Not following1BELBEL / BEL1T. PietersT. DetryT. Pieters & T. DetryT. Pieters & T. Detry -23F-463716368265
Not followingT2AUSAUS / AUST2M. LeishmanC. SmithM. Leishman & C. SmithM. Leishman & C. Smith -20F-762766565268
Not followingT2MEXMEX / MEXT2A. AncerR. DiazA. Ancer & R. DiazA. Ancer & R. Diaz -20F-667706566268
Not followingT4DENDEN / DENT4T. OlesenS. KjeldsenT. Olesen & S. KjeldsenT. Olesen & S. Kjeldsen -17F-763776665271
Not followingT4CANCAN / CANT4A. HadwinN. TaylorA. Hadwin & N. TaylorA. Hadwin & N. Taylor -17F-668736466271
Not followingT6KORKOR / KORT6B. AnS. KimB. An & S. KimB. An & S. Kim -16F-262726870272
Not followingT6ITAITA / ITAT6A. PavanR. ParatoreA. Pavan & R. ParatoreA. Pavan & R. Paratore -16F-265716670272
Not following8ENGENG / ENG8T. HattonI. PoulterT. Hatton & I. PoulterT. Hatton & I. Poulter -15F-262746770273
Not following9SWESWE / SWE9A. BjorkJ. LagergrenA. Bjork & J. LagergrenA. Bjork & J. Lagergren -14F-165746471274
Not followingT10FRAFRA / FRAT10A. LevyM. Lorenzo-VeraA. Levy & M. Lorenzo-VeraA. Levy & M. Lorenzo-Vera -12F-366736869276
Not followingT10INDIND / INDT10A. LahiriG. BhullarA. Lahiri & G. BhullarA. Lahiri & G. Bhullar -12F-264727070276
Not followingT10IRLIRL / IRLT10S. LowryP. DunneS. Lowry & P. DunneS. Lowry & P. Dunne -12F-164766571276
Not following13CHNCHN / CHN13H. LiA. WuH. Li & A. WuH. Li & A. Wu -11F-566766867277
Not followingT14THATHA / THAT14K. AphibarnratP. MeesawatK. Aphibarnrat & P. MeesawatK. Aphibarnrat & P. Meesawat -10F-667786766278
Not followingT14SCTSCO / SCOT14R. KnoxM. LairdR. Knox & M. LairdR. Knox & M. Laird -10F+167716773278
Not followingT16WLSWAL / WALT16S. ManleyB. DredgeS. Manley & B. DredgeS. Manley & B. Dredge -9F-270736670279
Not followingT16USAUSA / USAT16K. StanleyM. KucharK. Stanley & M. KucharK. Stanley & M. Kuchar -9F-466796668279
Not followingT18NZLNZL / NZLT18R. FoxM. BrownR. Fox & M. BrownR. Fox & M. Brown -8F-265766970280
Not followingT18FINFIN / FINT18M. KorhonenM. IlonenM. Korhonen & M. IlonenM. Korhonen & M. Ilonen -8F-166756871280
Not followingT18ZAFRSA / RSAT18D. FrittelliE. van RooyenD. Frittelli & E. van RooyenD. Frittelli & E. van Rooyen -8F0Par66766672280
Not following21ESPESP / ESP21A. OtaeguiJ. CampilloA. Otaegui & J. CampilloA. Otaegui & J. Campillo -7F+368746475281
Not following22MYSMAS / MAL22G. GreenB. LeongG. Green & B. LeongG. Green & B. Leong -6F+263737274282
Not following23JPNJPN / JPN23S. KodairaH. TaniharaS. Kodaira & H. TaniharaS. Kodaira & H. Tanihara -1F0Par66797072287
Not followingT24VENVEN / VENT24J. VegasJ. NaffahJ. Vegas & J. NaffahJ. Vegas & J. Naffah +1F+365826775289
Not followingT24NLDNED / NEDT24J. LuitenD. HuizingJ. Luiten & D. HuizingJ. Luiten & D. Huizing +1F-269826870289
Not following26DEUDEU / DEU26M. KaymerM. KiefferM. Kaymer & M. KiefferM. Kaymer & M. Kieffer +2F+168816873290
Not following27ZIMZIM / ZIM27S. VincentB. Follett-SmithS. Vincent & B. Follett-SmithS. Vincent & B. Follett-Smith +7F+172846673295
Not following28GREGRE / GRE28P. KarmisA. TranacharP. Karmis & A. TranacharP. Karmis & A. Tranachar +19F+1466876886307


Titleist = The player is using a Titleist ball

* =  The player began their round on the 10th hole

(Am) = The player is an amateur

CUT = The cut is made after the completion of 36 holes. Prior to this, the cut line represents the projected cut.

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A/S = All Square
EH#2 = Extra Hole
DSQ = Disqualified
WDN = Withdrawn
RTD = Retired