Ladbrokes PGA Pro-Am Series

NSW/ACT Open Foursomes Championships (Non OOM)

NSW/ACT Open Foursomes Championships (Non OOM)

Cronulla Golf Club Cronulla

11th May 2015
  • ChampionJohn OnionsWinner
  • Prize$8,000Purse
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Not following1AUSNSW / NSW1M. HoldenJ. OnionsM. Holden & J. OnionsM. Holden & J. Onions -1F*69
Not following2AUSNSW / NSW2J. SerhanD. BeckJ. Serhan & D. BeckJ. Serhan & D. Beck +2F*72
Not followingT3AUSNSW / NSWT3T. CooperJ. MullaneyT. Cooper & J. MullaneyT. Cooper & J. Mullaney +3F*73
Not followingT3AUSNSW / NSWT3R. O'FlahertyN. RobbR. O'Flaherty & N. RobbR. O'Flaherty & N. Robb +3F*73
Not followingT3AUSNSW / NSWT3M. ParsonsD. PaddisonM. Parsons & D. PaddisonM. Parsons & D. Paddison +3F*73
Not followingT3AUSNSW / NSWT3C KingS. PhillipsC King & S. PhillipsC King & S. Phillips +3F*73
Not followingT3AUSNSW / NSWT3T. SmithC. RussellT. Smith & C. RussellT. Smith & C. Russell +3F*73
Not followingT3AUSACT / NSWT3M. MillarG. ThomasM. Millar & G. ThomasM. Millar & G. Thomas +3F*73
Not followingT9AUSNSW / NSWT9N. KerryA. GlassonN. Kerry & A. GlassonN. Kerry & A. Glasson +5F*75
Not followingT9AUSNSW / NSWT9L. McKechnieN. SarkiesL. McKechnie & N. SarkiesL. McKechnie & N. Sarkies +5F*75
Not followingT11AUSNSW / NSWT11T. BrakenridgeR. IfflandT. Brakenridge & R. IfflandT. Brakenridge & R. Iffland +6F*76
Not followingT11AUSNSW / NSWT11D. GreenN. GreenD. Green & N. GreenD. Green & N. Green +6F*76
Not followingT11AUSNSW / NSWT11S. NewbrunA. CampbellS. Newbrun & A. CampbellS. Newbrun & A. Campbell +6F*76
Not followingT11AUSNSW / NSWT11J. HookL. GrinhamJ. Hook & L. GrinhamJ. Hook & L. Grinham +6F*76
Not followingT11AUSNSW / NSWT11A. SummersN. BasicA. Summers & N. BasicA. Summers & N. Basic +6F*76
Not followingT11AUSNSW / NSWT11N. MillerJ. ButtN. Miller & J. ButtN. Miller & J. Butt +6F*76
Not followingT17/ NSWT17C. AlisonM. AlisonC. Alison & M. AlisonC. Alison & M. Alison +7F77
Not followingT17AUSNSW / NSWT17W. DewsR. StephensonW. Dews & R. StephensonW. Dews & R. Stephenson +7F*77
Not followingT17NZLNZL / NSWT17L. O'SullivanJ. CarterL. O'Sullivan & J. CarterL. O'Sullivan & J. Carter +7F*77
Not followingT17AUSNSW / NSWT17CH HuntP SomersCH Hunt & P SomersCH Hunt & P Somers +7F*77
Not followingT17AUSNSW / NSWT17L. WhitbreadN. WhittingtonL. Whitbread & N. WhittingtonL. Whitbread & N. Whittington +7F*77
Not followingT17AUSNSW / NSWT17G. WhittleK. StegbauerG. Whittle & K. StegbauerG. Whittle & K. Stegbauer +7F*77
Not followingT23AUSNSW / NSWT23S. BennettD. ChivasS. Bennett & D. ChivasS. Bennett & D. Chivas +8F*78
Not followingT23AUSNSW / NSWT23C. BridgesJ. MartinC. Bridges & J. MartinC. Bridges & J. Martin +8F*78
Not followingT23AUSQLD / NSWT23S. DeepD. KinneyS. Deep & D. KinneyS. Deep & D. Kinney +8F*78
Not followingT23AUSNSW / NSWT23M. DiveJ. NagleM. Dive & J. NagleM. Dive & J. Nagle +8F*78
Not followingT23AUSNSW / NSWT23B. DwyerW. RostronB. Dwyer & W. RostronB. Dwyer & W. Rostron +8F*78
Not followingT23AUSNSW / NSWT23E. McGlinnR. McGlinnE. McGlinn & R. McGlinnE. McGlinn & R. McGlinn +8F*78
