Qualifying School - Stage 1 (Section A)

Qualifying School - Stage 1 (Section A)

Riverside Oaks Golf Resort (Gangurru) Cattai

7th - 9th December 2016
  • ChampionToby WilliamsWinner
  • PrizeN/APurse
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Not following1AUSNSW1. T.Toby Williams -11F-4696667202
Not followingT2AUSNSWT2. A.Austin Bautista (Am) -8F-1716470205
Not followingT2AUSNSWT2. T.Troy Moses titleisttitleist-8F+1646972205
Not following4AUSNSW4. J.Jordan Mullaney titleisttitleist-6F+2656973207
Not following5AUSNSW5. J.Joe Darcy (Am) -5F+2676873208
Not following6AUSNSW6. M.Michael Pearce titleisttitleist-4F-5746966209
Not followingT7FJIFJIT7. S.Sam Lee titleisttitleist-2F+1706972211
Not followingT7AUSNSWT7. T.Theodore Coroneo titleisttitleist-2F+3696874211
Not following9AUSNSW9. A.Alex Hawley -1F0Par697271212
Not followingT10AUSNSWT10. D.David Abbott titleisttitleist0ParF+1707172213
Not followingT10AUSNSWT10. D.Dale Williamson (Am) 0ParF+3687174213
Not followingT10AUSNSWT10. A.Alex Edge 0ParF+3697074213
Not followingT13AUSNSWT13. Y.Young Park (Am) +1F+1707272214
Not followingT13AUSNSWT13. J.Josh Cabban +1F*-3727468214
Not followingT15AUSNSWT15. H.Harrison Russell titleisttitleist+2F*-2737369215
Not followingT15AUSNSWT15. P.Paul Bucan +2F*-1747170215
Not followingT15AUSNSWT15. K.Kevin Yuan (Am) +2F+4687275215
Not followingT15AUSNSWT15. S.Steve Vail (Am) +2F+4697175215
Not followingT19AUSNSWT19. A.Andrew Campbell titleisttitleist+3F+2727173216
Not followingT19AUSNSWT19. M.Mitch Davis titleisttitleist+3F+3707274216
Not followingT19AUSVICT19. D.Daniel Dosen +3F+3727074216
Not followingT19AUSNSWT19. J.Jerram Chudleigh titleisttitleist+3F*-1776970216
Not followingT19AUSNSWT19. B.Brayden Petersen (Am) +3F+4707175216
Not followingT24AUSNSWT24. C.Christopher Akers titleisttitleist+4F+3707374217
Not followingT24AUSNSWT24. L.Luke Humphries titleisttitleist+4F+3737074217
Not followingT24AUSNSWT24. M.Mitchell Brown +4F+5697276217
Not followingT27AUSNSWT27. M.Mitchell Norbis (Am) +5F*+3727274218
Not followingT27AUSNSWT27. C.Clayton Bridges titleisttitleist+5F+5707276218
Not followingT27AUSWAT27. D.Daniel Hoeve +5F+6707177218
Not followingT30AUSNSWT30. P.Patrick Wilson titleisttitleist+6F*+2737373219
Not followingT30AUSNSWT30. N.Nabil Abdul titleisttitleist+6F+9716880219
Not followingT32AUSNSWT32. S.Sam Burrell +8F*+6717377221
Not followingT32AUSWAT32. J.Jason Chellew titleisttitleist+8F*+4747275221
Not followingT32AUSSAT32. C.Chris Brown +8F+8727079221
Not followingT32AUSQLDT32. S.Sung Park titleisttitleist+8F*+4727475221
Not followingT32AUSWAT32. T.Travis Lord +8F*+3737474221
Not following37AUSNSW37. J.Josh Clarke (Am) +9F*+3747474222
Not followingT38AUSNSWT38. M.Matty Wittenberg (Am) +10F*+8717379223
Not followingT38AUSNSWT38. M.Max Duffy (Am) +10F*+3757474223
Not followingT38AUSNSWT38. Z.Zinyo Garcia (Am) +10F*+3727774223
Not followingT41AUSNSWT41. J.Joshua Whitehouse titleisttitleist+11F*+6737477224
Not followingT41AUSNSWT41. L.Luke Bartlett (Am) +11F*+5747476224
Not followingT43AUSWAT43. J.Jeong Woo Ha (Am) +12F*+4737775225
Not followingT43KORKORT43. D.Doong Gyu Han +12F*+2737973225
Not following45AUSNSW45. C.Chris Neville (Am) +14F*+8767279227
Not following46AUSNSW46. L.Luis Killen (Am) +15F*+10737481228
Not following47AUSNSW47. K.Kreolin Moodley (Am) +16F*+6757777229
Not following48ANDAND48. R.Ramon Armengol Whittaker +18F*+9757680231
Not following49AUSNSW49. G.Grant Thomas titleisttitleist+19F*+10737881232
Not followingT50AUSNSWT50. S.Sean Park (Am) -F0ParWDNWDNWDNWDN
Not followingT50AUSNSWT50. S.Soohwan Park (Am) -F*0Par7282WDNWDN
Not followingT50AUSNSWT50. B.Ben Pedersen titleisttitleist-F*0Par7677WDNWDN
Not followingT50AUSNSWT50. P.Patrick Joseph titleisttitleist-F*0Par7677WDNWDN
Not followingT50AUSNSWT50. M.Matthew Gleeson titleisttitleist-F*0Par7479WDNWDN
Not followingT50SAMSAMT50. I.Ian Tonumaipea -F0ParWDNWDNWDNWDN


Titleist = The player is using a Titleist ball

* =  The player began their round on the 10th hole

(Am) = The player is an amateur

CUT = The cut is made after the completion of 36 holes. Prior to this, the cut line represents the projected cut.

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A/S = All Square
EH#2 = Extra Hole
DSQ = Disqualified
WDN = Withdrawn
RTD = Retired