Ladbrokes PGA Pro-Am Series

Geelong Golf Club 9 Hole Pro-Am

Geelong Golf Club 9 Hole Pro-Am

Geelong Golf Club - 9 holes North Geelong

2nd February 2019
  • ChampionTroy MosesWinner
  • Prize$11,000Purse
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Not following1AUSNSW1. T.Troy Moses titleisttitleist-6F-627
Not following2AUSNSW2. A.Alex Edge -5F-528
Not followingT3AUSWAT3. J.Jason Chellew titleisttitleist-4F-429
Not followingT3AUSVICT3. J.Josh Younger titleisttitleist-4F-429
Not followingT3AUSVICT3. R.Ruben Lal titleisttitleist-4F-429
Not followingT3AUSWAT3. B.Braden Becker titleisttitleist-4F-429
Not followingT3AUSQLDT3. S.Shae Wools-Cobb titleisttitleist-4F-429
Not followingT3AUSVICT3. R.Richard Green -4F-429
Not followingT9AUSVICT9. N.Nick Sapet titleisttitleist-3F-330
Not followingT9AUSWAT9. C.Cooper Geddes -3F-330
Not followingT9AUSVICT9. K.Kieran Pratt titleisttitleist-3F-330
Not followingT9AUSVICT9. A.Ashley Hall titleisttitleist-3F-330
Not followingT9AUSVICT9. M.Michael Choi titleisttitleist-3F-330
Not followingT9AUSWAT9. M.Matt Jager titleisttitleist-3F-330
Not followingT9AUSNSWT9. M.Mitchell Brown titleisttitleist-3F-330
Not followingT9AUSQLDT9. A.Aaron Wilkin titleisttitleist-3F-330
Not followingT9AUSQLDT9. C.Christopher Wood titleisttitleist-3F-330
Not followingT9AUSTAST9. S.Simon Hawkes titleisttitleist-3F-330
Not followingT19AUSVICT19. R.Ryan Lynch titleisttitleist-2F-231
Not followingT19AUSVICT19. B.Ben Ford titleisttitleist-2F-231
Not followingT19AUSWAT19. B.Brady Watt -2F-231
Not followingT19AUSWAT19. R.Rick Kulacz titleisttitleist-2F-231
Not followingT19AUSNSWT19. D.Dale Williamson titleisttitleist-2F-231
Not followingT19AUSNSWT19. L.Lincoln Tighe -2F-231
Not followingT19AUSVICT19. M.Marcus Fraser titleisttitleist-2F-231
Not followingT26AUSVICT26. N.Nick Dastey titleisttitleist-1F-132
Not followingT26AUSVICT26. M.Michael Bainbridge titleisttitleist-1F-132
Not followingT26AUSWAT26. A.Andrew Gott titleisttitleist-1F-132
Not followingT26AUSQLDT26. L.Luke Paroz titleisttitleist-1F-132
Not followingT26AUSVICT26. M.Mitchell A. Brown titleisttitleist-1F-132
Not followingT26AUSVICT26. H.Hayden Webb titleisttitleist-1F-132
Not followingT26AUSVICT26. B.Bradley McGill titleisttitleist-1F-132
Not followingT26AUSSAT26. B.Brad Moules titleisttitleist-1F-132
Not followingT26AUSNSWT26. A.Andrew Evans titleisttitleist-1F-132
Not followingT26AUSVICT26. R.Rory Bourke titleisttitleist-1F-132
Not followingT36AUSVICT36. J.Jason Kraan 0ParF0Par33
Not followingT36KORKORT36. Y.Young Hyun Kim titleisttitleist0ParF0Par33
Not followingT36AUSVICT36. B.Ben Murphy 0ParF0Par33
Not followingT36AUSNSWT36. B.Bradley Doherty titleisttitleist0ParF0Par33
Not followingT36AUSVICT36. J.Jack Wilson titleisttitleist0ParF0Par33
Not followingT36AUSVICT36. P.Paul Christie 0ParF0Par33
Not followingT36AUSVICT36. S.Sean Charleston titleisttitleist0ParF0Par33
Not followingT43AUSVICT43. T.Thomas Jefferies titleisttitleist+1F+134
Not followingT43AUSVICT43. W.Wade Lowrie titleisttitleist+1F+134
Not followingT43AUSVICT43. R.Ryan Haywood +1F+134
Not followingT43AUSVICT43. N.Nathan Condon titleisttitleist+1F+134
Not followingT43AUSVICT43. J.Joshua Lancaster titleisttitleist+1F+134
Not followingT43AUSVICT43. M.Michael Isherwood titleisttitleist+1F+134
Not followingT43AUSVICT43. E.Euan Walters +1F+134
Not followingT43AUSNSWT43. A.Andrew Campbell +1F+134
Not followingT43AUSNSWT43. T.Theodore Coroneo titleisttitleist+1F+134
Not followingT52AUSVICT52. J.John Burbergs +2F+235
Not followingT52AUSVICT52. A.Andrew Kelly titleisttitleist+2F+235
Not followingT52AUSQLDT52. S.Samuel Price titleisttitleist+2F+235
Not followingT52AUSWAT52. D.Daniel Fox titleisttitleist+2F+235
Not followingT52AUSNSWT52. G.Gary Dowling titleisttitleist+2F+235
Not followingT52AUSWAT52. S.Scott Strange titleisttitleist+2F+235
Not followingT58AUSVICT58. T.Tybin Lawson +3F+336
Not followingT58AUSVICT58. V.Vernon Gunson titleisttitleist+3F+336
Not following60AUSVIC60. J.Jack Murdoch +4F+437
Not followingT61AUSVICT61. S.Steven Slater +6F+639
Not followingT61AUSNSWT61. J.James Nitties titleisttitleist+6F+639


Titleist = The player is using a Titleist ball

* =  The player began their round on the 10th hole

(Am) = The player is an amateur

CUT = The cut is made after the completion of 36 holes. Prior to this, the cut line represents the projected cut.

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A/S = All Square
EH#2 = Extra Hole
DSQ = Disqualified
WDN = Withdrawn
RTD = Retired