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Rich River Trainee Classic - Rounds for Averages

Rich River Trainee Classic - Rounds for Averages

Rich River Golf Club (West Course) Moama

7th - 8th February 2019
  • ChampionAdam McLeanWinner
  • PrizeEntry FeesPurse
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Not following1AUS1. A.Adam McLean -6F-57167138
Not following2AUS2. A.Anthony Giaccotto -5F-26970139
Not following3NZL3. J.James Betts titleisttitleist-4F-37169140
Not following4AUS4. J.Jack Glasson -1F-17271143
Not following5AUS5. J.James Gleeson titleisttitleist+2F-37769146
Not following6AUS6. H.Haydn Garner +3F0Par7572147
Not followingT7AUST7. D.Deepak Jallipalli titleisttitleist+4F+17573148
Not followingT7AUST7. C.Callum McKenzie +4F+37375148
Not followingT7AUST7. M.Mitchell Perfrement +4F+57177148
Not followingT10AUST10. K.Komang Pertama +5F+27574149
Not followingT10AUST10. M.Malcolm McKenna +5F+47376149
Not following12AUS12. A.Andrew Wright +6F+27674150
Not following13AUS13. J.Jake Fullerton +7F*-28170151
Not followingT14AUST14. C.Christopher Irving +8F*+17973152
Not followingT14AUST14. T.Timothy Purtill titleisttitleist+8F+37775152
Not followingT14AUST14. C.Corinna Bryant +8F+47676152
Not followingT14AUST14. B.Brodie Burden +8F+87280152
Not followingT14AUST14. K.Kirt Anthony +8F+87280152
Not followingT19AUST19. C.Connor Brodrick titleisttitleist+9F+37875153
Not followingT19AUST19. J.Janette Borgolotto titleisttitleist+9F+47776153
Not followingT19AUST19. J.Jace Kirk +9F*-18271153
Not followingT22AUST22. R.Rebecca West +11F+57877155
Not followingT22AUST22. T.Taine Pearse +11F*+57877155
Not followingT22AUST22. L.Liam Sheils titleisttitleist+11F*+47976155
Not followingT22AUST22. A.Andrew Oakley titleisttitleist+11F+87580155
Not followingT22AUST22. L.Luke Brabant +11F*+18273155
Not followingT27AUST27. C.Chloe McSaveney +12F*+57977156
Not followingT27AUST27. A.Alexander Dudley-Bateman titleisttitleist+12F*+48076156
Not followingT27AUST27. M.Matthew Howell +12F+107482156
Not followingT30USAT30. P.Phillip Etcheverry +13F+77879157
Not followingT30AUST30. Z.Zakary Ginevra titleisttitleist+13F*+67978157
Not followingT32AUST32. J.James Fowler +14F*+77979158
Not followingT32AUST32. R.Robert Dowd +14F+107682158
Not followingT32AUST32. M.Matthew Thompson +14F*+68078158
Not followingT32AUST32. C.Callum Roles +14F*+48276158
Not followingT36AUST36. M.Mitchell Carter titleisttitleist+16F*+88080160
Not followingT36AUST36. J.Jared Brown +16F*+68278160
Not followingT36AUST36. G.Gultekin Akyurek +16F*+58377160
Not followingT39AUST39. R.Ryan Jones +18F*+108082162
Not followingT39AUST39. H.Helen Noble titleisttitleist+18F*+108082162
Not followingT39AUST39. C.Connor Bond +18F*+88280162
Not followingT42AUST42. M.Michael Tullio +19F*+127984163
Not followingT42AUST42. N.Nicholas Clarke +19F*+118083163
Not followingT44AUST44. M.Max Barker +21F*+147986165
Not followingT44AUST44. C.Catherine Odgers +21F*+138085165
Not followingT44AUST44. V.Viet Hung Nguyen +21F*+98481165
Not following47AUS47. N.Nicholas Culvenor +23F*+128384167


Titleist = The player is using a Titleist ball

* =  The player began their round on the 10th hole

(Am) = The player is an amateur

CUT = The cut is made after the completion of 36 holes. Prior to this, the cut line represents the projected cut.

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A/S = All Square
EH#2 = Extra Hole
DSQ = Disqualified
WDN = Withdrawn
RTD = Retired