Not following1AUS1. J.Josh Younger titleisttitleist-10F-76965134
Not following2AUS2. A.Andrew Martin titleisttitleist-9F-46768135
Not followingT3AUST3. D.Daniel Fox titleisttitleist-7F*-67166137
Not followingT3AUST3. R.Rick Kulacz titleisttitleist-7F-26770137
Not followingT3NZLT3. J.James Anstiss titleisttitleist-7F-16671137
Not following6AUS6. H.Haydn Barron (Am) -6F*-67266138
Not following7AUS7. T.Terry Pilkadaris titleisttitleist-5F-37069139
Not followingT8AUST8. A.Antonio Murdaca titleisttitleist-4F+16773140
Not followingT8AUST8. B.Brody Martin -4F*-57367140
Not followingT10AUST10. D.Daniel Hoeve titleisttitleist-3F*-27170141
Not followingT10NZLT10. M.Michael Long titleisttitleist-3F*-37269141
Not followingT12AUST12. B.Brady Watt -2F0Par7072142
Not followingT12AUST12. J.Jordan Jung (Am) -2F0Par7072142
Not followingT12AUST12. J.John Martino titleisttitleist-2F*-17171142
Not followingT12SCTT12. R.Robbie Morrison titleisttitleist-2F+16973142
Not followingT12AUST12. B.Braden Becker titleisttitleist-2F+26874142
Not followingT12AUST12. J.Jarryd Felton titleisttitleist-2F*-27270142
Not followingT12AUST12. C.Carter Mealing (Am) -2F*-37369142
Not followingT12AUST12. R.Rory Bourke titleisttitleist-2F+56577142
Not followingT12AUST12. S.Stephen Herbert titleisttitleist-2F*-37369142
Not followingT21AUST21. M.Mitchell Anketell titleisttitleist-1F-47568143
Not followingT21AUST21. C.Correy Price -1F*+17073143
Not followingT21AUST21. A.Andrew Crabb titleisttitleist-1F*-17271143
Not followingT21AUST21. B.Ben Murphy -1F*-27370143
Not following25ENG25. D.David Andrews 0ParF*+17173144
Not followingT26AUST26. A.Adam Burdett titleisttitleist+1F*-37669145
Not followingT26AUST26. J.Joseph Owen (Am) +1F-27570145
Not followingT26AUST26. K.Kathryn Norris (Am) +1F*+17273145
Not followingT26AUST26. B.Brad Moules titleisttitleist+1F*0Par7372145
Not followingT26AUST26. J.Jason Chellew titleisttitleist+1F-17471145
Not followingT26AUST26. C.Cooper Geddes titleisttitleist+1F-17471145
Not followingT32AUST32. K.Kerrod Gray titleisttitleist+2F+47076146
Not followingT32AUST32. T.Tom Addy (Am) +2F*+17373146
Not followingT32AUST32. K.Kirsten Rudgeley (Am) +2F0Par7472146
Not followingT35AUST35. N.Nick Liebenberg (Am) +3F-17671147
Not followingT35AUST35. T.Tim Gilotti (Am) +3F+66978147
Not followingT35AUST35. J.Jakeb Dunkley (Am) +3F*+37275147
Not followingT38AUST38. G.Gavin Reed titleisttitleist+4F+27474148
Not followingT38AUST38. J.Jarrod Moseley +4F*+37375148
Not followingT38AUST38. V.Vernon Sexton-Finck +4F*+27474148
Not followingT41AUST41. M.Michael Lucas (Am) +5F-27970149
Not followingT41ZIMT41. D.Dale Howie +5F+27574149
Not followingT41AUST41. A.Andrew Schonewille +5F*+17673149
Not followingT41AUST41. D.Darren Garrett titleisttitleist+5F*+57277149
Not followingT41AUST41. T.Tony Howell +5F+37475149
Not followingT46AUST46. M.Michael Choi titleisttitleist+6F+37575150
Not followingT46AUST46. A.Aaron Jones (Am) +6F+27674150
Not followingT46AUST46. A.Anthony Marchesani titleisttitleist+6F+47476150
Not followingT49AUST49. A.Abbie Teasdale (Am) +7F0Par7972151
Not followingT49AUST49. J.Jason Edwards (Am) +7F+47576151
Not followingT49AUST49. Z.Zac Vaughn (Am) +7F+47576151
Not followingT52AUST52. P.Pantita Phobubpa (Am) +10F+47876154
