Qualifying School - Stage 1 (Section C)

Qualifying School - Stage 1 (Section C)

Noosa Springs Golf Resort Noosa

17th - 19th December 2014
  • ChampionJonathon HolderWinner
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Not following1AUSQLD1. J.Jonathon Holder titleisttitleist-6F-3717069210
Not following2AUSNSW2. L.Luke Henwood -3F0Par726972213
Not followingT3AUSQLDT3. B.Brett Rankin -2F-3747169214
Not followingT3AUSQLDT3. D.Daniel McGraw -2F-2747070214
Not followingT3AUSQLDT3. R.Richard Caracella titleisttitleist-2F+1726973214
Not followingT3AUSQLDT3. M.Matthew Ballard -2F+3706975214
Not following7AUSQLD7. P.Peter Martin titleisttitleist-1F-2697670215
Not followingT8AUSQLDT8. G.Gavin Flint titleisttitleist0ParF0Par727272216
Not followingT8AUSQLDT8. J.James Douris 0ParF+1717273216
Not followingT8AUSQLDT8. P.Paul Hayden titleisttitleist0ParF+3707175216
Not followingT11AUSQLDT11. A.Aaron Wilkin (Am) +1F*-3707869217
Not followingT11KORKORT11. B.Bungwook Song (Am) +1F-2717670217
Not followingT13AUSQLDT13. D.Damien Jordan (Am) +2F-1727571218
Not followingT13AUSQLDT13. C.Christopher Wood titleisttitleist+2F+4717176218
Not following15AUSQLD15. M.Michael Hansen titleisttitleist+3F+1757173219
Not following16NZLNZL16. S.Sven Puymbroeck titleisttitleist+3F*-1777171219
Not following17S.KKOR17. K.Kevin Seo (Am) +3F0Par717672219
Not following18KORKOR18. J.Ji Hoon Kim +3F*-2727770219
Not following19AUSQLD19. L.Lachlan Wall +3F*-4757668219
Not following20AUSQLD20. G.Gavin Fairfax titleisttitleist+3F+4667776219
Not followingT21JPNJPNT21. Y.Yuichi Teruya (Am) +4F+1707773220
Not followingT21AUSQLDT21. T.Tony Jung (Am) +4F+1737473220
Not followingT21AUSQLDT21. I.Ian Esson titleisttitleist+4F+1737473220
Not followingT21JPNJPNT21. T.Tenka Terada +4F+6697378220
Not followingT25AUSQLDT25. S.Scott Moir +5F+1747473221
Not followingT25FRANCT25. J.Jean-Louis Guepy +5F*-4777668221
Not followingT27AUSQLDT27. P.Pengxiang Ang +6F+3727575222
Not followingT27AUSQLDT27. K.Kevin Marques +6F*0Par767472222
Not followingT29AUSQLDT29. Z.Zach Jansen (Am) +7F+4727576223
Not followingT29NZLNZLT29. S.Steven Heyes +7F*+2747574223
Not followingT29AUSQLDT29. H.Henry Epstein titleisttitleist+7F*-1757771223
Not following32AUSQLD32. W.Warrick Betts +10F*+1757873226
Not following33AUSQLD33. C.Christopher Harrop (Am) +11F+8727580227
Not followingT34AUSNSWT34. J.Jacob Tonkin +12F*+7737679228
Not followingT34AUSQLDT34. B.Ben Pisani titleisttitleist+12F*+1758073228
Not following36AUSNSW36. J.Jay Mackenzie (Am) +13F*+1768073229
Not following37AUSQLD37. J.Joshua Kalms +15F*+4797676231
Not followingT38AUSQLDT38. A.Adam Verity (Am) +16F*+2788074232
Not followingT38AUSQLDT38. N.Nicholas Russell +16F*+1837673232
Not following40S.KKOR40. Y.Young Kim (Am) +17F*+2837674233
Not followingT41AUSQLDT41. P.Peter Hall +18F*+7797679234
Not followingT41AUSQLDT41. T.Timothy Carss +18F*+4788076234
Not following43AUSNSW43. T.Tim Hyland (Am) +19F*+6748378235
Not followingT44JPNJPNT44. D.Daisuke Ito +20F*+15727787236
Not followingT44AUSQLDT44. D.Drew McLellan +20F*+8748280236
Not following46AUSQLD46. M.Min Young Kang +21F*+7827679237
Not following47KORKOR47. C.Chongsop Park (Am) +22F*+7807979238
Not following48AUSQLD48. S.Simon Blood (Am) +23F*+5798377239
Not following49AUSQLD49. M.Mitsuhiro Maeda +26F*+10837782242
Not following50S.KKOR50. W.William Seo (Am) +36F*+11888183252
Not following51AUSQLD51. S.Stephen McAllister (Am) +51F*+17918789267


Titleist = The player is using a Titleist ball

* =  The player began their round on the 10th hole

(Am) = The player is an amateur

CUT = The cut is made after the completion of 36 holes. Prior to this, the cut line represents the projected cut.

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A/S = All Square
EH#2 = Extra Hole
DSQ = Disqualified
WDN = Withdrawn
RTD = Retired