Trainee Tournaments

Toowoomba Trainee Match

Toowoomba Trainee Match

Toowoomba Golf Club Middle Ridge

22nd January 2018
  • ChampionCharles WrightWinner
  • PrizeEntry FeesPurse
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Not following1AUSQLD1. C.Charles Wright -4F-468
Not following2AUS2. T.Tyron-Jaye Gooding-King -1F-171
Not following3AUSQLD3. D.Dean Jamieson 0ParF0Par72
Not following4AUSQLD4. C.Christopher Crooks +1F+173
Not following5AUSQLD5. N.Neville Hogan titleisttitleist+2F+274
Not followingT6AUSQLDT6. C.Cooper Eccleston +3F+375
Not followingT6AUSQLDT6. J.Jacob Freeman titleisttitleist+3F+375
Not followingT8AUSQLDT8. T.Tanner Jackson titleisttitleist+4F+476
Not followingT8AUSQLDT8. D.Daniel Bird +4F+476
Not followingT10AUSQLDT10. T.Timothy Denman +5F+577
Not followingT10AUSQLDT10. J.Jacomb Borra +5F+577
Not followingT10AUSNSWT10. M.Matt McLean +5F+577
Not followingT13AUSQLDT13. A.Asha Hargreaves +6F+678
Not followingT13AUSQLDT13. A.Angus Porter +6F+678
Not followingT13AUST13. M.Mitchell Dunbar +6F+678
Not followingT13AUSQLDT13. H.Hayden Gomez +6F+678
Not followingT17AUSQLDT17. J.Jake Newbery +7F+779
Not followingT17AUSQLDT17. L.Laura McCahon +7F+779
Not followingT17AUSQLDT17. S.Samuel Price titleisttitleist+7F+779
Not followingT17AUSQLDT17. J.Joshua Bevan +7F+779
Not followingT21AUST21. S.Stephen Klease +8F+880
Not followingT21AUSQLDT21. D.Duane Coles +8F+880
Not followingT21AUSQLDT21. G.Gavin Fairfax +8F+880
Not followingT21AUSQLDT21. J.Joshua Stewart +8F+880
Not followingT25AUST25. G.Garry Kissick +9F+981
Not followingT25AUST25. T.Trent Rhodes +9F+981
Not followingT27AUSQLDT27. H.Hannah Mason +11F+1183
Not followingT27AUSQLDT27. K.Kylie Close +11F+1183
Not following29AUSQLD29. R.Ryan Gailey +12F+1284
Not followingT30AUSQLDT30. G.Gabriel Pyatigorsky +13F+1385
Not followingT30AUST30. S.Sundtee Chai Duncan +13F+1385
Not followingT32AUSQLDT32. Z.Zakary Hastings +14F+1486
Not followingT32AUSQLDT32. J.James Taylor +14F+1486
Not following34AUS34. P.Patrick Hatton +15F+1587
Not following35AUS35. A.Amie Rose Grewar +16F+1688


Titleist = The player is using a Titleist ball

* =  The player began their round on the 10th hole

(Am) = The player is an amateur

CUT = The cut is made after the completion of 36 holes. Prior to this, the cut line represents the projected cut.

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A/S = All Square
EH#2 = Extra Hole
DSQ = Disqualified
WDN = Withdrawn
RTD = Retired