Qualifying School - Stage 1 (Section C)

Qualifying School - Stage 1 (Section C)

Noosa Springs Golf Course Noosa

16th - 18th December 2015
  • ChampionAaron WilkinWinner
  • PrizeN/APurse
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Not following1AUSQLD1. A.Aaron Wilkin titleisttitleist-10F-3696869206
Not following2AUSQLD2. N.Nicholas Russell -5F-2707170211
Not following3AUSQLD3. K.Kota Kagasaki -4F-3697469212
Not following4NZLNSW4. B.Blair Riordan -3F-1707271213
Not following5AUSQLD5. T.Taylor Macdonald titleisttitleist-2F-2727270214
Not followingT6AUSQLDT6. S.Sam Daley -1F-2717470215
Not followingT6AUSQLDT6. C.Cory Crawford -1F+2707174215
Not followingT6AUSQLDT6. J.Jake McLeod titleisttitleist-1F+4706976215
Not followingT9KORKORT9. K.Kevin Seo titleisttitleist+1F-3717769217
Not followingT9AUSQLDT9. J.Jack Sullivan (Am) +1F+1727273217
Not followingT9AUSQLDT9. P.Paul Hayden titleisttitleist+1F+8677080217
Not followingT12AUSQLDT12. J.Jonathon Holder titleisttitleist+4F-1757471220
Not followingT12AUSQLDT12. J.Joshua Kalms titleisttitleist+4F+4707476220
Not followingT14KORKORT14. B.Byungwook Song titleisttitleist+5F+2747374221
Not followingT14AUSQLDT14. G.Gavin Fairfax titleisttitleist+5F+6697478221
Not followingT16KORKORT16. Y.Young Hyun Kim (Am) +6F0Par787272222
Not followingT16AUSQLDT16. S.Simon Viitakangas (Am) +6F+6727278222
Not followingT16JPNJPNT16. T.Tenka Terada +6F+9697281222
Not followingT19AUSQLDT19. J.Jack Munro titleisttitleist+7F*0Par757672223
Not followingT19NZLNZLT19. D.Duncan Croudis +7F+3668275223
Not following21AUSNSW21. C.Christopher Crooks (Am) +8F*0Par797372224
Not following22AUSQLD22. B.Ben Pisani titleisttitleist+9F+4787176225
Not followingT23KORKORT23. D.Dawong Lee (Am) +10F+4797176226
Not followingT23JPNJPNT23. D.Daisuke Ito +10F+6717778226
Not followingT23AUSNSWT23. J.Jay Mackenzie (Am) +10F+7757279226
Not following26AUSQLD26. N.Nelson Turner titleisttitleist+11F*+1797573227
Not followingT27AUSQLDT27. K.Kevin Marques +13F*+6747778229
Not followingT27AUSQLDT27. H.Henry Epstein titleisttitleist+13F*+6767578229
Not followingT29AUSQLDT29. D.Daniel Morgan titleisttitleist+15F+10767382231
Not followingT29AUSQLDT29. B.Bradley McLellan titleisttitleist+15F*+4777876231
Not following31AUSQLD31. Z.Zach Jansen (Am) +18F*+8787680234
Not following32JPNJPN32. R.Ryo Harada (Am) +19F*+6758278235
Not followingT33AUSQLDT33. J.Jonathan Pepper +20F*+8777980236
Not followingT33KORKORT33. G.Gyu Jin Hwang (Am) +20F*+2788474236
Not followingT33AUSQLDT33. B.Ben Ratcliffe (Am) +20F*+2798374236
Not followingT36KORKORT36. W.William Seo +21F*+5847677237
Not followingT36AUSQLDT36. P.Peter Hall +21F*+3758775237
Not following38KORKOR38. C.Caleb Lim +23F*+3818375239
Not followingT39AUSQLDT39. M.Matthew Field +26F*+14807686242
Not followingT39AUSQLDT39. B.Blake McGrory titleisttitleist+26F*+12797984242
Not followingT39AUSQLDT39. D.Dane McArdle +26F*+11827783242
Not following42SGPSIN42. S.Sebestian Seow (Am) +29F*+13768485245
Not following43AUSNSW43. S.Stephen McAllister +32F*+4908276248
Not following44KORKOR44. S.Seunguk Shin (Am) +40F*+14858586256
Not following45AUSQLD45. S.Sam Price +41F*+14858686257
Not followingT46AUSQLDT46. L.Lachlan Wall titleisttitleist-F*0Par8076WDNWDN
Not followingT46AUSQLDT46. J.Jamie Andrews -F*0Par8081WDNWDN
Not followingT46ZAFRSAT46. N.Nicky Kruger -F*0Par8888WDNWDN
Not followingT46AUSQLDT46. A.Alexander McCoy -F0Par7890WDNWDN
Not followingT46AUSQLDT46. A.Akshay Raniga -F0Par9587WDNWDN


Titleist = The player is using a Titleist ball

* =  The player began their round on the 10th hole

(Am) = The player is an amateur

CUT = The cut is made after the completion of 36 holes. Prior to this, the cut line represents the projected cut.

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A/S = All Square
EH#2 = Extra Hole
DSQ = Disqualified
WDN = Withdrawn
RTD = Retired