Ladbrokes PGA Pro-Am Series

Victorian PGA Foursomes Championship 'Bob Shearer Shield' (NON-OOM)

Victorian PGA Foursomes Championship 'Bob Shearer Shield' (NON-OOM)

Sandhurst Club (North Course) Sandhurst

17th May 2019
  • ChampionLloyd WhiteWinner
  • PrizeSweepstakesPurse
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Not following1AUS1B. AltonL. WhiteB. Alton & L. WhiteB. Alton & L. White -6F*-666
Not following2AUS2M. FraserH. StreatM. Fraser & H. StreatM. Fraser & H. Streat -2F*-270
Not following3AUS3B. FordC. RiceB. Ford & C. RiceB. Ford & C. Rice -1F*-171
Not following4AUS4J. GrahamT. PageJ. Graham & T. PageJ. Graham & T. Page +1F*+173
Not followingT5AUST5L. DawesJ. KraanL. Dawes & J. KraanL. Dawes & J. Kraan +2F*+274
Not followingT5AUST5B. WestwickS.R. GardinerB. Westwick & S.R. GardinerB. Westwick & S.R. Gardiner +2F*+274
Not followingT7AUST7M. FaraoneH. JonesM. Faraone & H. JonesM. Faraone & H. Jones +3F*+375
Not followingT7AUST7P. HodgeD. MaterazzoP. Hodge & D. MaterazzoP. Hodge & D. Materazzo +3F*+375
Not followingT9AUST9A. TattT. TattA. Tatt & T. TattA. Tatt & T. Tatt +5F*+577
Not followingT9AUST9L. BleuminkD. WrenL. Bleumink & D. WrenL. Bleumink & D. Wren +5F*+577
Not followingT9AUST9G. CusickB. DaveyG. Cusick & B. DaveyG. Cusick & B. Davey +5F*+577
Not followingT9AUST9K.J. SmithH. WilliamsK.J. Smith & H. WilliamsK.J. Smith & H. Williams +5F*+577
Not followingT13AUST13S. AnglissT. BurtS. Angliss & T. BurtS. Angliss & T. Burt +6F*+678
Not followingT13AUST13M. IsherwoodD. RodgersM. Isherwood & D. RodgersM. Isherwood & D. Rodgers +6F*+678
Not followingT15AUST15B. BunnyM. HarrisB. Bunny & M. HarrisB. Bunny & M. Harris +7F*+779
Not followingT15AUST15W. GreeneS. JohnsonW. Greene & S. JohnsonW. Greene & S. Johnson +7F*+779
Not followingT17AUST17T. HowarthL. YoungT. Howarth & L. YoungT. Howarth & L. Young +8F+880
Not followingT17AUST17C. NottR. WilliamsonC. Nott & R. WilliamsonC. Nott & R. Williamson +8F*+880
Not following19AUS19R. QuestedS. SahibR. Quested & S. SahibR. Quested & S. Sahib +9F*+981
Not followingT20AUST20K. LlewellynD. TappingK. Llewellyn & D. TappingK. Llewellyn & D. Tapping +12F+1284
Not followingT20AUST20T. MooreL. JeanT. Moore & L. JeanT. Moore & L. Jean +12F+1284
Not followingT22AUST22H. ThompsonJ. WoiteH. Thompson & J. WoiteH. Thompson & J. Woite +16F*+1688
Not followingT22AUST22D. CromieM. LibermanD. Cromie & M. LibermanD. Cromie & M. Liberman +16F*+1688


Titleist = The player is using a Titleist ball

* =  The player began their round on the 10th hole

(Am) = The player is an amateur

CUT = The cut is made after the completion of 36 holes. Prior to this, the cut line represents the projected cut.

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A/S = All Square
EH#2 = Extra Hole
DSQ = Disqualified
WDN = Withdrawn
RTD = Retired