Ladbrokes PGA Legends Tour

Breakfast Point Realty and Nicholls and Co Charity Golf Day for MS

Breakfast Point Realty and Nicholls and Co Charity Golf Day for MS

Concord Golf Club Concord

5th September 2019
  • ChampionDavid FearnsWinner
  • Prize$12,000Purse
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Not following1AUS1. D.David Fearns -8F*-863
Not followingT2AUST2. B.Brad Burns titleisttitleist-2F-269
Not followingT2AUST2. S.Steve Conran titleisttitleist-2F*-269
Not followingT4AUST4. R.Richard Backwell -1F-170
Not followingT4AUST4. M.Michael Harwood -1F*-170
Not followingT6AUST6. C.Chris Hollingsworth +1F*+172
Not followingT6AUST6. J.John Onions titleisttitleist+1F*+172
Not followingT6AUST6. M.Martin Peterson +1F*+172
Not followingT9USAT9. R.Richard Gilkey +2F*+273
Not followingT9USAT9. S.Shaquill Mongol +2F*+273
Not followingT11AUST11. R.Richard Beer +3F+374
Not followingT11AUST11. C.Colin Hunt titleisttitleist+3F*+374
Not followingT11AUST11. C.Craig Parry +3F*+374
Not followingT11AUST11. B.Bryan Wearne +3F*+374
Not followingT15ENGT15. B.Ben Jackson +4F*+475
Not followingT15AUST15. G.Grant Kenny titleisttitleist+4F*+475
Not followingT15AUST15. B.Bruce McLean +4F*+475
Not followingT15AUST15. P.Peter Woodward +4F*+475
Not followingT19AUST19. S.Scott Ford +5F*+576
Not followingT19AUST19. M.Michael Holden +5F*+576
Not followingT19AUST19. G.Glenn Joyner titleisttitleist+5F*+576
Not followingT19AUST19. M.Mike Zilko +5F*+576
Not following23AUS23. S.Steven Aisbett titleisttitleist+6F+677
Not followingT24AUST24. B.Brad Cumming +7F*+778
Not followingT24AUST24. G.Grant Fyander +7F*+778
Not followingT24AUST24. D.Darryl Purchase +7F*+778
Not following27AUS27. S.Simon Jagot +8F*+879
Not followingT28AUST28. J.Jose Calleja +10F*+1081
Not followingT28AUST28. P.Paul Dalgleish +10F*+1081
Not followingT28AUST28. G.Gregory Hohnen titleisttitleist+10F*+1081
Not following31AUS31. M.Mark McFadden +15F*+1586
Not following32AUS32. N.Noel Ratcliffe +16F*+1687


Titleist = The player is using a Titleist ball

* =  The player began their round on the 10th hole

(Am) = The player is an amateur

CUT = The cut is made after the completion of 36 holes. Prior to this, the cut line represents the projected cut.

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A/S = All Square
EH#2 = Extra Hole
DSQ = Disqualified
WDN = Withdrawn
RTD = Retired