Ladbrokes PGA Pro-Am Series

Club Car QLD PGA Foursomes Championship (NON-OOM)

Club Car QLD PGA Foursomes Championship (NON-OOM)

Sanctuary Cove Golf Club Palms Sanctuary Cove

7th October 2015
  • ChampionMichael SimWinner
  • Prize$13,000Purse
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Not following1AUSQLD / WA1M. BallardM. SimM. Ballard & M. SimM. Ballard & M. Sim -7F*-36667133
Not followingT2AUSQLD / QLDT2T. HartC. WoodT. Hart & C. WoodT. Hart & C. Wood -6F*-46866134
Not followingT2AUSQLD / QLDT2A. StantonJ. FisherA. Stanton & J. FisherA. Stanton & J. Fisher -6F*-36767134
Not following4AUSQLD / QLD4M. GuyattM. LottM. Guyatt & M. LottM. Guyatt & M. Lott -1F*-17069139
Not following5AUSQLD / QLD5M. CainP. ShawM. Cain & P. ShawM. Cain & P. Shaw +1F*0Par7170141
Not following6AUSQLD / QLD6P. HaydenJ. MarshallP. Hayden & J. MarshallP. Hayden & J. Marshall +2F*+27072142
Not followingT7AUSQLD / NSWT7B. CampbellS. JeffressB. Campbell & S. JeffressB. Campbell & S. Jeffress +3F*+17271143
Not followingT7AUSQLD / QLDT7M. DouglasJ. McBrydeM. Douglas & J. McBrydeM. Douglas & J. McBryde +3F*+46974143
Not followingT9AUSQLD / NZLT9I. EssonS. PuymbroeckI. Esson & S. PuymbroeckI. Esson & S. Puymbroeck +4F*+37173144
Not followingT9AUSQLD / QLDT9B. McGroryL.J. WallB. McGrory & L.J. WallB. McGrory & L.J. Wall +4F*+47074144
Not following11AUSQLD / QLD11K. KagasakiG. SkinnerK. Kagasaki & G. SkinnerK. Kagasaki & G. Skinner +5F*+27372145
Not following12AUSQLD / QLD12A. OrchardP. OrchardA. Orchard & P. OrchardA. Orchard & P. Orchard +6F*+76977146
Not following13AUSQLD / VIC13D. MorrisonK. McKayD. Morrison & K. McKayD. Morrison & K. McKay +9F*+67376149
Not following14AUSQLD / QLD14R. HallerW. PerskeR. Haller & W. PerskeR. Haller & W. Perske +10F*+107080150
Not followingT15AUSQLD / QLDT15A. BlacksellT. CallenderA. Blacksell & T. CallenderA. Blacksell & T. Callender +11F*+87378151
Not followingT15AUSQLD / QLDT15L. RitsonC. HawkinsL. Ritson & C. HawkinsL. Ritson & C. Hawkins +11F*+57675151
Not following17AUSQLD / QLD17J. BeadmanD. RichardsJ. Beadman & D. RichardsJ. Beadman & D. Richards +12F*+77577152
Not followingT18AUSQLD / QLDT18P. AngM. MaedaP. Ang & M. MaedaP. Ang & M. Maeda +13F+87578153
Not followingT18AUSQLD / QLDT18G. CarrollH. DolanG. Carroll & H. DolanG. Carroll & H. Dolan +13F*+87578153
Not followingT20AUSQLD / QLDT20P. ClaughtonD. MellsopP. Claughton & D. MellsopP. Claughton & D. Mellsop +14F*+87678154
Not followingT20AUSQLD / QLDT20C. GrahamB. MinshallC. Graham & B. MinshallC. Graham & B. Minshall +14F*+87678154
Not followingT20AUSQLD / QLDT20S. HealeyA. EgeaS. Healey & A. EgeaS. Healey & A. Egea +14F*+77777154
Not followingT20AUSVIC / QLDT20J. KilleenC. Le ChevallierJ. Killeen & C. Le ChevallierJ. Killeen & C. Le Chevallier +14F*+77777154
Not followingT20AUSQLD / QLDT20O. MooreM. TickleO. Moore & M. TickleO. Moore & M. Tickle +14F*+67876154
Not followingT20AUSQLD / QLDT20L. RyanP. SandersL. Ryan & P. SandersL. Ryan & P. Sanders +14F*+28272154
