Ladbrokes PGA Pro-Am Series

Royal Adelaide PGA Sweepstakes (NON OOM)

Royal Adelaide PGA Sweepstakes (NON OOM)

Royal Adelaide Golf Club Adelaide

23rd April 2018
  • ChampionAntonio MurdacaWinner
  • PrizeSweepstakesPurse
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Event Overview

Welcome to the Royal Adelaide PGA Sweepstakes

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*This event is a NON Order of Merit tournament

Defending Champion

Brad Moules (SA)

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Information & Conditions of Competition

Contact Details
Golf Club
Royal Adelaide Golf Club
328 Tapleys Hill Road
SEATON  SA  5023
t: 08 8356 8508
f: 08 8235 1064


Brett Crosby
Member Services Coordinator - SA
0428 643 532
Mon to Fri




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