Ladbrokes PGA Pro-Am Series

NSW/ACT PGA Foursomes Championships (Non OOM)

NSW/ACT PGA Foursomes Championships (Non OOM)

Twin Creeks Golf and CC Luddenham

20th May 2019
  • ChampionSam NewbrunWinner
  • Prize$8,000Purse
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Not followingT1AUSNSW / NSWT1A. CampbellS. NewbrunA. Campbell & S. NewbrunA. Campbell & S. Newbrun -5F*-567
Not followingT1AUSNSW / NSWT1D. GreenN. GreenD. Green & N. GreenD. Green & N. Green -5F*-567
Not followingT1AUSNSW / NSWT1J. MullaneyJ. PerkinJ. Mullaney & J. PerkinJ. Mullaney & J. Perkin -5F*-567
Not followingT4AUSNSW / NSWT4J. ZunicJ. CrippsJ. Zunic & J. CrippsJ. Zunic & J. Cripps -4F*-468
Not followingT4AUSNSW / ENGT4T. MoreyJ. WoodT. Morey & J. WoodT. Morey & J. Wood -4F*-468
Not followingT4AUSNSW / NSWT4N. KingD. ThompsonN. King & D. ThompsonN. King & D. Thompson -4F*-468
Not following7AUSNSW / NSW7C. FairchildJ. WardC. Fairchild & J. WardC. Fairchild & J. Ward -3F*-369
Not followingT8AUSNSW / NSWT8K. StegbauerD. Van RaalteK. Stegbauer & D. Van RaalteK. Stegbauer & D. Van Raalte -2F*-270
Not followingT8AUSNSW / NSWT8R. KennedyD. PaddisonR. Kennedy & D. PaddisonR. Kennedy & D. Paddison -2F*-270
Not followingT8AUSNSW / NSWT8G. SutherlandS. TuionetoaG. Sutherland & S. TuionetoaG. Sutherland & S. Tuionetoa -2F*-270
Not followingT11AUSNSW / NSWT11G. DowlingT. MosesG. Dowling & T. MosesG. Dowling & T. Moses -1F-171
Not followingT11AUSNSW / NSWT11D. BeckJ. SerhanD. Beck & J. SerhanD. Beck & J. Serhan -1F*-171
Not followingT11AUSNSW / NSWT11B. ArthurK. JarochowiczB. Arthur & K. JarochowiczB. Arthur & K. Jarochowicz -1F*-171
Not followingT11AUSNSW / NZLT11C. CruickshankC. HarperC. Cruickshank & C. HarperC. Cruickshank & C. Harper -1F*-171
Not followingT15AUSNSW / NSWT15S. BarsbyN. SimpsonS. Barsby & N. SimpsonS. Barsby & N. Simpson 0ParF*0Par72
Not followingT15AUSNSW / NSWT15R. O'FlahertyN. RobbR. O'Flaherty & N. RobbR. O'Flaherty & N. Robb 0ParF*0Par72
Not followingT17AUSNSW / NSWT17C. McGillG. WoolridgeC. McGill & G. WoolridgeC. McGill & G. Woolridge +1F*+173
Not followingT17AUSNSW / NSWT17M. GunawanS. SomersM. Gunawan & S. SomersM. Gunawan & S. Somers +1F*+173
Not followingT17AUSNSW / NSWT17B. TaylorM. ZirovB. Taylor & M. ZirovB. Taylor & M. Zirov +1F*+173
Not followingT17AUSNSW / NSWT17D. KimM. ReeveD. Kim & M. ReeveD. Kim & M. Reeve +1F*+173
Not followingT17AUSNSW / NSWT17J. IngramS. MeaniJ. Ingram & S. MeaniJ. Ingram & S. Meani +1F*+173
Not followingT22AUSNSW / NSWT22N. AustinT. WaliaN. Austin & T. WaliaN. Austin & T. Walia +2F+274
Not followingT22AUSNSW / NSWT22J. BashforthC. RussellJ. Bashforth & C. RussellJ. Bashforth & C. Russell +2F*+274
Not followingT22AUSNSW / NSWT22G. EngallP. JonesG. Engall & P. JonesG. Engall & P. Jones +2F*+274
Not followingT22AUSNSW / NSWT22S. HardimanJ. HardingS. Hardiman & J. HardingS. Hardiman & J. Harding +2F*+274
Not followingT22AUSNSW / NSWT22M. DiveJ. NagleM. Dive & J. NagleM. Dive & J. Nagle +2F*+274
Not followingT27AUSNSW / NSWT27N. MillerT. StarbuckN. Miller & T. StarbuckN. Miller & T. Starbuck +3F*+375
Not followingT27AUSNSW / NSWT27L. BatesB. DoneyL. Bates & B. DoneyL. Bates & B. Doney +3F*+375
Not followingT27AUSNSW / NSWT27J. HookE. MorrisJ. Hook & E. MorrisJ. Hook & E. Morris +3F*+375
Not followingT27AUSNSW / NSWT27C. BanhamB. BreckenridgeC. Banham & B. BreckenridgeC. Banham & B. Breckenridge +3F*+375
Not followingT31AUSNSW / NSWT31S. PasqualiT. PerfectS. Pasquali & T. PerfectS. Pasquali & T. Perfect +4F+476
Not followingT31AUSNSW / NSWT31A. BrennanA. WalkleyA. Brennan & A. WalkleyA. Brennan & A. Walkley +4F*+476
Not followingT31AUSNSW / NSWT31R. SmithM. RaineyR. Smith & M. RaineyR. Smith & M. Rainey +4F*+476
Not following34AUSNSW / NSW34B. WallE. TamsettB. Wall & E. TamsettB. Wall & E. Tamsett +5F*+577
Not followingT35AUSNSW / NSWT35L. GrinhamM. IngreyL. Grinham & M. IngreyL. Grinham & M. Ingrey +6F*+678
Not followingT35AUSNSW / NSWT35G. WhittleR. CurtisG. Whittle & R. CurtisG. Whittle & R. Curtis +6F*+678
Not following37AUSNSW / NSW37S. MartynJ. WaringS. Martyn & J. WaringS. Martyn & J. Waring +7F*+779
Not following38AUSNSW / NSW38W. FlitcroftR. KatoW. Flitcroft & R. KatoW. Flitcroft & R. Kato +8F*+880
Not followingT39AUSNSW / NSWT39N. RolfeJ. SchulenburgN. Rolfe & J. SchulenburgN. Rolfe & J. Schulenburg +9F*+981
Not followingT39AUSNSW / NSWT39J. AtkinsA. BoyleJ. Atkins & A. BoyleJ. Atkins & A. Boyle +9F*+981
Not followingT39AUSNSW / NSWT39S. BoswellM. DelaneyS. Boswell & M. DelaneyS. Boswell & M. Delaney +9F*+981
Not following42KORKOR / QLD42C. ParkS. ParkC. Park & S. ParkC. Park & S. Park +11F*+1183
Not following43AUSQLD / NSW43B. WestM. Van ZylB. West & M. Van ZylB. West & M. Van Zyl +13F*+1385


Titleist = The player is using a Titleist ball

* =  The player began their round on the 10th hole

(Am) = The player is an amateur

CUT = The cut is made after the completion of 36 holes. Prior to this, the cut line represents the projected cut.

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A/S = All Square
EH#2 = Extra Hole
DSQ = Disqualified
WDN = Withdrawn
RTD = Retired