Not following29AUSNSW / NSW29C. BanhamB. BreckenridgeC. Banham & B. BreckenridgeC. Banham & B. Breckenridge +9F*79
Not followingT30AUSNSW / NSWT30M. CrissP. CrissM. Criss & P. CrissM. Criss & P. Criss +10F*80
Not followingT30AUSNSW / NSWT30D. HerrickA. LarbyD. Herrick & A. LarbyD. Herrick & A. Larby +10F*80
Not followingT30AUSNSW / QLDT30R. SmithL. HuntR. Smith & L. HuntR. Smith & L. Hunt +10F*80
Not followingT30AUSNSW / NSWT30T. WaliaR. McGovernT. Walia & R. McGovernT. Walia & R. McGovern +10F*80
Not followingT34AUSNSW / NSWT34M. MosherP. BairdM. Mosher & P. BairdM. Mosher & P. Baird +11F*81
Not followingT34AUSNSW / NSWT34D. LulhamT. MacdonaldD. Lulham & T. MacdonaldD. Lulham & T. Macdonald +11F*81
Not followingT34AUSNSW / NSWT34S. MartynR. ThomsonS. Martyn & R. ThomsonS. Martyn & R. Thomson +11F*81
Not followingT37AUSNSW / NSWT37M. ChurcherG. BinnsM. Churcher & G. BinnsM. Churcher & G. Binns +12F*82
Not followingT37AUSNSW / NSWT37G. RodgersR. BlainG. Rodgers & R. BlainG. Rodgers & R. Blain +12F*82
Not followingT37AUSNSW / NSWT37M. IngreyK. MoranM. Ingrey & K. MoranM. Ingrey & K. Moran +12F*82
Not followingT37AUSNSW / NSWT37S. ValeM. ReeveS. Vale & M. ReeveS. Vale & M. Reeve +12F*82
Not followingT37AUSNSW / NSWT37C. McGillG. KnottC. McGill & G. KnottC. McGill & G. Knott +12F*82
Not followingT42AUSNSW / NSWT42A. BoyleJ. AtkinsA. Boyle & J. AtkinsA. Boyle & J. Atkins +13F*83
Not followingT42AUSNSW / NSWT42J. HartP. CliffJ. Hart & P. CliffJ. Hart & P. Cliff +13F*83
Not followingT42AUSNSW / NSWT42K. PrattJ. AdamsK. Pratt & J. AdamsK. Pratt & J. Adams +13F*83
Not followingT42AUSNSW / NSWT42L. ScottS. TreismanL. Scott & S. TreismanL. Scott & S. Treisman +13F*83
Not followingT42AUSNSW / NSWT42P. Van WegenK. PullenP. Van Wegen & K. PullenP. Van Wegen & K. Pullen +13F*83
Not following47AUSVIC / NSW47S. LambertM. VoglisS. Lambert & M. VoglisS. Lambert & M. Voglis +14F*84
Not followingT48AUSNSW / NSWT48V HendersonN. HendersonV Henderson & N. HendersonV Henderson & N. Henderson +16F*86
Not followingT48AUSNSW / NSWT48D. StrettonJ. SmithD. Stretton & J. SmithD. Stretton & J. Smith +16F*86
Not following50AUSNSW / NSW50C. AdamsonJ WallC. Adamson & J WallC. Adamson & J Wall +17F87
Not followingT51AUSNSW / NSWT51G. LynchM. SullivanG. Lynch & M. SullivanG. Lynch & M. Sullivan +18F*88
Not followingT51AUSNSW / NSWT51S. WhittleS. Graham-TupaeaS. Whittle & S. Graham-TupaeaS. Whittle & S. Graham-Tupaea +18F*88
Not following53AUSNSW / NSW53J. HuftonA. NanceJ. Hufton & A. NanceJ. Hufton & A. Nance +19F*89
Not following54AUSNSW / NSW54Keaton-MatthewsCochraneKeaton-Matthews & CochraneKeaton-Matthews & Cochrane +20F*90


Titleist = The player is using a Titleist ball

* =  The player began their round on the 10th hole

(Am) = The player is an amateur

CUT = The cut is made after the completion of 36 holes. Prior to this, the cut line represents the projected cut.

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A/S = All Square
EH#2 = Extra Hole
DSQ = Disqualified
WDN = Withdrawn
RTD = Retired