Not followingT26AUSQLD / QLDT26S. HutchisonB. McLellanS. Hutchison & B. McLellanS. Hutchison & B. McLellan +15F*+77877155
Not followingT26AUSQLD / QLDT26J. KirchnerT. MezeraJ. Kirchner & T. MezeraJ. Kirchner & T. Mezera +15F*+77877155
Not followingT26AUSQLD / QLDT26N. RogersL. BrownN. Rogers & L. BrownN. Rogers & L. Brown +15F*+127382155
Not followingT26AUSQLD / QLDT26T. RothwellL. ProsserT. Rothwell & L. ProsserT. Rothwell & L. Prosser +15F*+107580155
Not followingT26AUSQLD / QLDT26S. TaylorA. RevieS. Taylor & A. RevieS. Taylor & A. Revie +15F*+107580155
Not followingT31AUSQLD / QLDT31B. CampbellT. ParchimowiczB. Campbell & T. ParchimowiczB. Campbell & T. Parchimowicz +16F*+117581156
Not followingT31AUSQLD / QLDT31R. HarrisS. TaylorR. Harris & S. TaylorR. Harris & S. Taylor +16F*+87878156
Not followingT31AUSQLD / QLDT31A. HillM. BathA. Hill & M. BathA. Hill & M. Bath +16F*+97779156
Not followingT31AUSSA / QLDT31T. MeyerM. FieldT. Meyer & M. FieldT. Meyer & M. Field +16F*+107680156
Not followingT31AUSQLD / QLDT31T. O'LearyI. PetersT. O'Leary & I. PetersT. O'Leary & I. Peters +16F*+107680156
Not following36AUSQLD / QLD36C. BaldwinS. BathC. Baldwin & S. BathC. Baldwin & S. Bath +18F+107880158
Not followingT37AUSQLD / QLDT37B. ArthurM. BritnellB. Arthur & M. BritnellB. Arthur & M. Britnell +19F+117881159
Not followingT37AUSQLD / QLDT37N. AustinM. ShawN. Austin & M. ShawN. Austin & M. Shaw +19F+98079159
Not followingT37AUSQLD / QLDT37G. SmallA. LeetG. Small & A. LeetG. Small & A. Leet +19F*+58475159
Not followingT37AUSQLD / QLDT37R. TaylorP. HarringtonR. Taylor & P. HarringtonR. Taylor & P. Harrington +19F*+98079159
Not following41AUSQLD / QLD41P. KingS. HaymanP. King & S. HaymanP. King & S. Hayman +21F*+127982161
Not followingT42AUSQLD / QLDT42W. CaseP. CovillW. Case & P. CovillW. Case & P. Covill +22F*+118181162
Not followingT42AUSQLD / QLDT42T. GallL. AltschwagerT. Gall & L. AltschwagerT. Gall & L. Altschwager +22F*+157785162
Not followingT44AUSQLD / QLDT44B. NolanK. MorleyB. Nolan & K. MorleyB. Nolan & K. Morley +23F*+98479163
Not followingT44AUSQLD / VICT44G. SchofieldJ. MartinG. Schofield & J. MartinG. Schofield & J. Martin +23F*+128182163
Not following46AUSQLD / QLD46J. CooperD. HogbenJ. Cooper & D. HogbenJ. Cooper & D. Hogben +30F*+188288170
Not following47AUSQLD / NSW47G. StewartM. WilsonG. Stewart & M. WilsonG. Stewart & M. Wilson +31F*+178487171
Not following48AUSWA / NSW48D. McCollamJ. RapleyD. McCollam & J. RapleyD. McCollam & J. Rapley +36F*+188888176
Not followingT49AUSQLD / QLDT49J. HollowayB. CronkJ. Holloway & B. CronkJ. Holloway & B. Cronk -F*0ParRTDRTDRTD
Not followingT49AUSQLD / QLDT49J.A. MainJ. CorkillJ.A. Main & J. CorkillJ.A. Main & J. Corkill -F*0Par84RTDRTD


Titleist = The player is using a Titleist ball

* =  The player began their round on the 10th hole

(Am) = The player is an amateur

CUT = The cut is made after the completion of 36 holes. Prior to this, the cut line represents the projected cut.

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A/S = All Square
EH#2 = Extra Hole
DSQ = Disqualified
WDN = Withdrawn
RTD = Retired