Qualifying School - Stage 1 (Section B)

Qualifying School - Stage 1 (Section B)

Sandhurst Club (North Course) Sandhurst

16th - 18th December 2015
  • ChampionLucas HerbertWinner
  • PrizeN/APurse
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Not following1AUSVIC1. L.Lucas Herbert titleisttitleist-3F+1716973213
Not followingT2NZLNZLT2. V.Vaughan McCall (Am) -2F-2776770214
Not followingT2AUSQLDT2. J.James Gibellini -2F0Par717172214
Not following4AUSVIC4. J.James McLean -1F-3747269215
Not following5AUSSA5. A.Antonio Murdaca titleisttitleist0ParF-2737370216
Not followingT6AUSSAT6. B.Brad Moules titleisttitleist+1F-3717769217
Not followingT6AUSVICT6. D.DJ Loypur (Am) +1F-1727471217
Not followingT6AUSVICT6. T.Thomas Power Horan (Am) +1F0Par757072217
Not followingT9AUSVICT9. T.Timothy Wood titleisttitleist+2F0Par707672218
Not followingT9AUSVICT9. M.Michael Choi titleisttitleist+2F+1757073218
Not followingT9AUSWAT9. B.Brody Ninyette +2F+1707573218
Not followingT12AUSVICT12. C.Christopher Thorn titleisttitleist+4F-1747571220
Not followingT12AUSSAT12. J.Jack Williams (Am) +4F+3757075220
Not following14NZLNZL14. M.Mathew Perry titleisttitleist+7F+7747079223
Not followingT15AUSSAT15. S.Samuel Hughes +7F-1787471223
Not followingT15AUSVICT15. Q.Quinton Howe titleisttitleist+7F0Par727972223
Not followingT15AUSVICT15. C.Charles Wright +7F+1767473223
Not followingT15AUSVICT15. D.Dylan Higgins titleisttitleist+7F+2747574223
Not followingT15AUSSAT15. A.Andre Na (Am) +7F+3757375223
Not followingT20AUSSAT20. C.Chris Brown +9F+2797274225
Not followingT20AUSVICT20. J.Jeremy Loomes titleisttitleist+9F*+1797373225
Not followingT20NZLNZLT20. C.Campbell Rawson +9F+3757575225
Not followingT20NZLNZLT20. S.Shaun Jones +9F+5747477225
Not followingT20AUSQLDT20. B.Ben Hollis +9F+7737379225
Not following25AUSVIC25. J.Jordan Hampton (Am) +10F+5757477226
Not followingT26AUSVICT26. B.Brock Gillard +11F*+3767675227
Not followingT26NZLNZLT26. J.James Betts titleisttitleist+11F*+3797375227
Not followingT26AUSNSWT26. L.Luke Whitbread titleisttitleist+11F+5767477227
Not followingT26AUSVICT26. D.Daniel Ong titleisttitleist+11F*+3777575227
Not following30AUSTAS30. C.Clint Rice titleisttitleist+12F*+3747975228
Not followingT31AUSVICT31. M.Michael Moore titleisttitleist+14F*+5787577230
Not followingT31AUSWAT31. S.Simon Houston +14F+8727880230
Not followingT31AUSVicT31. D.David Hall +14F*+2827474230
Not followingT34AUSVICT34. J.Jack Sandic (Am) +15F*+4767976231
Not followingT34NZLNZLT34. M.Michael Dean +15F+10747582231
Not followingT36AUSVICT36. J.John Wade titleisttitleist+16F*+3787975232
Not followingT36AUSVICT36. J.Jordan Cooper +16F*+3797875232
Not following38AUSVIC38. J.Jackson Webb +17F*+3807875233
Not following39AUSVIC39. N.Nathan Buzimkic (Am) +19F*+2827974235
Not followingT40AUSVICT40. B.Ben Roberts +20F*+9807581236
Not followingT40AUSVICT40. R.Rhys Granger titleisttitleist+20F*+9777881236
Not followingT40AUSVICT40. B.Ben Croker (Am) +20F*+6827678236
Not followingT40ZAFRSAT40. S.Stefan Labuschagne +20F*+5798077236
Not followingT44AUSQLDT44. D.David Cotsworth +21F*+10777882237
Not followingT44USAUSAT44. B.Baghaullah Sobhani +21F*+6788178237
Not followingT44AUSVICT44. P.Peter Glidden +21F*+3857775237
Not following47AUSVIC47. M.Moe Nagi +24F*+11857283240
Not followingT48AUSVICT48. T.Travis Sharpe +25F*+10807982241
Not followingT48AUSWAT48. C.Calum Juniper (Am) +25F*+9857581241
Not following50AUSVIC50. M.Matt Dowling titleisttitleist+28F*+9828181244
Not following51SCTSCT51. G.Gary Reid (Am) +30F*+14827886246
Not following52AUSVIC52. L.Lachlan Whiteside +32F*+11867983248
Not following53AUSTAS53. A.Alex Hamilton titleisttitleist+38F*+16808688254
Not following54AUSACT54. T.Travis Gains (Am) +43F*+15898387259
Not following55AUSNSW55. J.James Carter -F0Par8080WDNWDN


Titleist = The player is using a Titleist ball

* =  The player began their round on the 10th hole

(Am) = The player is an amateur

CUT = The cut is made after the completion of 36 holes. Prior to this, the cut line represents the projected cut.

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A/S = All Square
EH#2 = Extra Hole
DSQ = Disqualified
WDN = Withdrawn
RTD = Retired