Ladbrokes PGA Pro-Am Series

VIC PGA Foursomes Championship (NON-OOM)

VIC PGA Foursomes Championship (NON-OOM)

The National Golf Club - Long Island Course Frankston

1st May 2015
  • ChampionMichael HarrisWinner
  • Prize$3,750Purse
Local Time
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Not following1AUSVIC / VIC1B. BunnyM. HarrisB. Bunny & M. HarrisB. Bunny & M. Harris +2F*74
Not following2AUSVIC / VIC2A. KellyD. McKendrickA. Kelly & D. McKendrickA. Kelly & D. McKendrick +3F*75
Not followingT3AUSVIC / VICT3R. HaywoodC. ScottR. Haywood & C. ScottR. Haywood & C. Scott +6F*78
Not followingT3AUSVIC / VICT3M. FaraoneC. McLeanM. Faraone & C. McLeanM. Faraone & C. McLean +6F*78
Not following5AUSVIC / VIC5T. PageJ. GrahamT. Page & J. GrahamT. Page & J. Graham +8F*80
Not followingT6AUSVIC / VICT6A. CartledgeB. RobertsA. Cartledge & B. RobertsA. Cartledge & B. Roberts +9F*81
Not followingT6AUSVIC / VICT6A. RogersN. DasteyA. Rogers & N. DasteyA. Rogers & N. Dastey +9F*81
Not followingT8AUSVIC / VICT8V. SomersR. DummettV. Somers & R. DummettV. Somers & R. Dummett +10F82
Not followingT8AUSVIC / VICT8B. AltonL. VeithB. Alton & L. VeithB. Alton & L. Veith +10F*82
Not followingT8AUSVIC / VICT8A. Dudley-BatemanS. HintonA. Dudley-Bateman & S. HintonA. Dudley-Bateman & S. Hinton +10F*82
Not followingT11AUSVIC / VICT11T. MooreQ. HoweT. Moore & Q. HoweT. Moore & Q. Howe +11F83
Not followingT11AUSVIC / VICT11S. BrodieD. BrownS. Brodie & D. BrownS. Brodie & D. Brown +11F83
Not followingT11AUSVIC / VICT11C. BonneyJ. RedfordC. Bonney & J. RedfordC. Bonney & J. Redford +11F*83
Not followingT11AUSVIC / VICT11H. StreatK. StreatH. Streat & K. StreatH. Streat & K. Streat +11F*83
Not followingT15AUSVIC / VICT15S. HowardM. TudorS. Howard & M. TudorS. Howard & M. Tudor +12F*84
Not followingT15AUSVIC / VICT15H. ThompsonJ. WoiteH. Thompson & J. WoiteH. Thompson & J. Woite +12F*84
Not followingT17AUSVIC / VICT17G. CusickB. DaveyG. Cusick & B. DaveyG. Cusick & B. Davey +13F*85
Not followingT17AUSVIC / VICT17L. DawesJ. KraanL. Dawes & J. KraanL. Dawes & J. Kraan +13F*85
Not following19AUSVIC / VIC19S. GardinerD. GriffinS. Gardiner & D. GriffinS. Gardiner & D. Griffin +14F*86
Not following20AUSVIC / VIC20D. WrenB. HoodD. Wren & B. HoodD. Wren & B. Hood +17F*89


Titleist = The player is using a Titleist ball

* =  The player began their round on the 10th hole

(Am) = The player is an amateur

CUT = The cut is made after the completion of 36 holes. Prior to this, the cut line represents the projected cut.

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A/S = All Square
EH#2 = Extra Hole
DSQ = Disqualified
WDN = Withdrawn
RTD = Retired