Ladbrokes PGA Pro-Am Series

getwinesdirect Heidelberg Pro-Am

getwinesdirect Heidelberg Pro-Am

Heidelberg Golf Club Lower Plenty

13th March 2015
  • ChampionLuke FarryWinner
  • Prize$20,000Purse
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No. Country Player name Status
1 AUS VIC Luke Young Entered
2 AUS VIC Daniel J. Smith Entered
3 AUS VIC David Stein Entered
4 AUS VIC Ryan Haywood Entered
5 AUS VIC Eric Elliott Entered
6 AUS VIC Terry Pilkadaris Entered
7 KOR Jin Jeong Entered
8 AUS VIC Adam Schultz Entered
9 AUS VIC Euan Walters Entered
10 AUS VIC Bradley Lamb Entered
11 AUS VIC Ben Ford Entered
12 AUS VIC Daniel Griffin Entered
13 AUS VIC Michael Isherwood Entered
14 AUS VIC Craig Scott Entered
15 AUS VIC Wade Lowrie Entered
16 AUS VIC Toby Wilcox Entered
17 AUS VIC Michael Choi Entered
18 AUS VIC Matthew Buff Entered
19 AUS VIC Andrew Pitt Entered
20 AUS QLD Michael Hansen Entered
21 AUS VIC Christopher Thorn Entered
22 AUS VIC Michael Faraone Entered
23 AUS QLD Damien Jordan Entered
24 AUS NSW Alex Hawley Entered
25 AUS VIC Deyen Lawson Entered
26 AUS VIC David Diaz Entered
27 AUS VIC Luke Hickman Entered
28 AUS VIC Tim Elliott Entered
29 AUS VIC John Wade Entered
30 AUS VIC Shane Johnson Entered
31 AUS VIC Lucien Tinkler Entered
32 AUS VIC Quinton Howe Entered
33 AUS VIC Zac Morwood Entered
34 AUS VIC Wesley Greene Entered
35 AUS VIC Ben Roberts Entered
36 AUS VIC Glenn Joyner Entered
37 AUS VIC Troy Alsford Entered
38 AUS VIC Craig McLean Entered
39 AUS VIC Andrew Smith Entered
40 AUS VIC Luke Bleumink Entered
41 AUS VIC Charlie Sartori Entered
42 AUS VIC Shane Butler Entered
43 AUS VIC Tony Page Entered
44 AUS VIC Nick Dastey Entered
45 AUS VIC Kevin Conlong Entered
46 AUS VIC Scott Wearne Entered
47 AUS VIC Sean Crowe Entered
48 AUS VIC Andy Rogers Entered
49 AUS VIC Michael Harwood Entered
50 AUS VIC Luke Farry Entered
51 AUS VIC Brent Westwick Entered
52 AUS NSW Brendan Smith Entered
53 AUS VIC Ben Eyton-Jones Entered
54 AUS VIC John Thalassinos Entered
55 AUS VIC Scott Gardiner Entered
56 AUS VIC Theo Maroulakos Entered
57 AUS VIC Stephen Aloizos Entered
58 ENG Nick Drane Entered
59 AUS NSW David Hando Entered
60 AUS VIC Matthew Burley Entered
** AUS VIC James Marchesani Reserve #1
** AUS VIC Robert Sacristani Reserve #2
** AUS NSW Dale Walker Reserve #3
** AUS VIC Yo Yo Han Reserve #4
** AUS VIC Thomas Howarth Reserve #5
** AUS VIC Scott Hinton Reserve #6
** AUS QLD Brenton Parrish Reserve #7
** AUS VIC Aaron Shaw Reserve #8
** AUS VIC James Hartley Reserve #9
** AUS VIC Lachlan Whiteside Reserve #10
** AUS NSW Mike Zilko Reserve #11
** AUS NSW Scott Ford Reserve #12
** AUS VIC Jason Dawes Reserve #13
** AUS QLD Matt Stone Reserve #14
** AUS VIC David Miles Reserve #15
** AUS VIC Rhys Granger Reserve #16
** AUS VIC Jeffrey Graham Reserve #17
** AUS VIC Anthony Smith Reserve #18


Identifies a player has entered the tournament
Identifies a player has made the final field for the tournament
Identifies a player is on the reserve list for the tournament


Note: This list is for informational purposes only. Field is subject to change. Players should contact the relevant PGA Division to confirm their Playing/Alternate Status.

Further information on PGA Tour of Australasia Exemption Categories