Ladbrokes PGA Pro-Am Series

2018 EZGO Links Champion of Champions

2018 EZGO Links Champion of Champions

Sea View Golf Club Cottesloe

14th Dec 2018
  • ChampionBraden BeckerWinner
  • Prize$11,000Purse
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No. Country Player name Status
1 AUS WA Jason Scrivener Confirmed
2 AUS WA Nicole Martino Confirmed
3 AUS WA Danielle Montgomery Confirmed
4 AUS QLD Joshua Madden Confirmed
5 AUS WA Brody Martin Confirmed
6 AUS WA Daniel Fox Confirmed
7 AUS WA Scott Strange Confirmed
8 AUS WA Braden Becker Confirmed
9 AUS WA Stephen Dartnall Confirmed
10 AUS WA Rick Kulacz Confirmed
11 AUS WA Andrew MacAuslan Confirmed
12 AUS WA Bronte Colbert Confirmed
13 AUS WA Correy Price Confirmed
14 ZIM Dale Howie Confirmed
15 AUS WA John Boulton Confirmed
16 AUS WA Conor Brown Confirmed
17 AUS WA Jason Chellew Confirmed
18 AUS WA Andrew Crabb Confirmed
19 ENG David Andrews Confirmed
20 AUS WA Gavin Reed Confirmed
21 AUS WA David Wilson Confirmed
22 AUS WA Brendan Chant Confirmed
23 AUS WA Darren Garrett Confirmed
24 AUS WA Robert Panincic Confirmed
25 AUS WA David Stoltze Confirmed
26 AUS WA Tristan McCallum Confirmed
27 AUS WA Andrew Gott Confirmed
28 AUS WA Robert Clark Confirmed
29 AUS WA Robert Farley Confirmed
30 AUS WA Mostyn Farmer Confirmed
31 AUS WA Kim Felton Confirmed
32 AUS VIC Robert Mitchell Confirmed
33 AUS WA Damian Chatterley Confirmed
34 AUS WA Peter Maidment Confirmed


Identifies a player has entered the tournament
Identifies a player has made the final field for the tournament
Identifies a player is on the reserve list for the tournament


Note: This list is for informational purposes only. Field is subject to change. Players should contact the relevant PGA Division to confirm their Playing/Alternate Status.

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