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Rich River Trainee Classic - Rounds for Averages

Rich River Trainee Classic - Rounds for Averages

Rich River West Course Moama

1st - 2nd February 2018
  • ChampionMichael BainbridgeWinner
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Not followingT1AUSNSWT1. J.Jamie Millar titleisttitleist0ParF+17173144
Not followingT1AUSVICT1. M.Michael Bainbridge titleisttitleist0ParF+66678144
Not following3AUSVIC3. C.Connor Brodrick titleisttitleist+1F+17273145
Not followingT4AUSVICT4. M.Matthew Doran +2F-27670146
Not followingT4AUSNSWT4. J.James Cleary +2F0Par7472146
Not followingT4AUSNSWT4. C.Corey Cruickshank titleisttitleist+2F+17373146
Not followingT4AUSNSWT4. B.Bradley Ward +2F+27274146
Not followingT4AUSVICT4. J.Jack Cox titleisttitleist+2F+37175146
Not followingT9AUSNSWT9. D.Deepak Jallipalli titleisttitleist+4F0Par7672148
Not followingT9AUSVICT9. A.Aaron Attwell titleisttitleist+4F+37375148
Not followingT9AUSWAT9. J.John Boulton +4F+37375148
Not followingT12AUSVICT12. D.David Ennels +5F+37475149
Not followingT12AUSVICT12. B.Brodie Burden +5F+47376149
Not followingT12AUSSAT12. H.Henry Clough +5F+57277149
Not followingT15AUSVICT15. A.Alexander Dudley-Bateman titleisttitleist+6F0Par7872150
Not followingT15AUSNSWT15. D.Damien Anderson +6F+27674150
Not followingT15AUSVICT15. E.Elliott Braulins titleisttitleist+6F+47476150
Not following18AUSSA18. J.Joshua Groom +7F+87180151
Not followingT19AUSNSWT19. K.Kesava Nair +9F+37875153
Not followingT19AUSVICT19. A.Angus Brunsdon +9F+67578153
Not followingT21AUSVICT21. M.Matthew Thompson +10F+37975154
Not followingT21AUSVICT21. S.Sean Mahar +10F+77579154
Not followingT21AUSVICT21. J.Janette Borgolotto +10F+87480154
Not followingT24AUSVICT24. K.Karena Vendy +11F+18273155
Not followingT24AUSVICT24. D.Darren Bowman +11F+38075155
Not followingT24AUST24. S.Samuel Pasquali +11F+87580155
Not following27AUSVIC27. C.Corinna Bryant +12F+67878156
Not followingT28T28. J.Jay Zhou +13F+48176157
Not followingT28AUSVICT28. M.Michael Tullio titleisttitleist+13F+67978157
Not followingT28AUSNSWT28. J.Jarrod Harding +13F+87780157
Not followingT31AUSVICT31. N.Nicholas Culvenor +14F+58177158
Not followingT31AUSQLDT31. B.Barrie Manning titleisttitleist+14F+68078158
Not followingT31AUSVICT31. M.Mitchell Carter titleisttitleist+14F+117583158
Not followingT34AUSVICT34. B.Benjamin Allen titleisttitleist+15F+58277159
Not followingT34AUSVICT34. M.Melissa Taylor titleisttitleist+15F+87980159
Not followingT36AUSVICT36. C.Catherine Odgers titleisttitleist+16F+68278160
Not followingT36AUSVICT36. E.Emily Pell +16F+107882160
Not followingT36AUSNSWT36. D.Danae Royal +16F+137585160
Not following39AUSVIC39. I.Isaac Sirianni +17F+107982161
Not following40AUSVIC40. H.Helen Noble titleisttitleist+18F+68478162
Not following41AUSNSW41. T.Thomas Wilson +21F+147986165
Not following42AUS42. H.Harrison Hartman +23F+98681167
Not following43AUSNSW43. M.Matthew Tierney titleisttitleist+24F+118583168
Not followingT44AUSNSWT44. R.Robert Dowd -F0ParWDNWDNWDN
Not followingT44AUSVICT44. B.Bradley Stephenson titleisttitleist-F0Par76WDNWDN


Titleist = The player is using a Titleist ball

* =  The player began their round on the 10th hole

(Am) = The player is an amateur

CUT = The cut is made after the completion of 36 holes. Prior to this, the cut line represents the projected cut.

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A/S = All Square
EH#2 = Extra Hole
DSQ = Disqualified
WDN = Withdrawn
RTD = Retired