Ladbrokes PGA Pro-Am Series

Horsham Telstra Shop Western Open

Horsham Telstra Shop Western Open

Horsham Golf Club Horsham

6th - 8th October 2018
  • ChampionSimon HawkesWinner
  • Prize$30,000Purse
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No. Country Player name Status
1 AUS TAS Simon Hawkes Confirmed
2 AUS VIC Peter Wilson Confirmed
3 AUS VIC Ben Davey Confirmed
4 AUS QLD Christopher Wood Confirmed
5 AUS VIC Mitchell A. Brown Confirmed
6 AUS VIC Kristopher Mueck Confirmed
7 AUS VIC Ashley Hall Confirmed
8 AUS VIC Tom Power Horan Confirmed
9 AUS VIC Rory Bourke Confirmed
10 AUS WA Daniel Fox Confirmed
11 FJI Sam Lee Confirmed
12 AUS VIC Michael Choi Confirmed
13 AUS QLD Tim Hart Confirmed
14 AUS SA Brad Moules Confirmed
15 AUS SA Antonio Murdaca Confirmed
16 AUS WA Rick Kulacz Confirmed
17 AUS VIC Anthony Marchesani Confirmed
18 AUS VIC Ryan Lynch Confirmed
19 KOR Chang Gi Lee Confirmed
20 AUS VIC Ben Ford Confirmed
21 AUS VIC Scott Laycock Confirmed
22 AUS VIC Levi Burns Confirmed
23 AUS VIC Hayden Webb Confirmed
24 AUS VIC Nathan Condon Confirmed
25 AUS VIC David Harris Confirmed
26 AUS VIC Frazer Droop Confirmed
27 AUS VIC Bradley Kivimets Confirmed
28 NZL Michael Dean Confirmed
29 AUS VIC Alexander Pitty Confirmed
30 AUS VIC Andrew Kelly Confirmed
31 AUS VIC Euan Walters Confirmed
32 AUS VIC Wade Lowrie Confirmed
33 AUS VIC Michael Isherwood Confirmed
34 ENG Nick Drane Confirmed
35 AUS VIC Scott Wearne Confirmed
36 AUS VIC Dylan Higgins Confirmed
37 AUS VIC Raffael Toperoso Confirmed
38 AUS VIC Garth Cusick Confirmed
39 AUS VIC Nick Dastey Confirmed
40 AUS VIC Matthew Buff Confirmed
41 AUS VIC Matthew Portelli Confirmed
42 AUS SA Simon Pope Confirmed
43 AUS VIC Ryan Haywood Confirmed
44 AUS VIC Daniel Defelice Confirmed
45 AUS VIC Adrian Barandowski Confirmed
46 AUS VIC Darren Carroll Confirmed
47 AUS VIC Mark Bowd Confirmed
48 AUS VIC Shane Johnson Confirmed
49 AUS SA Craig Davis Confirmed
50 AUS WA Mark Lazenby Confirmed
51 AUS VIC Ben Eyton-Jones Confirmed
52 AUS VIC Carl Smedley Confirmed
53 AUS VIC Steven Slater Confirmed
54 AUS VIC Grace Lennon Confirmed
55 AUS VIC Joshua Lancaster Confirmed
56 AUS VIC Justin McKenzie Confirmed
57 NZL Joshua Munn Confirmed
58 AUS VIC Gavin Vearing Confirmed
59 AUS VIC Cam Mernone (a) Confirmed
60 AUS VIC Kieran Vogels (a) Confirmed
61 AUS VIC Lewis Gebert (a) Confirmed
62 AUS VIC Adrian Taylor (a) Confirmed
63 AUS VIC Andrew Tonkin (a) Confirmed
64 AUS VIC Lisa Jakobi (a) Confirmed
65 AUS VIC Matthew Jakobi (a) Confirmed
66 AUS VIC Adam Tsiamis (a) Confirmed
67 AUS VIC Stephen Davey (a) Confirmed
68 AUS VIC Wes Greig (a) Confirmed
69 AUS VIC Trent Chamberlain (a) Confirmed
70 AUS VIC Jade Shellback (a) Confirmed
71 AUS VIC Jakeb Dunkley (a) Confirmed
72 AUS VIC Travis Miller (a) Confirmed
73 AUS VIC Christopher Buwalda (a) Confirmed
74 AUS VIC Paul Andrijczak (a) Confirmed
75 AUS VIC Brent McIntyre (a) Confirmed
76 AUS NSW Jason Akermanis (a) Confirmed
77 AUS VIC Jack Chrystie (a) Confirmed
78 AUS VIC Lukas Michel (a) Confirmed
79 AUS VIC Sheradyn Johnson (a) Confirmed
80 AUS VIC Byron Brightman (a) Confirmed
81 AUS VIC Tracey Hobbs (a) Confirmed
82 AUS VIC Greg Magor (a) Confirmed
83 AUS VIC Guillaume Got (a) Confirmed
84 AUS VIC Tania Dignan (a) Confirmed
85 AUS VIC Fraser Stehn (a) Confirmed
86 AUS VIC Luke Hickman Confirmed
87 AUS VIC Jeremy Schmidt (a) Confirmed
88 AUS VIC Casey Schmidt (a) Confirmed
89 AUS VIC Damian Brierty (a) Confirmed
90 AUS VIC Ryan Isherwood (a) Confirmed
91 ENG Mark Sheppard Confirmed
92 AUS VIC Oliver Smith (a) Confirmed
93 AUS VIC Tim Coffey (a) Confirmed
94 AUS VIC Rodney Cotton (a) Confirmed
95 AUS VIC Nicholas Thomson (a) Confirmed


Identifies a player has entered the tournament
Identifies a player has made the final field for the tournament
Identifies a player is on the reserve list for the tournament


Note: This list is for informational purposes only. Field is subject to change. Players should contact the relevant PGA Division to confirm their Playing/Alternate Status.

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