Ladbrokes PGA Pro-Am Series

2015 Hamilton Island Amateur Golf Championship

2015 Hamilton Island Amateur Golf Championship

Hamilton Island Golf Club Hamilton Island

2nd - 4th November 2015
  • ChampionPeter Woolcock (am)Winner
  • PrizePrizesPurse
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Not following1AUSQLD1. P.Peter Woolcock (Am) 73F0Par393473
Not followingT2AUSQLDT2. M.Matt Edwards (Am) 72F0Par373572
Not followingT2AUSQLDT2. J.John Clarke (Am) 72F0Par383472
Not following4AUSQLD4. I.Ian Barnett (Am) 71F0Par363571
Not followingT5AUSNSWT5. A.Alexander Tran (Am) 68F0Par313768
Not followingT5AUSNSWT5. J.Jeff Myers (Am) 68F0Par383068
Not followingT7AUSVICT7. D.David Ellett (Am) 67F0Par373067
Not followingT7AUSQLDT7. P.Petrea Edwards (Am) 67F0Par303767
Not followingT7AUSNSWT7. R.Rosey Birrell (Am) 67F0Par353267
Not following10AUSQLD10. W.William Clark (Am) 66F0Par313566
Not followingT11AUSQLDT11. H.Hilton Misso (Am) 65F0Par293665
Not followingT11SCOSCTT11. B.Bill Park (Am) 65F0Par313465
Not followingT11IRLQLDT11. P.Peter Bastable (Am) 65F*0Par244165
Not followingT11AUSNSWT11. D.Debra Stuart (Am) 65F0Par333265
Not followingT15AUSQLDT15. R.Raymond Cook (Am) 64F0Par362864
Not followingT15AUSQLDT15. R.Richard Park (Am) 64F0Par382664
Not followingT17AUSQLDT17. D.David Nelson (Am) 63F0Par333063
Not followingT17AUSQLDT17. A.Andrew Edwards (Am) 63F0Par392463
Not followingT17AUSQLDT17. T.Tracey Burnitt (Am) 63F0Par293463
Not followingT17AUSQLDT17. E.Elizabeth Chapman (Am) 63F0Par323163
Not following21AUSQLD21. G.Greg Sills (Am) 62F0Par303262
Not followingT22AUSQLDT22. K.Kip McLachlan (Am) 61F0Par313061
Not followingT22AUSQLDT22. T.Trent Fowler (Am) 61F0Par342761
Not followingT24AUSQLDT24. K.Ken Appleton (Am) 60F0Par303060
Not followingT24AUSNSWT24. J.John Bracken (Am) 60F0Par322860
Not following26AUSQLD26. B.Ben Benson (Am) 59F*0Par243559
Not followingT27AUSNSWT27. G.Gary Duckling (Am) 58F0Par302858
Not followingT27IRLQLDT27. E.Edward Tipping (Am) 58F*0Par283058
Not followingT27AUSQLDT27. J.Justin Marsden (Am) 58F0Par312758
Not followingT27AUSQLDT27. G.Graham Kyle Woodbine 58F*0Par283058
Not followingT31AUSQLDT31. D.Dave Macaulay (Am) 57F*0Par273057
Not followingT31AUSNSWT31. S.Stewart Ross (Am) 57F0Par322557
Not followingT31AUSNSWT31. W.William Stuart (Am) 57F*0Par263157
Not followingT31AUSQLDT31. G.Gina Barnett (Am) 57F0Par302757
Not followingT35AUSVICT35. R.Robert French (Am) 56F*0Par263056
Not followingT35AUSNSWT35. C.Carolyn Laycock-Bracken (Am) 56F0Par302656
Not followingT37AUSQLDT37. A.Arlene Carlon (Am) 55F0Par282755
Not followingT37AUSNSWT37. C.Caroline Blackmore (Am) 55F*0Par282755
Not following39AUSQLD39. F.Fred Lang (Am) 54F*0Par302454
Not followingT40AUSQLDT40. R.Russell Stanley (Am) 53F*0Par282553
Not followingT40AUSQLDT40. T.Toni Woolcock (Am) 53F*0Par252853
Not followingT42AUSQLDT42. G.Graeme Tate (Am) 51F*0Par252651
Not followingT42AUSNSWT42. T.Truda Rail (Am) 51F0Par292251
Not following44AUSQLD44. D.David Bailey (Am) 49F*0Par272249
Not followingT45AUSVICT45. R.Robert Mackie (Am) 47F*0Par182947
Not followingT45AUSQLDT45. S.Stuart Thompson (Am) 47F*0Par301747
Not followingT47AUSQLDT47. P.Peter Burnitt (Am) 46F*0Par252146
Not followingT47AUSQLDT47. N.Nigel Holt (Am) 46F*0Par242246
Not followingT47ENGENGT47. J.John Dean (Am) 46F*0Par222446
Not following50AUSNSW50. J.Joanne Brotherton (Am) 45F*0Par232245
Not followingT51AUSQLDT51. P.Pamela Davidson (Am) 40F*0Par182240
Not followingT51AUSWAT51. M.Mitchell Tonkin (Am) 40F*0Par172340
Not following53AUSQLD53. J.Jodi Manning (Am) 39F*0Par192039
Not following54AUSNSW54. J.Jeanne Strachan (Am) 36F*0Par191736
Not following55AUSVIC55. B.Bashir Riachi (Am) 29F*0Par101929
Not following56AUSNSW56. P.Peter Brotherton (Am) 25F*0Par16925
Not followingT57AUSQLDT57. I.Ian Macaulay (Am) WDNF*0Par27WDNWDN
Not followingT57AUSQLDT57. G.Gavin Lawrence (Am) WDNF*0Par23WDNWDN
Not following59AUSQLD59. M.Michael Miller (Am) N/RF*0Par19N/RN/R


Titleist = The player is using a Titleist ball

* =  The player began their round on the 10th hole

(Am) = The player is an amateur

CUT = The cut is made after the completion of 36 holes. Prior to this, the cut line represents the projected cut.

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A/S = All Square
EH#2 = Extra Hole
DSQ = Disqualified
WDN = Withdrawn
RTD = Retired