Knockout Rounds

Final (Round 5)Thru
Final (Round 5)
B.RumfordBrett Rumford (AUS) WIN: 2&12&1 P.KhongwatmaiPhachara Khongwatmai (THA)
Playoff for 3rd and 4th
Playoff for 3rd and 4th
A.BlandAdam Bland (AUS) WIN: 1 UP1 UP J.ScrivenerJason Scrivener (AUS)
Playoff for 5th and 6th
Playoff for 5th and 6th
L.OosthuizenLouis Oosthuizen (ZAF) WIN: 1 UP1 UP S.JeffressSteven Jeffress (AUS)
Playoff for 7th and 8th
Playoff for 7th and 8th
W.OrmsbyWade Ormsby (AUS) EH#1 M.MillarMatthew Millar (AUS) WIN: EH#1
Semi Final (Round 4)Thru
Semi Final (Round 4)
P.KhongwatmaiPhachara Khongwatmai (THA) WIN: 3&13&1 J.ScrivenerJason Scrivener (AUS)
B.RumfordBrett Rumford (AUS) WIN: 1 UP1 UP A.BlandAdam Bland (AUS)
M.MillarMatthew Millar (AUS) EH#2 S.JeffressSteven Jeffress (AUS) WIN: EH#2
W.OrmsbyWade Ormsby (AUS) 3&2 L.OosthuizenLouis Oosthuizen (ZAF) WIN: 3&2
Quarter Final (Round 3)Thru
Quarter Final (Round 3)
S.JeffressSteven Jeffress (AUS) EH#2 J.ScrivenerJason Scrivener (AUS) WIN: EH#2
M.MillarMatthew Millar (AUS) 2&1 P.KhongwatmaiPhachara Khongwatmai (THA) WIN: 2&1
L.OosthuizenLouis Oosthuizen (ZAF) EH#3 A.BlandAdam Bland (AUS) WIN: EH#3
B.RumfordBrett Rumford (AUS) WIN: EH#2EH#2 W.OrmsbyWade Ormsby (AUS)
Second Round of 16 (Round 2)Thru
Second Round of 16 (Round 2)
J.ScrivenerJason Scrivener (AUS) WIN: 2&12&1 N.CullenNick Cullen (AUS)
S.JeffressSteven Jeffress (AUS) WIN: 1 UP1 UP D.BransdonDavid Bransdon (AUS)
L.HerbertLucas Herbert (AUS) 1 UP P.KhongwatmaiPhachara Khongwatmai (THA) WIN: 1 UP
A.ConnellyAustin Connelly (CAN) 2&1 M.MillarMatthew Millar (AUS) WIN: 2&1
A.BlythAdam Blyth (AUS) 1 UP A.BlandAdam Bland (AUS) WIN: 1 UP
L.OosthuizenLouis Oosthuizen (ZAF) WIN: EH#3EH#3 J.VeermanJohannes Veerman (USA)
J.HigginbottomJake Higginbottom (AUS) EH#4 W.OrmsbyWade Ormsby (AUS) WIN: EH#4
B.RumfordBrett Rumford (AUS) WIN: 2&12&1 H.TaniharaHideto Tanihara (JPN)
First Round of 16 (Round 1)Thru
First Round of 16 (Round 1)
N.CullenNick Cullen (AUS) WIN: 2 UP2 UP R.EvansRyan Evans (ENG)
D.BransdonDavid Bransdon (AUS) WIN: EH#1EH#1 J.SinghJeev Milkha Singh (IND)
S.BrazelSamuel Brazel (AUS) 1 UP P.KhongwatmaiPhachara Khongwatmai (THA) WIN: 1 UP
M.MillarMatthew Millar (AUS) WIN: 1 UP1 UP C.O'TooleCasey O'Toole (USA)
A.BlandAdam Bland (AUS) WIN: EH#2EH#2 T.DetryThomas Detry (BEL)
J.VeermanJohannes Veerman (USA) WIN: EH#3EH#3 D.FoxDaniel Fox (AUS)
W.OrmsbyWade Ormsby (AUS) WIN: 1 UP1 UP P.AnglesPep Angles (ESP)
H.TaniharaHideto Tanihara (JPN) WIN: 1 UP1 UP D.StewartDuncan Stewart (SCT)


Titleist = The player is using a Titleist ball

* =  The player began their round on the 10th hole

(Am) = The player is an amateur

CUT = The cut is made after the completion of 36 holes. Prior to this, the cut line represents the projected cut.

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A/S = All Square
EH#2 = Extra Hole
DSQ = Disqualified
WDN = Withdrawn
RTD = Retired