Ladbrokes PGA Pro-Am Series

Peninsula Honda RCC Pro-Am

Peninsula Honda RCC Pro-Am

Rosebud Country Club - North Course Rosebud

28th February 2019
  • ChampionRyan LynchWinner
  • Prize$15,000Purse
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Not followingT1AUSNSWT1. T.Troy Moses titleisttitleist-6F*-665
Not followingT1AUSVICT1. R.Ryan Lynch titleisttitleist-6F*-665
Not followingT3AUSVICT3. B.Ben Murphy -4F*-467
Not followingT3AUSVICT3. J.Jack Murdoch -4F*-467
Not followingT3AUSWAT3. B.Brady Watt -4F-467
Not following6AUSVIC6. G.Glenn Joyner titleisttitleist-2F*-269
Not followingT7AUSVICT7. B.Bradley Kivimets titleisttitleist-1F*-170
Not followingT7AUSVICT7. A.Alistair Presnell titleisttitleist-1F*-170
Not followingT7AUSVICT7. B.Ben Ford titleisttitleist-1F*-170
Not followingT7AUSVICT7. M.Mitchell A. Brown titleisttitleist-1F*-170
Not followingT7AUSNSWT7. D.Dale Williamson titleisttitleist-1F*-170
Not followingT12AUSSAT12. S.Simon Pope titleisttitleist0ParF*0Par71
Not followingT12AUSVICT12. R.Ruben Lal titleisttitleist0ParF*0Par71
Not followingT12AUSVICT12. R.Rory Bourke titleisttitleist0ParF*0Par71
Not followingT12AUSNSWT12. B.Bradley Doherty titleisttitleist0ParF*0Par71
Not followingT12AUSQLDT12. D.Dane McArdle titleisttitleist0ParF*0Par71
Not followingT12AUSVICT12. M.Michael Choi titleisttitleist0ParF*0Par71
Not followingT12AUSNSWT12. J.Jay Mackenzie 0ParF*0Par71
Not followingT19AUSSAT19. Z.Zak Fuller +1F*+172
Not followingT19AUSQLDT19. T.Tim Hart titleisttitleist+1F*+172
Not followingT19AUSVICT19. L.Leigh Deagan titleisttitleist+1F*+172
Not followingT19AUSVICT19. A.Anthony Marchesani titleisttitleist+1F*+172
Not followingT19AUSVICT19. K.Kieran Pratt titleisttitleist+1F*+172
Not followingT24AUSVICT24. M.Michael Clayton +2F+273
Not followingT24ENGENGT24. N.Nick Drane titleisttitleist+2F*+273
Not followingT24AUSQLDT24. B.Brad Burns titleisttitleist+2F*+273
Not followingT24AUSNSWT24. C.Christopher Akers +2F*+273
Not followingT24AUSVICT24. B.Bradley McGill titleisttitleist+2F*+273
Not followingT24AUSVICT24. M.Michael Isherwood titleisttitleist+2F*+273
Not followingT24AUSVICT24. S.Samuel Hingeley titleisttitleist+2F*+273
Not followingT24AUSVICT24. A.Andrew Schonewille +2F*+273
Not followingT32AUSVICT32. S.Shane Butler +3F*+374
Not followingT32AUSVICT32. J.Joshua Lancaster titleisttitleist+3F*+374
Not followingT32AUSVICT32. M.Matthew Buff titleisttitleist+3F*+374
Not followingT32AUSVICT32. D.Daniel Defelice +3F*+374
Not followingT32NZLNZLT32. M.Mathew Perry titleisttitleist+3F*+374
Not followingT32AUSVICT32. W.Wade Lowrie titleisttitleist+3F*+374
Not followingT38AUSVICT38. H.Hayden Webb titleisttitleist+4F*+475
Not followingT38AUSVICT38. N.Nick Sapet titleisttitleist+4F*+475
Not followingT38AUSNSWT38. J.Jimmy Edge titleisttitleist+4F*+475
Not followingT41AUSVICT41. V.Vernon Gunson titleisttitleist+5F*+576
Not followingT41AUSQLDT41. R.Rick Coleman titleisttitleist+5F*+576
Not followingT41AUSVICT41. B.Bryan Wearne +5F*+576
Not followingT44AUSVICT44. C.Craig Funch +6F+677
Not followingT44AUSVICT44. S.Shane Johnson +6F*+677
Not followingT44AUSVICT44. M.Mitchell Anketell titleisttitleist+6F*+677
Not followingT44AUSVICT44. R.Raffael Toperoso titleisttitleist+6F*+677
Not followingT44AUSVICT44. J.John Burbergs +6F*+677
Not followingT44AUSVICT44. T.Tim Elliott +6F*+677
Not following50AUSVIC50. M.Michael Faraone titleisttitleist+7F*+778
Not followingT51AUSVICT51. E.Euan Walters +8F*+879
Not followingT51AUSVICT51. C.Craig McLean titleisttitleist+8F*+879
Not followingT53AUSVICT53. B.Brent Westwick +9F*+980
Not followingT53AUSVICT53. D.David Harris +9F*+980
Not followingT55AUSVICT55. M.Mitchell Ohlmus +10F*+1081
Not followingT55AUSVICT55. W.Wesley Greene titleisttitleist+10F*+1081
Not followingT55AUSQLDT55. M.Mark Tickle +10F*+1081
Not following58AUSVIC58. D.David Joyce +11F*+1182
Not following59AUSVIC59. M.Mathew Bolton +12F+1283
Not following60AUSVIC60. C.Connor Brodrick titleisttitleist+15F*+1586


Titleist = The player is using a Titleist ball

* =  The player began their round on the 10th hole

(Am) = The player is an amateur

CUT = The cut is made after the completion of 36 holes. Prior to this, the cut line represents the projected cut.

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A/S = All Square
EH#2 = Extra Hole
DSQ = Disqualified
WDN = Withdrawn
RTD = Retired