Qualifying School - Stage 1 (Section C)

Qualifying School - Stage 1 (Section C)

Sandhurst Club (North Course) Sandhurst

6th - 8th Dec 2017
  • ChampionCharles BullWinner
  • PrizeN/APurse
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Not followingT1NZLNZLT1. J.James Anstiss (Am) -11F-9727063205
Not followingT1USAUSAT1. C.Charles Bull -11F-5736567205
Not followingT1AUSWAT1. B.Braden Becker titleisttitleist-11F-4686968205
Not following4NZLNZL4. M.Mathew Perry titleisttitleist-8F-4687268208
Not following5AUSVIC5. B.Ben Wharton titleisttitleist-6F-2716970210
Not followingT6AUSVICT6. A.Anthony Marchesani (Am) -5F-4727168211
Not followingT6AUSSAT6. M.Matthew Lisk titleisttitleist-5F+6676678211
Not followingT8AUSVICT8. S.Steven Jones titleisttitleist-4F-1707171212
Not followingT8AUSSAT8. W.William Somerfield (Am) -4F0Par726872212
Not followingT8AUSSAT8. A.Andre Na -4F+2687074212
Not followingT11AUSWAT11. J.Jason Chellew titleisttitleist-3F-1707271213
Not followingT11AUSVICT11. A.Adam Henwood -3F+1677373213
Not followingT13AUSVICT13. Q.Quinton Howe titleisttitleist-2F0Par727072214
Not followingT13NZLNZLT13. N.Nick Coxon (Am) -2F0Par707272214
Not followingT13NZLNZLT13. C.Campbell Rawson -2F+1697273214

Projected Qualifiers

Not followingT16AUSAUST16. D.David Walker (Am) -1-17074--215
Not followingT16NZLT16. J.Joshua Munn titleisttitleist-1Par6974--215
Not followingT16AUSVICT16. M.Matt Dowling titleisttitleist-1+17171--215
Not followingT16AUSVICT16. D.DJ Loypur titleisttitleist-1+27071--215
Not following20AUSWA20. D.Daniel Hoeve titleisttitleist0ParPar7074--216
Not followingT21T21. H.Harry Smith (Am) +1-27572--217
Not followingT21USAT21. C.Christian Muscarello +1+17272--217
Not followingT23AUSVICT23. H.Hayden Webb titleisttitleist+2+17372--218
Not followingT23AUSVICT23. D.Daniel Seymour (Am) +2+37469--218
Not followingT25JPNT25. J.Junya Kameshiro +3+37272--219
Not followingT25AUSVICT25. W.Will Heffernan (Am) +3+36975--219
Not followingT27AUSNSWT27. P.Peter Lamaris titleisttitleist+4+27571--220
Not followingT27AUSSAT27. S.Sam Earl +4+47074--220
Not followingT27NZLT27. O.Oscar Cadenhead (Am) +4Par7474--220
Not followingT30AUSSAT30. S.Scott Ready +6+47472--222
Not followingT30AUSVICT30. N.Nathan Buzimkic +6+47571--222
Not followingT30KORT30. K.Kwang Kim +6+37374--222
Not followingT30FRAT30. V.Victor Janin titleisttitleist+6+67371--222
Not followingT30AUSWAT30. B.Brady Watt +6Par7476--222
Not followingT30AUSSAT30. J.Jack Williams titleisttitleist+6Par7476--222
Not followingT36AUSQLDT36. J.James Gibellini +8+57275--224
Not followingT36AUSVICT36. M.Matthew Buff titleisttitleist+8+47375--224
Not followingT38AUSWAT38. T.Travis Lord titleisttitleist+9+17577--225
Not followingT38AUSWAT38. D.David Stoltze +9+17676--225
Not following40AUSVIC40. J.Jordan Cooper titleisttitleist+10+57475--226
Not following41AUSVIC41. L.Leigh Pritchard +11+47972--227
Not followingT42AUSVICT42. G.Garth George +12+77475--228
Not followingT42AUSVICT42. D.Daniel Ong titleisttitleist+12+57675--228
Not followingT42NZLT42. C.Cameron Jones +12+57774--228
Not followingT42AUSVICT42. T.Thomas Steward (Am) +12+57972--228
Not followingT46AUTT46. B.Bernhard Reiter +13+77575--229
Not followingT46AUSVICT46. D.Daniel Staples (Am) +13+47578--229
Not followingT48ENGT48. M.Mark Sheppard +15+97575--231
Not followingT48USAT48. D.David Collura +15+67677--231
Not followingT48ZAFT48. M.Matthew Vogel (Am) +15+58173--231
Not followingT48NZLT48. B.Bevan Dennison (Am) +15+57876--231
Not followingT48AUSSAT48. J.Jason Cocks +15+57579--231
Not followingT53AUSVICT53. B.Ben Croker (Am) +16+57679--232
Not followingT53AUSVICT53. A.Aaron Treacey +16+47878--232
Not following55AUSVIC55. T.Tomislav Muretic (Am) +17+47978--233
Not following56AUSVIC56. L.Lincoln Breen +18+108072--234
Not following57AUSNSW57. N.Nicholas Ward (Am) +21+58179--237
Not following58AUSAUS58. B.Ben Hollis titleisttitleist+23+117977--239
Not following59AUSVIC59. I.In Jun Jung +26+127781--242
Not following60AUSVIC60. J.Joel Ward (Am) -ParDSQDSQ--DSQ


Titleist = The player is using a Titleist ball

* =  The player began their round on the 10th hole

(Am) = The player is an amateur

CUT = The cut is made after the completion of 36 holes. Prior to this, the cut line represents the projected cut.

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A/S = All Square
EH#2 = Extra Hole
DSQ = Disqualified
WDN = Withdrawn
RTD = Retired