Ladbrokes PGA Pro-Am Series

2015 QLD Trainee & Employer Challenge

2015 QLD Trainee & Employer Challenge

Links Hope Island Hope Island, Queensland

23rd March 2015
  • ChampionRick ColemanWinner
  • PrizeEntry FeesPurse
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Not following1AUSQLD1. R.Rick Coleman titleisttitleist-7F*65
Not following2AUSQLD2. M.Matthew King -3F*69
Not following3AUSQLD3. P.Paul Griffiths -1F*71
Not followingT4AUSQLDT4. A.Arian Sanjar 0ParF*72
Not followingT4AUSQLDT4. K.Kris O'Sullivan titleisttitleist0ParF*72
Not followingT4AUSQLDT4. J.Jacob Boyce 0ParF*72
Not followingT4AUSQLDT4. W.William White 0ParF*72
Not followingT4AUSQLDT4. R.Ryan Norton titleisttitleist0ParF*72
Not followingT9AUSQLDT9. B.Bradley McLellan titleisttitleist+1F*73
Not followingT9AUSQLDT9. J.Joshua Main titleisttitleist+1F*73
Not followingT9AUSQLDT9. B.Brayden Campbell +1F*73
Not followingT9AUSQLDT9. D.Dave Simpson +1F*73
Not followingT9AUSQLDT9. A.Anna Stanton titleisttitleist+1F*73
Not followingT9AUSQLDT9. A.Alexandra Orchard titleisttitleist+1F*73
Not followingT9AUSQLDT9. A.Allen Hill +1F*73
Not followingT9AUSQLDT9. D.Daniel Brosnan +1F*73
Not followingT9AUSQLDT9. D.Daniel Morgan titleisttitleist+1F*73
Not followingT9AUSQLDT9. N.Nicklaus Rogers +1F*73
Not followingT9AUSQLDT9. J.Jade Fisher +1F*73
Not followingT20AUSQLDT20. D.Dylan Stollery titleisttitleist+2F74
Not followingT20AUSQLDT20. S.Stephen Hutchison +2F*74
Not followingT20AUSQLDT20. R.Richard Harris +2F*74
Not followingT20AUSNSWT20. M.Matthew Dagger +2F*74
Not followingT20AUSQLDT20. K.Kodi Louis titleisttitleist+2F*74
Not followingT20AUSQLDT20. L.Louis Brown +2F*74
Not followingT20AUSQLDT20. C.Christopher Hawkins titleisttitleist+2F*74
Not followingT27AUSQLDT27. L.Luke Altschwager +3F*75
Not followingT27AUSQLDT27. N.Nicholas Drinkwater titleisttitleist+3F*75
Not followingT27AUSQLDT27. T.Timothy Salvestro titleisttitleist+3F*75
Not followingT27AUSQLDT27. S.Sak Lee +3F*75
Not followingT27AUSQLDT27. T.Trent Scaysbrook +3F*75
Not followingT27AUSQLDT27. R.Rodney Hume +3F*75
Not followingT33AUSQLDT33. M.Mark Weir +4F76
Not followingT33AUSQLDT33. L.Luke Prosser +4F76
Not followingT33AUSQLDT33. J.James Corkill titleisttitleist+4F*76
Not followingT33AUSQLDT33. J.Ji McBryde titleisttitleist+4F*76
Not followingT33AUSQLDT33. J.Joseph Janison +4F*76
Not followingT33AUSQLDT33. R.Ryan Mouque titleisttitleist+4F*76
Not followingT33AUSVICT33. K.Kai McKay +4F*76
Not followingT33AUSQLDT33. J.Janine Barney +4F*76
Not followingT33AUSQLDT33. S.Shayne Hayman +4F*76
Not followingT42AUSQLDT42. S.Sebastian Howell +5F*77
Not followingT42AUSQLDT42. S.Shane Kelly +5F*77
Not followingT42AUSQLDT42. A.Arthur Rienstra titleisttitleist+5F*77
Not followingT42AUSQLDT42. D.Dean Dagan +5F*77
Not followingT42AUSQLDT42. T.Thomas Callender titleisttitleist+5F*77
Not followingT42AUSQLDT42. D.Dane McArdle +5F*77
Not followingT48AUSQLDT48. J.Joshua Ryan titleisttitleist+6F78
Not followingT48AUSQLDT48. B.Briony Webb titleisttitleist+6F*78
Not followingT48AUSQLDT48. N.Nelson Turner titleisttitleist+6F*78
Not followingT48AUSQLDT48. R.Russell Skennerton titleisttitleist+6F*78
Not followingT48AUSQLDT48. S.Scott Evans titleisttitleist+6F*78
Not followingT48AUSQLDT48. S.Shane Heath +6F*78
Not followingT48AUSQLDT48. J.Jacki Marshall titleisttitleist+6F*78
Not followingT55AUSQLDT55. G.Greg Stewart +7F79
Not followingT55AUSQLDT55. C.Christopher Berndt +7F*79
Not followingT55AUSQLDT55. A.Anton Vukovic +7F*79
Not followingT55AUSNSWT55. J.John Wright +7F*79
Not followingT55AUSQLDT55. G.Gareth Small +7F*79
Not followingT55AUSQLDT55. A.Adam Clarke titleisttitleist+7F*79
Not followingT55AUSNSWT55. J.Justin Rapley +7F*79
Not followingT62AUSQLDT62. G.Garrett Skinner titleisttitleist+8F80
Not followingT62AUSQLDT62. P.Philip Haddrick titleisttitleist+8F*80
Not followingT62AUSQLDT62. J.Joshua Butler titleisttitleist+8F*80
Not followingT62AUSQLDT62. L.Lachlan Ritson titleisttitleist+8F*80
Not followingT62AUSQLDT62. G.Graeme Moore titleisttitleist+8F*80
Not followingT62AUSQLDT62. M.Max Barker +8F*80
Not followingT62AUSQLDT62. H.Hannah Mason titleisttitleist+8F*80
Not followingT69AUSQLDT69. J.James King +9F81
Not followingT69AUSQLDT69. Y.Yun Sang Kim titleisttitleist+9F*81
Not following71AUSQLD71. M.Mark Shaw +10F*82
Not following72AUSQLD72. J.Jared Love +11F*83
Not followingT73AUSQLDT73. Z.Zhe Chen titleisttitleist+12F84
Not followingT73AUSQLDT73. J.James Cook titleisttitleist+12F*84
Not followingT73AUSQLDT73. P.Paul Di Tommaso +12F*84
Not followingT73AUSQLDT73. D.Daniel Freyling +12F*84
Not followingT73AUSQLDT73. S.Shane Miley titleisttitleist+12F*84
Not following78AUSQLD78. P.Paul Orchard +13F*85
Not following79AUSQLD79. B.Bill Stocks titleisttitleist+16F*88
Not following80AUSQLD80. T.Timothy Gall +18F*90
Not followingT81AUSQLDT81. Z.Zac Chipperfield -F*RTD
Not followingT81AUSQLDT81. S.Sean Seymore -F*RTD
Not followingT81AUSQLDT81. D.Dylan Taylor -F*RTD


Titleist = The player is using a Titleist ball

* =  The player began their round on the 10th hole

(Am) = The player is an amateur

CUT = The cut is made after the completion of 36 holes. Prior to this, the cut line represents the projected cut.

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A/S = All Square
EH#2 = Extra Hole
DSQ = Disqualified
WDN = Withdrawn
RTD = Retired