Ladbrokes PGA Legends Tour

Cronulla Legends Pro-Am

Cronulla Legends Pro-Am

Cronulla Golf Club Cronulla

19th - 20th November 2014
  • ChampionAllan CooperWinner
  • Prize$25,000 inc.SuperSnrPurse
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Not following1AUS1. A.Allan Cooper -4F6670136
Not following2AUS2. H.Hugh Dolan -1F6970139
Not followingT3AUST3. T.Tim Elliott +1F*7170141
Not followingT3AUST3. M.Michael Harwood +1F*7368141
Not followingT5AUST5. G.Gregory Hohnen +2F*7171142
Not followingT5AUST5. S.Shaun O'Toole +2F7171142
Not followingT5AUST5. B.Bruce McLean +2F7072142
Not followingT8AUST8. A.Allan May +3F7073143
Not followingT8AUST8. C.Craig Warren +3F*7370143
Not followingT10AUST10. P.Paul Dalgleish +4F7569144
Not followingT10AUST10. G.Gary Schofield +4F7173144
Not followingT10AUST10. M.Mike Zilko +4F7074144
Not followingT10AUST10. R.Rodger Davis titleisttitleist+4F*7272144
Not followingT10AUST10. D.David Merriman +4F*7272144
Not followingT10AUST10. B.Bradley Wall +4F6975144
Not followingT16AUST16. P.Peter Headland +5F7570145
Not followingT16FJIT16. K.Krishna Singh +5F*7273145
Not followingT16NZLT16. J.James Kupa +5F6976145
Not followingT19AUST19. L.Lucien Tinkler +6F7670146
Not followingT19AUST19. S.Stephen Herbert +6F*7571146
Not followingT19ZAFT19. C.Chris Williams +6F7472146
Not followingT19AUST19. J.James Forest +6F*7274146
Not followingT19AUST19. B.Bryan Wearne +6F*7274146
Not followingT19AUST19. R.Richard Backwell +6F*7373146
Not followingT25AUST25. G.Geoffrey Nicholas +7F7671147
Not followingT25AUST25. G.Graeme Cheshire +7F*7869147
Not followingT25AUST25. P.Peter Criss +7F7077147
Not followingT28AUST28. G.Gary Brookman +8F7771148
Not followingT28AUST28. N.Noel Ratcliffe +8F7177148
Not followingT28AUST28. C.Chris Fox +8F7078148
Not followingT28AUST28. J.John Martin +8F*7375148
Not followingT28AUST28. M.Mark Tickle +8F*7375148
Not followingT28AUST28. M.Max Forrest +8F6880148
Not followingT34AUST34. S.Stephen Morshuis +11F7774151
Not followingT34AUST34. F.Frank Conallin +11F7675151
Not followingT34AUST34. D.David Good +11F7576151
Not followingT34AUST34. S.Scott Ford +11F*7873151
Not followingT34AUST34. G.Gregory Rix +11F7477151
Not followingT34AUST34. S.Simon Jagot +11F*7477151
Not followingT34AUST34. G.Gary Burmester +11F*7477151
Not followingT41AUST41. T.Tomas Mezera +12F7478152
Not followingT41AUST41. G.George Serhan +12F*7478152
Not followingT43AUST43. G.Gregory Carroll +13F7677153
Not followingT43AUST43. A.Andy Dakers +13F7677153
Not followingT43AUST43. T.Terry Price +13F*7479153
Not followingT46AUST46. I.Ian Brander +14F*8173154
Not followingT46AUST46. P.Peter Jones +14F*8074154
Not followingT46AUST46. L.Larry Canning +14F*7975154
Not followingT46AUST46. D.Darryl Purchase +14F*7777154
Not following50AUS50. T.Trevor Hollingsworth titleisttitleist+15F*7976155
Not following51AUS51. R.Richard Beer +16F*8076156
Not following52NZL52. C.Chris Treen +17F7780157
Not followingT53AUST53. G.Guy Ferguson +20F*7882160
Not followingT53AUST53. M.Michael Paterson +20F7585160
Not following55AUS55. J.John Barrett +22F*8577162
Not following56AUS56. P.Paul Bosa +23F*8974163
Not following57AUS57. R.Ross Strachan +28F*8385168
Not following58NZL58. M.Martin Webber -F71RTDRTD


Titleist = The player is using a Titleist ball

* =  The player began their round on the 10th hole

(Am) = The player is an amateur

CUT = The cut is made after the completion of 36 holes. Prior to this, the cut line represents the projected cut.

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A/S = All Square
EH#2 = Extra Hole
DSQ = Disqualified
WDN = Withdrawn
RTD = Retired