Trainee Tournaments

Dunheved Trainee Match

Dunheved Trainee Match

Dunheved Golf Club St Marys

5th March 2018
  • ChampionBrent WhiteWinner
  • PrizeEntry FeesPurse
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Not following1AUSNSW1. B.Brent White -5F-567
Not following2AUSNSW2. M.Mitchell Harry titleisttitleist-4F-468
Not following3AUSNSW3. J.Jye Forrester titleisttitleist-3F-369
Not followingT4AUSNSWT4. J.Jamie Millar -2F-270
Not followingT4AUSNSWT4. J.Jack Kessell titleisttitleist-2F-270
Not followingT4AUSNSWT4. A.Adriana Brent titleisttitleist-2F-270
Not followingT4AUSNSWT4. B.Bradley Ward -2F-270
Not following8AUSNSW8. G.Gary Dowling titleisttitleist-1F-171
Not followingT9AUSNSWT9. B.Benjamin Morgan 0ParF0Par72
Not followingT9AUSNSWT9. D.Darren Robel 0ParF0Par72
Not followingT9AUSNSWT9. J.Jamie Bashforth titleisttitleist0ParF0Par72
Not followingT9AUSACTT9. A.Allan Haughie titleisttitleist0ParF0Par72
Not followingT9AUSNSWT9. J.Jayden Cripps titleisttitleist0ParF0Par72
Not followingT9AUSNSWT9. D.Daniel Priest titleisttitleist0ParF0Par72
Not followingT15AUSNSWT15. J.Jake Mitchell titleisttitleist+1F+173
Not followingT15AUSACTT15. J.Jacob Davies +1F+173
Not followingT15AUSNSWT15. E.Evan Tuckwell titleisttitleist+1F+173
Not followingT18AUSNSWT18. B.Bryce Hohnen titleisttitleist+2F+274
Not followingT18AUSNSWT18. L.Liam Sheils titleisttitleist+2F+274
Not followingT18AUSNSWT18. D.Dylan Thompson +2F+274
Not followingT18AUSNSWT18. R.Ricky Kato +2F+274
Not followingT18AUSNSWT18. A.Ashley Cramond titleisttitleist+2F+274
Not followingT18AUSNSWT18. B.Brayden Petersen titleisttitleist+2F+274
Not followingT18AUSNSWT18. J.Jason Perkin titleisttitleist+2F+274
Not following25AUSNSW25. N.Nathan Dorahy titleisttitleist+3F+375
Not followingT26AUSNSWT26. B.Bovorn Bovornratanaraks titleisttitleist+4F+476
Not followingT26AUSNSWT26. D.Deepak Jallipalli titleisttitleist+4F+476
Not followingT26AUSNSWT26. T.Tyrone Dowling titleisttitleist+4F+476
Not followingT26AUSNSWT26. D.Daniel Buyers titleisttitleist+4F+476
Not followingT26AUSNSWT26. C.Christina Kang +4F+476
Not following31AUSNSW31. C.Claudia Lim +5F+577
Not followingT32AUSNSWT32. J.James Gleeson titleisttitleist+6F+678
Not followingT32AUSNSWT32. K.Kesava Nair +6F+678
Not followingT32AUSNSWT32. N.Nicholas Heath titleisttitleist+6F+678
Not followingT32AUSNSWT32. E.Evan Brawn +6F+678
Not followingT32AUSNSWT32. J.Jarrod Harding titleisttitleist+6F+678
Not followingT37AUSNSWT37. A.Ashley Munro titleisttitleist+7F+779
Not followingT37AUSNSWT37. E.Edward Salt +7F+779
Not followingT37AUSNSWT37. M.Matthew Tierney titleisttitleist+7F+779
Not followingT37AUSNSWT37. R.Ryan Jones +7F+779
Not following41AUSNSW41. L.Luke O'Carrigan +8F+880
Not following42AUSNSW42. J.Jordan Colella titleisttitleist+11F+1183
Not following43AUSNSW43. D.Danae Royal titleisttitleist+12F+1284
Not following44AUSNSW44. M.Matthew Grenot titleisttitleist+13F+1385


Titleist = The player is using a Titleist ball

* =  The player began their round on the 10th hole

(Am) = The player is an amateur

CUT = The cut is made after the completion of 36 holes. Prior to this, the cut line represents the projected cut.

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A/S = All Square
EH#2 = Extra Hole
DSQ = Disqualified
WDN = Withdrawn
RTD = Retired