2011 South Pacific Open

2011 South Pacific Open

Tina Golf Course Noumea

14th - 17th September 2011
  • ChampionMatthew GriffinWinner
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Not following1AUSVIC1. M.Matthew Griffin -15F-570696767273
Not following2AUSVIC2. T.Terry Pilkadaris -15F-366687069273
Not following3AUSSA3. J.Jason Norris -14F-670696966274
Not following4NZLNZL4. B.Brad Shilton -13F-367657469275
Not following5AUSWA5. J.Jason Scrivener -12F-268677170276
Not following6AUSNSW6. B.Brent McCullough -11F-265756770277
Not followingT7AUSSAT7. M.Max McCardle -10F0Par69696872278
Not followingT7AUSNSWT7. A.Andre Stolz -10F-170696871278
Not followingT9AUSNSWT9. T.Tristan Lambert -9F-470717068279
Not followingT9AUSVICT9. D.David McKendrick -9F-370707069279
Not followingT9AUSNSWT9. A.Anthony Summers -9F-672717066279
Not followingT12AUSVICT12. C.Craig Hasthorpe -6F+174686773282
Not followingT12AUSQLDT12. J.Jun Lee -6F+170687173282
Not followingT14AUSQLDT14. H.Henry Epstein -5F-273707070283
Not followingT14AUSNSWT14. A.Alex Katholos -5F-170707271283
Not followingT16AUSVICT16. L.Luke Bleumink -4F-372727169284
Not followingT16AUSVICT16. K.Kevin Conlong -4F-472707468284
Not followingT16AUSWAT16. D.Daniel Fox -4F-371766869284
Not followingT19KORKORT19. D.Do An -3F-275697170285
Not followingT19FRAFRAT19. J.Jean-Louis Guepy -3F-272746970285
Not followingT21AUSNSWT21. J.Jamie Arnold -2F-472737368286
Not followingT21AUSQLDT21. R.Rowan Beste -2F-373717369286
Not followingT21AUSQLDT21. K.Kurt Carlson -2F+376657075286
Not followingT21NZLNZLT21. D.Douglas Holloway -2F+270727074286
Not followingT21AUSNSWT21. N.Nick MacKay -2F+169766873286
Not followingT21NZLNZLT21. P.Peter Spearman-Burn -2F0Par73736872286
Not followingT21AUSWAT21. D.Darren Tan -2F-679717066286
Not followingT28AUSNSWT28. G.Grant Binns -1F-475727268287
Not followingT28AUSNSWT28. M.Michael Etherington -1F-373717469287
Not followingT30AUSWAT30. J.James Carr 0ParF+272717174288
Not followingT30NZLNZLT30. N.Nick Gillespie 0ParF-473717668288
Not followingT30AUSVICT30. A.Andrew Kelly 0ParF-472727668288
Not followingT30NZLNZLT30. G.Grant Moorhead 0ParF+270697574288
Not followingT34AUSNSWT34. L.Lucas Bates +1F-478727168289
Not followingT34AUSVICT34. A.Aaron Cox +1F-272786970289
Not followingT34AUSNSWT34. A.Andrew Evans +1F-277707270289
Not followingT34AUSNSWT34. B.Bradley Fasher +1F+169767173289
Not followingT38AUSVICT38. M.Michael Choi +2F+173737173290
Not followingT38AUSNSWT38. A.Adam Stephens +2F+374736875290
Not followingT38AUSNSWT38. D.Damon Welsford +2F+473687376290
Not following41AUSWA41. T.Tristan McCallum +3F+275717174291
Not followingT42AUSWAT42. J.John Martino +4F-177737171292
Not followingT42AUSNSWT42. Z.Zac Stolz (Am) +4F+475717076292
Not followingT42AUSVICT42. P.Peter Wilson +4F0Par73727572292
Not followingT45AUSNSWT45. C.Chris Hartas +5F-176737371293
Not followingT45AUSNSWT45. D.Dean Meagher +5F-274737670293
Not following47FRANSW47. J.Jean-Michel Ribera +6F+375707475294
Not followingT48AUSQLDT48. M.Michael Hansen +7F+174727673295
Not followingT48FRANCT48. F.Fabrice Ho +7F-275747670295
Not followingT50FRANCT50. H.Hugo Denis (Am) +8F+374727575296
Not followingT50AUSNSWT50. M.Michael Gannon +8F-180697671296
Not followingT50AUSSAT50. C.Cody Sherratt +8F+474747276296
Not following53AUSWA53. P.Patrick Willson +11F+274757674299
Not following54FRANC54. K.Kevin Bosio +14F+875727580302
Not following55FRANC55. F.Florian Garnier (Am) +17F+773747979305

Cut Round 2

Not followingT56AUSQLDT56. M.Michael Craig +7Par7477--151
Not followingT56FRAT56. R.Raimana Tunoa +7Par7774--151
Not following58AUSWA58. B.Brett Howes +8Par7874--152
Not followingT59FRAT59. U.Ugo Amsallem +9Par7776--153
Not followingT59AUSNSWT59. M.Matthew Criss +9Par8073--153
Not followingT59FRAT59. G.Gregory Humbert +9Par7875--153
Not followingT59AUSQLDT59. B.Ben Wolfenden +9Par7677--153
Not following63FRA63. J.Jean Max Ho +10Par7777--154
Not followingT64FRAT64. O.Oliver Peres +11Par7976--155
Not followingT64AUSNSWT64. B.Brendan Smith +11Par7877--155
Not following66FRA66. G.Gianni Sacilotto +13Par8077--157
Not following67FRA67. P.Phillipe Dano +14Par7979--158
Not followingT68AUSNSWT68. W.Wayne Berry +15Par8277--159
Not followingT68FRAT68. U.Ugo Ottogali +15Par7980--159
Not followingT68FRAT68. A.Aldo Raillard +15Par8079--159
Not followingT68FRAT68. J.Joseph Tran Van Vinh +15Par8178--159
Not followingT72FRAT72. B.Bruno Olive +16Par8575--160
Not followingT72FRAT72. K.Kassy Tagane +16Par8080--160
Not following74FRA74. J.J.B Pedeutour +18Par7785--162
Not following75FRA75. T.Thierry Navarro +19Par8083--163
Not following76FRA76. J.J.L Lechene +21Par8580--165
Not following77FRA77. J.J.M Saturnin +22Par8086--166
Not following78FRA78. P.Patrick Limousin +23Par8483--167
Not followingT79FRAT79. L.Lionel Marais +26Par8981--170
Not followingT79FRAT79. R.Romain Nicolet +26Par8981--170
Not followingT81FRAT81. L.Laurent Bonnefond +27Par8883--171
Not followingT81FRAT81. A.Axel Koch +27Par8388--171
Not following83FRA83. J.J.M Melis +30Par8589--174
Not following84FRA84. P.Phillipe Dang +31Par9085--175
Not followingT85FRAT85. P.Pierre Bui +33Par8889--177
Not followingT85FRAT85. E.Eric Galvier +33Par9483--177
Not following87FRA87. T.Thierry Maillard +36Par9090--180
Not following88FRA88. P.Patrick Robin +55Par96103--199
Not following89FRA89. P.Phillipe Goujon +58Par101101--202


Titleist = The player is using a Titleist ball

* =  The player began their round on the 10th hole

(Am) = The player is an amateur

CUT = The cut is made after the completion of 36 holes. Prior to this, the cut line represents the projected cut.

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A/S = All Square
EH#2 = Extra Hole
DSQ = Disqualified
WDN = Withdrawn
RTD = Retired