No. Country Player name Exemption Status
1 NZL Michael Hendry Cat 2 Confirmed
2 NZL Mark Brown Cat 3 Confirmed
3 AUS ACT Matthew Millar Cat 3 Confirmed
4 NZL Daniel Pearce Cat 3 Confirmed
5 NZL Ryan Fox Cat 3 Confirmed
6 NZL Martin Pettigrew Cat 4 Confirmed
7 NZL Cameron Jones Cat 4 Confirmed
8 NZL Brenden Stuart Cat 4 Confirmed
9 NZL Lachlan McDonald Cat 4 Confirmed
10 NZL Sam An Cat 4 Confirmed
11 NZL Jordan Dasler Cat 4 Confirmed
12 AUS VIC Anthony Marchesani Cat 4 Confirmed
13 NZL Daniel Graham Cat 4 Confirmed
14 NZL Eddie Lee Cat 4 Confirmed
15 NZL Fraser Wilkin Cat 7 Confirmed
16 NZL Shaun Jones Cat 7 Confirmed
17 NZL Richard Lee Cat 7 Confirmed
18 NZL Trevor Marshall Cat 7 Confirmed
19 NZL Pieter Zwart Cat 7 Confirmed
20 NZL Troy Ropiha Cat 7 Confirmed
21 NZL Peter Lee Cat 7 Confirmed
22 NZL Tae Koh Cat 7 Confirmed
23 NZL Brad Shilton Cat 7 Confirmed
24 NZL Luke Toomey Cat 7 Confirmed
25 NZL Nick Coxon Cat 7 Confirmed
26 NZL Jared Pender Cat 7 Confirmed
27 NZL Kevin Koong (a) Cat 7 Confirmed
28 NZL Kit Bittle (a) Cat 7 Confirmed
29 AUS NSW Peter Fowler Cat 9 Confirmed
30 NZL David Smail Cat 9 Confirmed
31 NZL Michael Long Cat 10 Confirmed
32 AUS NSW Jordan Mullaney Cat 11 Confirmed
33 NZL Harry Bateman Cat 12 Confirmed
34 AUS VIC Adam Burdett Cat 13 Confirmed
35 AUS NSW Lincoln Tighe Cat 13 Confirmed
36 NZL Kieran Muir Cat 13 Confirmed
37 AUS NSW Benjamin Clementson Cat 13 Confirmed
38 AUS SA Antonio Murdaca Cat 16 Confirmed
39 NZL Ryan Chisnall Cat 16 Confirmed
40 AUS TAS Simon Hawkes Cat 16 Confirmed
41 NZL Nick Voke Cat 16 Confirmed
42 AUS NSW Ruben Sondjaja Cat 16 Confirmed
43 NZL Mathew Perry Cat 16 Confirmed
44 NZL James Anstiss Cat 16 Confirmed
45 USA Mark Tyler McCumber Cat 16 Confirmed
46 AUS NSW Alex Edge Cat 16 Confirmed
47 AUS NSW Tim Stewart Cat 16 Confirmed
48 NZL Campbell Rawson Cat 16 Confirmed
49 KOR Chang Gi Lee Cat 16 Confirmed
50 AUS NSW Andrew Evans Cat 16 Confirmed
51 AUS NSW Bradley Doherty Cat 16 Confirmed
52 AUS QLD Christopher Wood Cat 17 Confirmed
53 AUS NSW Andrew Campbell Cat 17 Confirmed
54 AUS VIC Kristopher Mueck Cat 17 Confirmed
55 AUS NSW Taylor Cooper Cat 17 Confirmed
56 NZL Victor Janin Cat 18 Confirmed
57 NZL Hayden Beard Cat 18 Confirmed
58 AUS NSW Robert Hogan Cat 19 Confirmed
59 NZL Luke O'Sullivan NIL (FMT) Confirmed
60 AUS QLD Daniel McGraw NIL (FMT) Confirmed
61 ENG Charles Bull NIL (FMT) Confirmed
62 AUS NSW Jason Butt NIL (FMT) Confirmed
63 AUS NSW Austin Bautista NIL (FMT) Confirmed
64 AUS NSW Jarrod Freeman NIL (FMT) Confirmed
65 AUS VIC Quinton Howe NIL (FMV) Confirmed
66 AUS NSW Jonathan Painter NIL (FMV) Confirmed
67 AUS QLD James Corkill NIL (FMV) Confirmed
68 NZL Mark Alison NIL (FMV) Confirmed
69 AUS QLD Garrett Skinner NIL (FMV) Confirmed
70 AUS QLD Dane McArdle NIL (FMV) Confirmed
71 AUS NSW Nathan Miller NIL (FMV) Confirmed
72 AUS NSW Clayton Bridges NIL (FMV) Confirmed
73 AUS QLD Thomas Callender NIL (FMV) Confirmed
74 AUS VIC Hayden Webb NIL (FMV) Confirmed
75 AUS VIC Andrew Kostarakis NIL (FMV) Confirmed
76 AUS NSW Christopher Akers NIL (FMV) Confirmed
77 AUS NSW Patrick Joseph NIL (FMV) Confirmed
78 AUS VIC Andrew Schonewille NIL (NONM) Confirmed
79 NZL Douglas Holloway NIL (NONM) Confirmed
80 NZL Dean Sipson NIL (NONM) Confirmed
81 AUS NSW Kyle Flynn NIL (NONM) Confirmed
82 AUS NSW Mitchell Norbis NIL (NONM) Confirmed
83 AUS NSW Peter Lamaris NIL (NONM) Confirmed
84 NZL Joshua Munn NIL (NONM) Confirmed
85 NZL Hamish Campbell NIL (NONM) Confirmed
86 NZL David Riordan NIL (NONM) Confirmed
87 NZL Brad Hayward NIL (NONM) Confirmed
88 NZL Nick Loach NIL (NONM) Confirmed
89 NZL Scott Curtis NIL (NONM) Confirmed
90 AUS QLD Jonathan Pepper NIL (NONM) Confirmed
91 NZL Sean Tan NIL (NONM) Confirmed
92 NZL Jason Mann NIL (NONM) Confirmed
93 NZL Frazer Bond NIL (NONM) Confirmed
94 AUS QLD Jack Sullivan NIL (NONM) Confirmed
95 NZL Patrick Moore NIL (NONM) Confirmed
96 NZL Wesley Jeon NIL (NONM) Confirmed
97 KOR Yun-Seok Gang NIL (NONM) Confirmed


Identifies a player has entered the tournament
Identifies a player has made the final field for the tournament
Identifies a player is on the reserve list for the tournament


Note: This list is for informational purposes only. Field is subject to change. Players should contact the relevant PGA Division to confirm their Playing/Alternate Status.

Further information on PGA Tour of Australasia Exemption Categories