Not following1DENDENMARK1S. KjeldsenT. OlesenS. Kjeldsen / T. OlesenS. Kjeldsen / T. Olesen -20F-672607066268
Not followingT2CHNCHINAT2W. AshunL. HaotongW. Ashun / L. HaotongW. Ashun / L. Haotong -16F-770657265272
Not followingT2USAUSAT2R. FowlerJ. WalkerR. Fowler / J. WalkerR. Fowler / J. Walker -16F-670676966272
Not followingT2FRAFRANCET2V. DubuissonR. LangasqueV. Dubuisson / R. LangasqueV. Dubuisson / R. Langasque -16F-970677263272
Not following5SWESWEDEN5A. NorenD. LingmerthA. Noren / D. LingmerthA. Noren / D. Lingmerth -15F-1072667362273
Not followingT6JPNJAPANT6H. MatsuyamaR. IshikawaH. Matsuyama / R. IshikawaH. Matsuyama / R. Ishikawa -14F-773657165274
Not followingT6ITAITALYT6F. MolinariM. ManasseroF. Molinari / M. ManasseroF. Molinari / M. Manassero -14F-871667364274
Not following8ESPSPAIN8R. Cabrera BelloJ. RahmR. Cabrera Bello / J. RahmR. Cabrera Bello / J. Rahm -13F-669677366275
Not followingT9AUSAUSTRALIAT9A. ScottM. LeishmanA. Scott / M. LeishmanA. Scott / M. Leishman -11F-774687065277
Not followingT9IRLIRELANDT9S. LowryG. McDowellS. Lowry / G. McDowellS. Lowry / G. McDowell -11F-672697066277
Not followingT11NZLNEW ZEALANDT11D. LeeR. FoxD. Lee / R. FoxD. Lee / R. Fox -10F-575647267278
Not followingT11CANCANADAT11D. HearnA. HadwinD. Hearn / A. HadwinD. Hearn / A. Hadwin -10F-675686966278
Not followingT13BELBELGIUMT13T. PietersN. ColsaertsT. Pieters / N. ColsaertsT. Pieters / N. Colsaerts -9F-573697067279
Not followingT13ZAFSOUTH AFRICAT13J. Van ZylG. CoetzeeJ. Van Zyl / G. CoetzeeJ. Van Zyl / G. Coetzee -9F-676667166279
Not followingT13GERGERMANYT13A. CejkaS. JaegerA. Cejka / S. JaegerA. Cejka / S. Jaeger -9F-874717064279
Not followingT13ENGENGLANDT13C. WoodA. SullivanC. Wood / A. SullivanC. Wood / A. Sullivan -9F-771667765279
Not followingT17NEDNETHERLANDST17J. LuitenD. van DrielJ. Luiten / D. van DrielJ. Luiten / D. van Driel -8F-675647566280
Not followingT17AUTAUSTRIAT17B. WiesbergerM. WiegeleB. Wiesberger / M. WiegeleB. Wiesberger / M. Wiegele -8F-473687168280
Not followingT19TPECHINESE TAIPEIT19C. PanC. Shih-changC. Pan / C. Shih-changC. Pan / C. Shih-chang -6F-374657469282
Not followingT19SCOSCOTLANDT19R. KnoxD. StewartR. Knox / D. StewartR. Knox / D. Stewart -6F-578657267282
Not followingT19THATHAILANDT19T. JaideeK. AphibarnratT. Jaidee / K. AphibarnratT. Jaidee / K. Aphibarnrat -6F-673667766282
Not followingT22KORKOREAT22B. AnK. KimB. An / K. KimB. An / K. Kim -5F-874697664283
Not followingT22MYSMALAYSIAT22D. ChiaN. FungD. Chia / N. FungD. Chia / N. Fung -5F-677687266283
Not followingT22INDINDIAT22S.ChawrasiaS.ChikkarangappaS.Chawrasia / S.ChikkarangappaS.Chawrasia / S.Chikkarangappa -5F-474667568283
Not followingT22WALWALEST22B. DredgeS. ManleyB. Dredge / S. ManleyB. Dredge / S. Manley -5F-974668063283
Not following26PORPORTUGAL26R. GouveiaJ. LimaR. Gouveia / J. LimaR. Gouveia / J. Lima -4F-274687270284
Not following27VENVENEZUELA27Jh. VegasJu. VegasJh. Vegas / Ju. VegasJh. Vegas / Ju. Vegas -3F-574687667285
Not following28PHIPHILIPPINES28M. TabuenaA. QueM. Tabuena / A. QueM. Tabuena / A. Que +3F-277677770291


Titleist = The player is using a Titleist ball

* =  The player began their round on the 10th hole

(Am) = The player is an amateur

CUT = The cut is made after the completion of 36 holes. Prior to this, the cut line represents the projected cut.

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A/S = All Square
EH#2 = Extra Hole
DSQ = Disqualified
WDN = Withdrawn
RTD = Retired