Ladbrokes PGA Pro-Am Series

Mack Hall Cottesloe Open

Mack Hall Cottesloe Open

Cottesloe Golf Club Mt Claremont

9th - 10th May 2015
  • ChampionMichael LongWinner
  • Prize$40,000Purse
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Not following1NZLNZL1. M.Michael Long titleisttitleist-6F6870138
Not followingT2AUSWAT2. R.Robbie Morrison (Am) -5F6871139
Not followingT2AUSWAT2. K.Kim Felton titleisttitleist-5F6772139
Not followingT4AUSVICT4. R.Rory Bourke titleisttitleist-4F*7268140
Not followingT4AUSSAT4. J.Jason Norris titleisttitleist-4F7070140
Not followingT4AUSWAT4. D.Daniel Fox titleisttitleist-4F6872140
Not followingT4AUSSAT4. M.Max McCardle titleisttitleist-4F6872140
Not followingT8AUSWAT8. D.Daniel Hoeve -3F7170141
Not followingT8AUSWAT8. C.Calum Juniper (Am) -3F7170141
Not followingT8AUSWAT8. M.Minwoo Lee (Am) -3F6972141
Not followingT8AUSVICT8. A.Andrew Martin titleisttitleist-3F6972141
Not followingT8AUSWAT8. S.Stephen Dartnall titleisttitleist-3F6873141
Not followingT13AUSWAT13. M.Michael Dennis (Am) -2F7171142
Not followingT13AUSWAT13. C.Craig Mann -2F*7369142
Not followingT15AUSNSWT15. M.Mitchell A. Brown titleisttitleist-1F*7271143
Not followingT15AUSWAT15. J.John Martino -1F*7271143
Not followingT15AUSWAT15. B.Braden Becker titleisttitleist-1F7073143
Not followingT15ENGWAT15. D.David Andrews -1F*7370143
Not followingT15AUSWAT15. C.Curtis Luck (Am) -1F6974143
Not followingT15AUSNSWT15. A.Andrew Evans titleisttitleist-1F6974143
Not followingT21AUSWAT21. J.Joseph (Jeong) Ha (Am) 0ParF7569144
Not followingT21AUSWAT21. K.Kiran Day (Am) 0ParF7173144
Not followingT21AUSNSWT21. G.Grant Thomas titleisttitleist0ParF*7272144
Not followingT21AUSSAT21. S.Simon Pope 0ParF7173144
Not followingT21AUSWAT21. P.Paul Patterson (Am) 0ParF*7272144
Not followingT21AUSWAT21. S.Stephen Leaney titleisttitleist0ParF*7272144
Not followingT21AUSWAT21. W.Wayne Smith 0ParF7074144
Not followingT21AUSWAT21. B.Ben Ferguson (Am) 0ParF7074144
Not followingT21AUSWAT21. L.Lewis Clay (Am) 0ParF6975144
Not followingT21AUSWAT21. B.Brody Martin titleisttitleist0ParF*7371144
Not followingT21AUSSAT21. T.Tom Bond 0ParF6975144
Not followingT32AUSWAT32. M.Matt Jager titleisttitleist+1F*7372145
Not followingT32AUSWAT32. B.Brody Ninyette +1F*7471145
Not followingT34AUSWAT34. R.Rick Kulacz titleisttitleist+2F*7274146
Not followingT34AUSVICT34. L.Lucien Tinkler +2F7472146
Not followingT34AUSQLDT34. R.Richard Backwell +2F7472146
Not followingT34AUSVICT34. T.Tim Elliott +2F7373146
Not followingT34AUSVICT34. B.Ben Wharton titleisttitleist+2F*7373146
Not followingT34AUSWAT34. M.Michael Foster +2F6977146
Not followingT34AUSWAT34. R.Ray Chow (Am) +2F*7472146
Not followingT34AUSWAT34. D.David Wilson +2F*7472146
Not followingT42AUSWAT42. F.Fritz Arnold (Am) +3F7176147
Not followingT42AUSWAT42. C.Christopher Gray +3F*7275147
Not followingT42AUSVICT42. M.Michael Harwood +3F7176147
Not followingT42AUSWAT42. B.Brendan Chant +3F*7374147
Not followingT46AUSWAT46. D.Dean Alaban +4F7771148
Not followingT46AUSWAT46. G.Gavin Reed +4F7573148
Not followingT46AUSWAT46. S.Simon Houston titleisttitleist+4F*7375148
Not followingT49AUSNSWT49. P.Paul Bucan (Am) +5F7574149
Not followingT49WAT49. D.Dale Clarke (Am) +5F7574149
Not followingT49AUSWAT49. D.Darren Garrett titleisttitleist+5F*7277149
Not followingT49WAT49. K.Kristian Mitchell (Am) +5F*7376149
Not followingT49AUSWAT49. L.Lincoln Reemeyer titleisttitleist+5F*7475149
Not followingT49AUSNSWT49. P.Peter O'Malley titleisttitleist+5F*7475149
Not followingT55AUSQLDT55. K.Katelyn Must +6F7872150
Not followingT55AUSWAT55. V.Vernon Sexton-Finck titleisttitleist+6F7575150
Not followingT55AUSWAT55. R.Robert Panincic +6F7575150
Not followingT55AUSWAT55. S.Simon Liddell (Am) +6F7575150
Not followingT55AUSWAT55. T.Tristan McCallum +6F*7278150
Not followingT55AUSWAT55. B.Ben Seward (Am) +6F*7476150
Not followingT61AUSWAT61. R.Robert Farley +7F7774151
Not followingT61AUSWAT61. H.Haydn Barron (Am) +7F7675151
Not followingT61AUSWAT61. M.Michael Pentland (Am) +7F7576151
