Ladbrokes PGA Pro-Am Series

Elanora Country Club Mixed Best Ball Pro-Am (Non-OOM)

Elanora Country Club Mixed Best Ball Pro-Am (Non-OOM)

Elanora Country Club Elanora

3rd March 2015
  • ChampionJordana Keaton-MatthewsWinner
  • Prize$11,000Purse
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Not following1AUSNSW / NSW1Keaton-MatthewsCochraneKeaton-Matthews & CochraneKeaton-Matthews & Cochrane -6F66
Not followingT2AUSNSW / NSWT2T. DunnJ. WhitehouseT. Dunn & J. WhitehouseT. Dunn & J. Whitehouse -4F68
Not followingT2AUSNSW / NSWT2S.0. OhM. DiveS.0. Oh & M. DiveS.0. Oh & M. Dive -4F68
Not following4AUSNSW / NSW4J. CamarshM. CrissJ. Camarsh & M. CrissJ. Camarsh & M. Criss -3F69
Not followingT5AUSNSW / NSWT5C. KelleherA. KelleherC. Kelleher & A. KelleherC. Kelleher & A. Kelleher -2F70
Not followingT5AUSNSW / NSWT5M. LavercombeC KingM. Lavercombe & C KingM. Lavercombe & C King -2F70
Not following7AUSNSW / NSW7J. MillsD. PaddisonJ. Mills & D. PaddisonJ. Mills & D. Paddison -1F71
Not followingT8AUSNSW / NSWT8C. BeckR. O'FlahertyC. Beck & R. O'FlahertyC. Beck & R. O'Flaherty 0ParF72
Not followingT8AUSNSW / NSWT8G. RaeR. KennedyG. Rae & R. KennedyG. Rae & R. Kennedy 0ParF72
Not followingT8AUSNSW / NSWT8V. WrigleyB. ArmstrongV. Wrigley & B. ArmstrongV. Wrigley & B. Armstrong 0ParF72
Not followingT11AUSNSW / NSWT11J. SchulenburgD. KirwanJ. Schulenburg & D. KirwanJ. Schulenburg & D. Kirwan +1F73
Not followingT11AUSNSW / NSWT11C.0. StolzA. StolzC.0. Stolz & A. StolzC.0. Stolz & A. Stolz +1F73
Not followingT11AUSNSW / NSWT11S. WhittleL. GrinhamS. Whittle & L. GrinhamS. Whittle & L. Grinham +1F73
Not followingT14AUSNSW / NSWT14A. HuffM. SullivanA. Huff & M. SullivanA. Huff & M. Sullivan +2F74
Not followingT14AUSNSW / NSWT14D. HuttonG. NicholasD. Hutton & G. NicholasD. Hutton & G. Nicholas +2F74
Not followingT14AUSNSW / NSWT14O. WattsJ. WalkerO. Watts & J. WalkerO. Watts & J. Walker +2F74
Not followingT17AUSNSW / NSWT17R. BlainG. RodgersR. Blain & G. RodgersR. Blain & G. Rodgers +3F75
Not followingT17AUSNSW / NSWT17J.0. FlemingDG GillardJ.0. Fleming & DG GillardJ.0. Fleming & DG Gillard +3F75
Not followingT17AUSNSW / NSWT17Graham-TupaeaVan WegenGraham-Tupaea & Van WegenGraham-Tupaea & Van Wegen +3F75
Not followingT17AUSNSW / NSWT17T. LivanosP. DavisT. Livanos & P. DavisT. Livanos & P. Davis +3F75
Not followingT17AUSNSW / NSWT17S.0. ParkC. RussellS.0. Park & C. RussellS.0. Park & C. Russell +3F75
Not followingT22AUSVIC / NSWT22S. LambertG. LynchS. Lambert & G. LynchS. Lambert & G. Lynch +5F77
Not followingT22AUSNSW / NSWT22J. SmithR. SmithJ. Smith & R. SmithJ. Smith & R. Smith +5F77
Not following24AUSNSW / NSW24C. McNielA. HaddadC. McNiel & A. HaddadC. McNiel & A. Haddad +6F78
Not following25AUSNSW / NSW25C. HodsonB. HodsonC. Hodson & B. HodsonC. Hodson & B. Hodson +7F79


Titleist = The player is using a Titleist ball

* =  The player began their round on the 10th hole

(Am) = The player is an amateur

CUT = The cut is made after the completion of 36 holes. Prior to this, the cut line represents the projected cut.

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A/S = All Square
EH#2 = Extra Hole
DSQ = Disqualified
WDN = Withdrawn
RTD = Retired