Ladbrokes PGA Pro-Am Series

Clarence Coast Air Conditioning Yamba Pro-Am

Clarence Coast Air Conditioning Yamba Pro-Am

Yamba Golf Club Yamba

10th - 11th August 2019
  • ChampionJarrod StirlingWinner
  • Prize$22,000Purse
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Not following1AUS1. J.Jarrod Stirling -8F*-46868136
Not following2AUS2. B.Brett Rankin -6F*-16771138
Not following3AUS3. J.Jordan Widdicombe titleisttitleist-4F*-27070140
Not followingT4AUST4. M.Matthew Millar titleisttitleist-3F-57467141
Not followingT4AUST4. T.Tim Hart titleisttitleist-3F*+16873141
Not followingT6AUST6. B.Bradley Doherty titleisttitleist-2F*-27270142
Not followingT6AUST6. A.Aaron Pike titleisttitleist-2F*0Par7072142
Not followingT6NZLT6. J.James Anstiss titleisttitleist-2F*-37369142
Not followingT6AUST6. P.Paul Hayden titleisttitleist-2F*-17171142
Not followingT10AUST10. A.Aaron Townsend titleisttitleist-1F*+26974143
Not followingT10AUST10. J.Jay Mackenzie -1F*+46776143
Not following12AUS12. T.Terry Pilkadaris titleisttitleist0ParF*+17173144
Not followingT13AUST13. T.Theodore Coroneo titleisttitleist+1F*+46976145
Not followingT13AUST13. M.Max McCardle titleisttitleist+1F*+37075145
Not followingT15NZLT15. C.Campbell Rawson titleisttitleist+2F*-37769146
Not followingT15AUST15. B.Breanna Gill +2F*-17571146
Not followingT17AUST17. A.Alex Edge +3F*+47176147
Not followingT17AUST17. R.Robert Hogan titleisttitleist+3F*+57077147
Not followingT19AUST19. B.Ben Murphy +4F*+17573148
Not followingT19AUST19. N.Nicholas Russell titleisttitleist+4F*0Par7672148
Not followingT19AUST19. J.Jason Chellew titleisttitleist+4F*-17771148
Not followingT19AUST19. D.Damon Stephenson +4F*+57177148
Not followingT19AUST19. A.Anthony Choat +4F*+37375148
Not followingT24AUST24. C.Christopher Wood titleisttitleist+5F*+27574149
Not followingT24AUST24. D.Dale Williamson titleisttitleist+5F*+17673149
Not followingT24AUST24. J.John Wright +5F*+57277149
Not followingT24AUST24. S.Samuel Rawlings titleisttitleist+5F*+37475149
Not followingT24AUST24. A.Andrew Campbell titleisttitleist+5F*+37475149
Not following29AUS29. R.Richard Gallichan titleisttitleist+6F*+47476150
Not following30NZL30. D.David Mellsop +7F*+67378151
Not followingT31AUST31. I.Ian Esson titleisttitleist+8F*+37775152
Not followingT31AUST31. T.Thomas Punnett titleisttitleist+8F*+97181152
Not following33AUS33. Q.Quinton Howe titleisttitleist+9F*+87380153
Not followingT34AUST34. S.Simon Houston +10F*+67678154
Not followingT34AUST34. L.Luke Paroz titleisttitleist+10F*+57777154
Not followingT34AUST34. B.Brad Burns titleisttitleist+10F*+57777154
Not followingT34AUST34. S.Samuel Price titleisttitleist+10F+87480154
Not following38AUS38. D.Daniel Morgan titleisttitleist+11F*+77679155
Not followingT39AUST39. A.Andrew Duffin titleisttitleist+12F*+87680156
Not followingT39AUST39. T.Taylor Cooper +12F*+38175156
Not followingT39AUST39. C.Conor Brown titleisttitleist+12F*+77779156
Not followingT42THAT42. B.Bovorn Bovornratanaraks titleisttitleist+13F*+97681157
Not followingT42AUST42. T.Tyron-Jaye Gooding-King +13F*+38275157
Not followingT42AUST42. B.Brad Talbot +13F*+77879157
Not followingT45AUST45. G.Glenn Whittle +14F*+77979158
Not followingT45AUST45. M.Mark Adey +14F*+97781158
Not followingT45AUST45. B.Braden Becker titleisttitleist+14F*+87880158
Not followingT48AUST48. A.Apostolos Tsolakis +15F*+28574159
Not followingT48AUST48. D.David Good +15F*+97881159
Not followingT50AUST50. S.Shane O'Brien +16F*+117783160
Not followingT50AUST50. L.Louis Brown +16F*+88080160
Not following52AUS52. B.Bradley McGill titleisttitleist+17F*+127784161
Not followingT53AUST53. D.Dale Walker +18F*+157587162
Not followingT53AUST53. D.Daniel Defelice +18F*+137785162
Not following55AUS55. J.Justin Hooper +20F*+78579164
Not following56AUS56. J.Jade Fisher +21F*+157887165
Not followingT57AUST57. Z.Zachary Kelly +22F*+98581166
Not followingT57AUST57. D.David Harris +22F*+128284166
Not followingT57AUST57. A.Adele Huggard +22F*+148086166
Not followingT57AUST57. A.Aaron Attwell +22F*+157987166
Not following61AUS61. M.Mark Weir +24F*+148286168
Not following62AUS62. M.Mitchell Ballard titleisttitleist+25F*+138485169
Not following63AUS63. L.Luke Woods +26F*+108882170
Not following64AUS64. J.John Burbergs +27F*+168388171
Not following65AUS65. S.Steven Jeffress titleisttitleist-F0Par75DSQDSQ


Titleist = The player is using a Titleist ball

* =  The player began their round on the 10th hole

(Am) = The player is an amateur

CUT = The cut is made after the completion of 36 holes. Prior to this, the cut line represents the projected cut.

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A/S = All Square
EH#2 = Extra Hole
DSQ = Disqualified
WDN = Withdrawn
RTD = Retired