Qualifying School - Stage 1 (Section D)

Qualifying School - Stage 1 (Section D)

Sandhurst Club (North Course) Sandhurst

14th - 16th December 2016
  • ChampionMichael FosterWinner
  • PrizeN/APurse
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Not following1AUSWA1. M.Michael Foster -8F-4716968208
Not followingT2AUSWAT2. M.Matt Jager titleisttitleist-3F-6747366213
Not followingT2AUSVICT2. J.James Marchesani -3F-4747168213
Not followingT2AUSSAT2. P.Peter Cooke titleisttitleist-3F-2717270213
Not following5NZLNZL5. C.Campbell Rawson -2F-2717370214
Not followingT6AUSVICT6. M.Michael Choi titleisttitleist0ParF-4727668216
Not followingT6AUSVICT6. J.John Wade titleisttitleist0ParF-1766971216
Not followingT8NZLNZLT8. M.Mathew Perry titleisttitleist+2F-1777071218
Not followingT8AUSVICT8. B.Bradley Lamb +2F0Par757172218
Not followingT10AUSSAT10. T.Tom Bond +3F-4767568219
Not followingT10AUSSAT10. J.Jack Williams titleisttitleist+3F-3767469219
Not followingT12AUSVICT12. R.Ryan Laird titleisttitleist+4F-2727870220
Not followingT12DEUDEUT12. S.Sean Einhaus +4F-1757471220
Not followingT14AUSVICT14. A.Andrew Schonewille (Am) +5F-1747671221
Not followingT14AUSSAT14. S.Scott Ready +5F0Par787172221
Not followingT16AUSVICT16. A.Adam Burdett +5F-1747671221
Not followingT16AUSSAT16. M.Matthew Lisk (Am) +5F+1787073221
Not followingT18AUSVICT18. L.Luke Farry +6F0Par767472222
Not followingT18AUSQLDT18. S.Simon Viitakangas titleisttitleist+6F0Par757572222
Not followingT18AUSNSWT18. P.Peter Lamaris titleisttitleist+6F+1747573222
Not followingT21AUSVICT21. D.DJ Loypur titleisttitleist+7F0Par767572223
Not followingT21AUSVICT21. T.Tim Walker (Am) +7F0Par777472223
Not followingT21AUSVICT21. M.Matt Dowling titleisttitleist+7F0Par747772223
Not followingT21AUSWAT21. V.Vernon Sexton-Finck titleisttitleist+7F*-2747970223
Not followingT21AUSVICT21. T.Timothy Wood titleisttitleist+7F+2737674223
Not followingT21DEUDEUT21. S.Stephan Gross +7F+2727774223
Not followingT27AUSVICT27. J.Jordan Cooper titleisttitleist+9F*+1737973225
Not followingT27AUSSAT27. A.Andre Na +9F*-1807471225
Not followingT27AUSNSWT27. D.Dean Van Kampen (Am) +9F+3807075225
Not followingT27NZLNZLT27. J.Joshua Munn titleisttitleist+9F*-3787869225
Not followingT31AUSVICT31. J.Jack Sandic (Am) +11F*+2757874227
Not followingT31AUSVICT31. J.Jimmy Cooper +11F+9727481227
Not followingT33AUSVICT33. S.Simon Treeby (Am) +12F*+4747876228
Not followingT33AUSVICT33. G.Gavin Campbell +12F*+1777873228
Not following35AUSVIC35. N.Nathan Buzimkic +13F*+4797476229
Not followingT36AUSACTT36. S.Stefan Tuionetoa (Am) +14F*+5747977230
Not followingT36AUSVICT36. D.Daniel Ong titleisttitleist+14F*+3787775230
Not followingT36AUSVICT36. Z.Zac Morwood +14F+9767381230
Not followingT39AUSVICT39. D.Daniel Smith +15F+8777480231
Not followingT39AUSVICT39. A.Aaron Cox +15F*+6807378231
Not followingT41AUSVICT41. B.Ben Hollis titleisttitleist+16F*+7817279232
Not followingT41AUSNSWT41. M.Mitchell Venables (Am) +16F*+1798073232
Not followingT43AUSVICT43. A.Ashley Blake +17F+10737882233
Not followingT43AUSSAT43. W.William Somerfield (Am) +17F*+1788273233
Not followingT43USAUSAT43. B.B.K. Sobhani +17F*0Par758672233
Not followingT46AUSSAT46. S.Sam Earl (Am) +18F*+6748278234
Not followingT46AUSVICT46. T.Travis Sharpe +18F*+4827676234
Not followingT46AUSVICT46. W.Wade Hooper +18F*+2827874234
Not followingT46AUSVICT46. A.Anthony Marchesani (Am) +18F*+2808074234
Not following50AUSVIC50. M.Matthew Buff titleisttitleist+19F*+1778573235
Not followingT51AUSWAT51. C.Christophe Thomson (Am) +21F*+5808077237
Not followingT51AUSVICT51. B.Ben Croker (Am) +21F*+5788277237
Not following53AUSVIC53. O.Ollie Webb +23F*+7808079239
Not following54AUSVIC54. I.Imran Muftarov (Am) +24F*+5818277240
Not following55AUSWA55. R.Robert Bird +26F*+3828575242
Not following56NZLNZL56. M.Matthew Vogel (Am) +29F*+9838181245
Not following57KORKOR57. S.Sihun Lee (Am) +31F*+10858082247
Not following58AUSSA58. N.Nathan Uebergang +36F*+16818388252
Not following59CYMCYM59. J.Jordan Totten +37F*+10858682253
Not followingT60NZLNZLT60. M.Michael Dean -F*0Par8384WDNWDN
Not followingT60AUSVICT60. J.Jackson Webb -F*0Par8286WDNWDN


Titleist = The player is using a Titleist ball

* =  The player began their round on the 10th hole

(Am) = The player is an amateur

CUT = The cut is made after the completion of 36 holes. Prior to this, the cut line represents the projected cut.

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A/S = All Square
EH#2 = Extra Hole
DSQ = Disqualified
WDN = Withdrawn
RTD = Retired