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One FM GV Mooroopna Trainee Pro Am

One FM GV Mooroopna Trainee Pro Am

Mooroopna Golf Club Mooroopna

18th February 2019
  • ChampionLance SmithWinner
  • Prize$2410.00Purse
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Not followingT1AUSVICT1. A.Aung Htwe titleisttitleist-4F-469
Not followingT1AUSVICT1. L.Lance Smith titleisttitleist-4F*-469
Not followingT3AUSVICT3. B.Ben Pisani -3F-370
Not followingT3AUSVICT3. L.Lachlan Armour -3F*-370
Not followingT3AUSVICT3. D.Dale Crothers titleisttitleist-3F*-370
Not followingT6AUSVICT6. B.Bradley Stephenson titleisttitleist-2F*-271
Not followingT6AUSVICT6. L.Lachlan Kenny -2F*-271
Not followingT6AUSVICT6. T.Tom McLaine -2F*-271
Not followingT6AUSVICT6. J.Jake Fullerton -2F*-271
Not following10AUSVIC10. K.Komang Pertama -1F*-172
Not followingT11AUSVICT11. A.Adam McLean 0ParF0Par73
Not followingT11AUSVICT11. L.Lachlan Bassett 0ParF*0Par73
Not followingT11AUSVICT11. C.Callum Beaumont titleisttitleist0ParF*0Par73
Not followingT11AUSVICT11. M.Matthew Doran titleisttitleist0ParF*0Par73
Not followingT11AUSVICT11. M.Malcolm McKenna 0ParF*0Par73
Not followingT11NZLVICT11. S.Sean Mahar titleisttitleist0ParF*0Par73
Not followingT11AUSVICT11. J.Jamie Stapleton titleisttitleist0ParF0Par73
Not followingT11AUSVICT11. J.Joel Ward 0ParF*0Par73
Not followingT19AUSVICT19. A.Andrew Poppins +1F*+174
Not followingT19AUSTAST19. A.Andrew Oakley titleisttitleist+1F*+174
Not followingT19AUSVICT19. N.Nicholas Clarke +1F*+174
Not followingT19AUSVICT19. C.Catherine Odgers +1F*+174
Not followingT19AUSVICT19. A.Alexander Dudley-Bateman titleisttitleist+1F*+174
Not followingT19AUSVICT19. C.Callum McKenzie +1F*+174
Not followingT25AUSVICT25. M.Michael Bainbridge titleisttitleist+2F*+275
Not followingT25AUSVICT25. M.Matthew Howell +2F*+275
Not followingT27AUSVICT27. J.Jack Sandic titleisttitleist+3F*+376
Not followingT27AUSVICT27. I.Isaac Sirianni +3F*+376
Not followingT27AUSVICT27. S.Storm Ord titleisttitleist+3F*+376
Not followingT27AUSVICT27. C.Callum Wilkinson +3F*+376
Not followingT31AUSVICT31. G.Glen Forster titleisttitleist+4F*+477
Not followingT31AUSVICT31. T.Timothy Purtill titleisttitleist+4F*+477
Not followingT33AUSVICT33. J.Jonathan Stella titleisttitleist+5F*+578
Not followingT33AUSVICT33. K.Kieran Vogels +5F*+578
Not followingT33AUSVICT33. J.Janette Borgolotto titleisttitleist+5F*+578
Not followingT33AUSVICT33. P.Phillip Etcheverry +5F*+578
Not followingT33AUSVICT33. J.James Fowler +5F*+578
Not followingT33AUSVICT33. M.Michael Tullio +5F*+578
Not followingT39AUSVICT39. A.Angus Brunsdon titleisttitleist+6F*+679
Not followingT39AUSVICT39. M.Mitchell Carter titleisttitleist+6F*+679
Not followingT39AUSVICT39. Z.Zakary Ginevra titleisttitleist+6F*+679
Not following42AUSVIC42. D.David Hurle titleisttitleist+7F*+780
Not followingT43AUSVICT43. C.Corinna Bryant +8F*+881
Not followingT43AUSVICT43. C.Christopher Irving +8F*+881
Not followingT43AUSVICT43. H.Helen Noble titleisttitleist+8F*+881
Not following46AUSVIC46. C.Chloe McSaveney +9F*+982
Not following47AUSVIC47. E.Emily Pell +10F*+1083


Titleist = The player is using a Titleist ball

* =  The player began their round on the 10th hole

(Am) = The player is an amateur

CUT = The cut is made after the completion of 36 holes. Prior to this, the cut line represents the projected cut.

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A/S = All Square
EH#2 = Extra Hole
DSQ = Disqualified
WDN = Withdrawn
RTD = Retired