Ladbrokes PGA Pro-Am Series

QLD PGA Foursomes Championship

QLD PGA Foursomes Championship

Sanctuary Cove Golf Club Palms Sanctuary Cove

3rd July 2019
  • ChampionGlenn JoynerWinner
  • PrizeEntry FeesPurse
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Not following1AUSVIC / QLD1G. JoynerR. BackwellG. Joyner & R. BackwellG. Joyner & R. Backwell +1F*-17269141
Not following2AUSNSW / QLD2S. JeffressB. CampbellS. Jeffress & B. CampbellS. Jeffress & B. Campbell +3F-47766143
Not following3AUSQLD / NSW3S. WoodheadD. MerrimanS. Woodhead & D. MerrimanS. Woodhead & D. Merriman +5F*+57075145
Not following4AUSQLD / QLD4B. RankinT. HartB. Rankin & T. HartB. Rankin & T. Hart +6F*+57175146
Not followingT5AUSQLD / WAT5P. SandersM. SimP. Sanders & M. SimP. Sanders & M. Sim +7F+17671147
Not followingT5AUSQLD / QLDT5S. HutchisonM. KingS. Hutchison & M. KingS. Hutchison & M. King +7F*+67176147
Not followingT7AUSQLD / QLDT7A. BlythM. GuyattA. Blyth & M. GuyattA. Blyth & M. Guyatt +8F*+47474148
Not followingT7AUSQLD / QLDT7P. HaydenJ. MarshallP. Hayden & J. MarshallP. Hayden & J. Marshall +8F*+47474148
Not followingT7AUSQLD / QLDT7B. BurnsS. JenkinsB. Burns & S. JenkinsB. Burns & S. Jenkins +8F*+37573148
Not following10AUSQLD / QLD10S. PriceT. PriceS. Price & T. PriceS. Price & T. Price +9F*+87178149
Not following11AUSQLD / QLD11C. CrooksC. WrightC. Crooks & C. WrightC. Crooks & C. Wright +10F+17971150
Not following12AUSQLD / VIC12H. ReedK. StreatH. Reed & K. StreatH. Reed & K. Streat +11F*+47774151
Not followingT13AUSQLD / QLDT13S. BathC. BaldwinS. Bath & C. BaldwinS. Bath & C. Baldwin +13F*+127182153
Not followingT13AUSQLD / QLDT13M. CampbellS. MileyM. Campbell & S. MileyM. Campbell & S. Miley +13F*+87578153
Not followingT15AUSQLD / QLDT15D. KleinW. RostronD. Klein & W. RostronD. Klein & W. Rostron +14F*+117381154
Not followingT15AUSQLD / QLDT15S. KleaseC. CruiceS. Klease & C. CruiceS. Klease & C. Cruice +14F*+127282154
Not followingT17AUSQLD / QLDT17J. LoveD. BirdJ. Love & D. BirdJ. Love & D. Bird +15F*+107580155
Not followingT17AUSQLD / QLDT17G. CarrollH. DolanG. Carroll & H. DolanG. Carroll & H. Dolan +15F*+97679155
Not followingT19AUSQLD / QLDT19A. GilliganB. CummingA. Gilligan & B. CummingA. Gilligan & B. Cumming +16F*+117581156
Not followingT19AUSQLD / QLDT19M. OfficerT. MezeraM. Officer & T. MezeraM. Officer & T. Mezera +16F*+58175156
Not followingT19AUSQLD / QLDT19B. MinshallC. GrahamB. Minshall & C. GrahamB. Minshall & C. Graham +16F*+107680156
Not following22AUSQLD / QLD22C. EcclestonA. NeweyC. Eccleston & A. NeweyC. Eccleston & A. Newey +17F*+68176157
Not followingT23AUSQLD / QLDT23R. RhodesM. RogersR. Rhodes & M. RogersR. Rhodes & M. Rogers +18F*+107880158
Not followingT23AUSQLD / QLDT23B. CronkJ. HollowayB. Cronk & J. HollowayB. Cronk & J. Holloway +18F*+127682158
Not followingT25AUSQLD / QLDT25L. WoodsT. MajorL. Woods & T. MajorL. Woods & T. Major +19F*+137683159
Not followingT25AUSQLD / QLDT25P. CovillM. MurnaneP. Covill & M. MurnaneP. Covill & M. Murnane +19F*+98079159
Not followingT27AUSQLD / QLDT27P. Di TommasoA. PorterP. Di Tommaso & A. PorterP. Di Tommaso & A. Porter +20F*+108080160
Not followingT27AUSQLD / QLDT27H. WillsL. RitsonH. Wills & L. RitsonH. Wills & L. Ritson +20F*+108080160
Not followingT27AUSQLD / QLDT27O. MooreM. TickleO. Moore & M. TickleO. Moore & M. Tickle +20F*+88278160
Not followingT27AUSQLD / QLDT27C. EdwardsC. HawkinsC. Edwards & C. HawkinsC. Edwards & C. Hawkins +20F*+117981160
Not following31AUSQLD / QLD31P. SeniorG. RixP. Senior & G. RixP. Senior & G. Rix +21F*+98279161
Not followingT32AUSQLD / QLDT32M. BathA. HillM. Bath & A. HillM. Bath & A. Hill +23F*+147984163
Not followingT32AUSWA / QLDT32P. ClarkA. CooperP. Clark & A. CooperP. Clark & A. Cooper +23F*+98479163
Not following34AUSQLD / QLD34T. LynchM. LottT. Lynch & M. LottT. Lynch & M. Lott +26F*+118581166
Not following35AUSQLD / QLD35D. RichardsJ. BeadmanD. Richards & J. BeadmanD. Richards & J. Beadman +27F*+118681167
Not following36AUSQLD / QLD36B. NolanK. MorleyB. Nolan & K. MorleyB. Nolan & K. Morley +28F*+168286168
Not following37AUSQLD / NSW37G. EdwinJ. PaveseG. Edwin & J. PaveseG. Edwin & J. Pavese +29F*+138683169
Not followingT38AUSQLD / QLDT38A. LawsonD. BrosnanA. Lawson & D. BrosnanA. Lawson & D. Brosnan +31F*+158685171
Not followingT38AUSNSW / QLDT38J. WrightS. HaymanJ. Wright & S. HaymanJ. Wright & S. Hayman +31F*+168586171
Not followingT38AUSQLD / QLDT38J. CraperiM. LambertJ. Craperi & M. LambertJ. Craperi & M. Lambert +31F*+158685171
Not followingT41AUSWA / QLDT41D. McCollamI. TriggsD. McCollam & I. TriggsD. McCollam & I. Triggs +34F*+119381174
Not followingT41AUSQLD / QLDT41G. DomiganT. PorterG. Domigan & T. PorterG. Domigan & T. Porter +34F*+129282174
Not following43AUSQLD / QLD43L. BeckS. BeckL. Beck & S. BeckL. Beck & S. Beck +38F*+189088178


Titleist = The player is using a Titleist ball

* =  The player began their round on the 10th hole

(Am) = The player is an amateur

CUT = The cut is made after the completion of 36 holes. Prior to this, the cut line represents the projected cut.

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A/S = All Square
EH#2 = Extra Hole
DSQ = Disqualified
WDN = Withdrawn
RTD = Retired