No. Country Player name Status
1 AUS TAS Alex Hamilton (AUS) Entered
2 AUS NSW Edward Stedman (AUS) Entered
3 AUS VIC Charles Wright (AUS) Entered
4 AUS VIC Anthony Houston (AUS) Entered
5 NZL Nick Gillespie (NZL) Entered
6 NZL Brad Shilton (NZL) Entered
7 NZL Daniel Pearce (NZL) Entered
8 AUS NSW Mitchell A. Brown (AUS) Entered
9 NZL Kieran Muir (NZL) Entered
10 AUS QLD Tim Hart (AUS) Entered
11 AUS QLD R.J. Caracella (AUS) Entered
12 AUS NSW Alex Hawley (AUS) Entered
13 AUS NSW Mitchell Brown (AUS) Entered
14 NZL Hayden Beard (NZL) Entered
15 AUS NSW Callan O'Reilly (AUS) Entered
16 AUS NSW Andrew Campbell (AUS) Entered
17 AUS VIC Luke Hickman (AUS) Entered
18 AUS VIC Aaron Cox (AUS) Entered
19 AUS NSW Brad McIntosh (AUS) Entered
20 AUS NSW Tristan Morey (AUS) Entered
21 AUS NSW Andrew Evans (AUS) Entered
22 AUS QLD Mitsuhiro Maeda (AUS) Entered
23 AUS NSW Andrew Kirkman (AUS) Entered
24 FRA Felix Hitiura (FRA) Entered
25 AUS SA Chris Brown (AUS) Entered
26 FRA Kirianu Blais (FRA) Entered
27 AUS QLD Peter Martin (AUS) Entered
28 FRA Charles Poroi (FRA) Entered
29 AUS NSW Benjamin Pedersen (AUS) Entered
30 AUS NSW Martin Dive (AUS) Entered
31 AUS NSW Bradley Armstrong (AUS) Entered
32 AUS NSW Konstantine Fondas (AUS) Entered
33 FRA Cedric Boschat (FRA) Entered
34 FRA Julien Pilet (FRA) Entered
35 NZL Pieter Zwart (NZL) Entered
36 NZL Fraser Wilkin (NZL) Entered
37 AUS SA Samuel Hughes (AUS) Entered
38 NZL Peter Lee (NZL) Entered
39 NZL Campbell Rawson (NZL) Entered
40 FRA Francis Mayes (FRA) Entered
41 AUS VIC Michael Hodgson (AUS) Entered
42 FRA Adam Castillo (FRA) Entered
43 FRA Louis Lestelle (FRA) Entered
44 AUS NSW Jerram Chudleigh (AUS) Entered


Identifies a player has entered the tournament
Identifies a player has made the final field for the tournament
Identifies a player is on the reserve list for the tournament


Note: This list is for informational purposes only. Field is subject to change. Players should contact the relevant PGA Division to confirm their Playing/Alternate Status.

Further information on PGA Tour of Australasia Exemption Categories