Not followingT61AUSWAT61. B.Brad Dalton (Am) +7F7576151
Not followingT61T61. A.Adam Hatch (Am) +7F7180151
Not followingT61AUSWAT61. T.Travis Lord +7F7180151
Not followingT61AUSWAT61. P.Paul Fenton +7F*7279151
Not followingT61AUSWAT61. K.Kerrod Gray +7F*7477151
Not followingT69AUSWAT69. C.Connor Faulds (Am) +8F7676152
Not followingT69AUSWAT69. A.Ackzel Donaldson +8F*7478152
Not followingT69AUSNSWT69. E.Earl McGlinn titleisttitleist+8F*7478152
Not followingT72T72. C.Cameron Fabian (Am) +9F7875153
Not followingT72AUSWAT72. D.Damian Chatterley titleisttitleist+9F*7875153
Not followingT72AUSVICT72. D.Dylan Higgins titleisttitleist+9F*8073153
Not followingT72T72. C.Conor Brown (Am) +9F7578153
Not followingT72AUSWAT72. S.Stephen Herbert +9F7578153
Not followingT77AUSWAT77. R.Richard Ball +10F7876154
Not followingT77T77. H.Hayden Hopewell (Am) +10F7777154
Not followingT77AUSQLDT77. M.Matthew Elliott +10F*8173154
Not followingT77AUSNSWT77. B.Benjamin Clementson titleisttitleist+10F7678154
Not followingT77AUSWAT77. C.Craig Tapp +10F*7381154
Not followingT77AUSWAT77. C.Clint Birkholz +10F*7480154
Not following8383. T.Tipene Snowden (Am) +11F7679155
Not followingT84T84. M.Michael Hanrahan-Smith (Am) +12F7878156
Not followingT84AUSWAT84. B.Bradley Johnson titleisttitleist+12F*7977156
Not followingT84AUSWAT84. G.Grant Lewis (Am) +12F*7977156
Not followingT84AUSWAT84. C.Craig Grant +12F7779156
Not followingT84AUSWAT84. M.Michael Lucas (Am) +12F7779156
Not followingT89AUSWAT89. E.Ethan Andrews (Am) +13F7879157
Not followingT89AUSNSWT89. A.Alex Edge +13F7582157
Not followingT91T91. L.Leigh Forbes-Ewan (Am) +14F*8177158
Not followingT91AUSWAT91. M.Matthew Wolfe +14F7583158
Not followingT93T93. A.Alexander Allcock (Am) +15F7782159
Not followingT93AUSWAT93. A.Alex Nicholson +15F7683159
Not followingT93AUSWAT93. B.Brett Lowe +15F*8376159
Not followingT96AUSWAT96. S.Stephen Woodhead +16F*8179160
Not followingT96T96. W.William Bosisto (Am) +16F*8179160
Not followingT96AUSWAT96. J.James Bates (Am) +16F7585160
Not followingT99AUSWAT99. J.James Connor (Am) +17F*7883161
Not followingT99AUSWAT99. M.Matt Lord (Am) +17F*8081161
Not followingT99T99. M.Michael Kessissoglou (Am) +17F7586161
Not followingT102AUSWAT102. A.Aaron Dobson (Am) +18F*8181162
Not followingT102AUSWAT102. G.Glenn Paul +18F7686162
Not followingT102AUSWAT102. T.Tony Howell +18F*8280162
Not followingT102T102. G.Graeme Finlayson (Am) +18F*8478162
Not followingT106AUSQLDT106. M.Michael Hansen titleisttitleist+19F7885163
Not followingT106AUSWAT106. C.Christopher Thomson (Am) +19F*8281163
Not followingT106T106. R.Robert Forsythe (Am) +19F*8281163
Not followingT106AUSWAT106. L.Lee Owens +19F*8281163
Not followingT110AUSWAT110. C.Craig Lowry (Am) +20F*7886164
Not followingT110AUSWAT110. P.Philip Blanchard +20F*8282164
Not followingT110AUSWAT110. K.Keenan Baatjes titleisttitleist+20F*8480164
Not followingT113AUSWAT113. R.Ronald Hendrie +21F8184165
Not followingT113T113. R.Ralf Boening (Am) +21F*8184165
Not followingT115AUSWAT115. C.Craig Rowe (Am) +23F7889167
Not followingT115T115. B.Brendan Curtin (Am) +23F*8087167
Not following117AUSWA117. A.Andrew Wyatt +25F*8683169
Not followingT118WAT118. K.Kenneth Fairweather (Am) +26F*8288170
Not followingT118T118. J.Jakeb Dunkley (Am) +26F*8684170
Not following120120. P.Paul Okey (Am) +30F*8985174
Not following121AUSWA121. J.Jiho Gill (Am) +31F*9085175
Not followingT122AUSWAT122. K.Kevin Connor (Am) -F*WDNWDNWDN
Not followingT122AUSWAT122. P.Peter Maidment -F*81WDNWDN
Not followingT124WAT124. C.Cooper Geddes (Am) -F*DSQDSQDSQ
Not followingT124AUSVICT124. M.Michael Clayton -F72DSQDSQ


Titleist = The player is using a Titleist ball

* =  The player began their round on the 10th hole

(Am) = The player is an amateur

CUT = The cut is made after the completion of 36 holes. Prior to this, the cut line represents the projected cut.

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A/S = All Square
EH#2 = Extra Hole
DSQ = Disqualified
WDN = Withdrawn
RTD = Retired