0ParF0Par72
Not followingT3AUST3. L.Lucas Paddick 0ParF0Par72
Not followingT3AUST3. T.Tiaan Greyvenstein 0ParF0Par72
Not followingT3AUST3. C.Courtney McNiel titleisttitleist0ParF0Par72
Not followingT3AUST3. R.Roshan Fernando 0ParF0Par72
Not followingT3AUST3. E.Ethan Andrews 0ParF0Par72
Not following9AUS9. S.Stephen Dark +1F+173
Not followingT10AUST10. C.Cameron Vale +3F+375
Not followingT10AUST10. C.Craig Lowry +3F+375
Not followingT10AUST10. M.Michael Lewis +3F+375
Not followingT13AUST13. J.Jarred McCosh titleisttitleist+4F+476
Not followingT13AUST13. T.Troy Crimmin +4F+476
Not followingT15AUST15. P.Paris Murdock titleisttitleist+5F+577
Not followingT15AUST15. D.David Moore +5F+577
Not followingT17AUST17. K.Kate Goddard +6F+678
Not followingT17AUST17. L.Luke Gerrard +6F+678
Not following19AUS19. J.Jake Vigors +9F+981
Not following20AUS20. J.Jeremy Gilbert +17F+1789


Titleist = The player is using a Titleist ball

* =  The player began their round on the 10th hole

(Am) = The player is an amateur

CUT = The cut is made after the completion of 36 holes. Prior to this, the cut line represents the projected cut.

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A/S = All Square
EH#2 = Extra Hole
DSQ = Disqualified
WDN = Withdrawn
RTD = Retired