Not followingT52AUST52. A.Andrew Gott titleisttitleist+10F+47876154
Not followingT52AUST52. D.Damian Chatterley titleisttitleist+10F+57777154
Not followingT52AUST52. C.Conor Brown titleisttitleist+10F+47876154
Not followingT52AUST52. A.Adam Chemello (Am) +10F+67678154
Not followingT52AUST52. C.Clint Birkholz titleisttitleist+10F+67678154
Not followingT58AUST58. S.Stuart Beament +11F+57877155
Not followingT58AUST58. S.Silvester Tan (Am) +11F+77679155
Not followingT58AUST58. J.Jeff Ahn (Am) +11F*+107382155
Not followingT61AUST61. C.Craig Reynolds titleisttitleist+12F*+48076156
Not followingT61AUST61. B.Brendan Chant +12F*+38175156
Not followingT61AUST61. C.Corley Mclernon (Am) +12F+87680156
Not followingT61AUST61. L.Liam Taddei (Am) +12F+97581156
Not followingT61AUST61. C.Craig Mann +12F*+18373156
Not followingT61AUST61. C.Chris Hevron +12F+97581156
Not followingT67AUST67. B.Bruce Parker +13F+77879157
Not followingT67AUST67. T.Troy Murphy titleisttitleist+13F*+67978157
Not followingT67AUST67. G.Georgia Garner-Dart (Am) +13F+77879157
Not followingT67AUST67. J.Joshua Madden +13F+87780157
Not followingT67NZLT67. G.Greg McClurkin +13F+107582157
Not followingT67AUST67. B.Bronte Colbert titleisttitleist+13F*+67978157
Not followingT73AUST73. B.Bradley McGill titleisttitleist+14F*+77979158
Not followingT73AUST73. T.Tristan Geerlings (Am) +14F*+68078158
Not followingT73AUST73. M.Marc Kelly +14F+87880158
Not followingT73AUST73. T.Travis Lord titleisttitleist+14F*+58177158
Not followingT73AUST73. E.Evan Sewell (Am) +14F*+157187158
Not followingT73AUST73. E.Ebony Riordan (Am) +14F*+147286158
Not followingT79AUST79. R.Robert Panincic +15F*+87980159
Not followingT79AUST79. L.Lewis Clay (Am) +15F+97881159
Not followingT79AUST79. W.William Shaw (Am) +15F*+68178159
Not followingT79AUST79. S.Simon Golem (Am) +15F*+68178159
Not followingT79AUST79. T.Tendai Tutisai (Am) +15F*+38475159
Not followingT84AUST84. S.Steven Edwards (Am) +16F*+78179160
Not followingT84AUST84. H.Hayley Bettencourt +16F+137585160
Not followingT86AUST86. B.Ben Percival +17F*+88180161
Not followingT86AUST86. R.Rhys Cook (Am) +17F+137685161
Not followingT88AUST88. T.Tom Copley (Am) +18F+117983162
Not followingT88AUST88. J.Joe Teasdale (Am) +18F+117983162
Not followingT88AUST88. P.Paul Fenton +18F+157587162
Not followingT88AUST88. M.Mostyn Farmer +18F+167488162
Not followingT92AUST92. E.Ethan Abraham (Am) +20F+157787164
Not followingT92AUST92. M.Michael Draper +20F*+78579164
Not following94AUS94. C.Craig Tapp +21F*+118283165
Not following95AUT95. M.Mitch Boorn (Am) +23F*+138285167
Not following96AUS96. S.Shane O'Donovan (Am) +25F*+138485169
Not following97AUS97. F.Frank McLoughlin +32F*+158987176
Not followingT98AUST98. M.Mitchell Dwyer (Am) -F*0Par81WDNWDN
Not followingT98AUST98. A.Alistair McEvoy (Am) -F*0Par83WDNWDN
Not followingT98AUST98. D.Danny Ennor (Am) -F*0ParWDNWDNWDN
Not followingT98AUST98. D.Danny Ennor -F*0ParWDNWDNWDN


Titleist = The player is using a Titleist ball

* =  The player began their round on the 10th hole

(Am) = The player is an amateur

CUT = The cut is made after the completion of 36 holes. Prior to this, the cut line represents the projected cut.

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A/S = All Square
EH#2 = Extra Hole
DSQ = Disqualified
WDN = Withdrawn
RTD = Retired