Not following1AUSQLD1. B.Brad Burns titleisttitleist-4F0Par746672212
Not following2AUSVIC2. G.Glenn Joyner titleisttitleist-4F-3717269212
Not following3NZLNZL3. M.Martin Pettigrew -3F+1716973213
Not followingT4AUSQLDT4. S.Stephen Woodhead -2F-5777067214
Not followingT4ENGVICT4. B.Ben Jackson -2F-4786868214
Not followingT4AUSNSWT4. M.Martin Peterson -2F-3737269214
Not followingT4AUSQLDT4. R.Richard Backwell -2F+3716875214
Not followingT8AUSVICT8. T.Tim Elliott +1F0Par737272217
Not followingT8AUSVICT8. J.John Onions titleisttitleist+1F+2727174217
Not following10AUSNSW10. D.Darryl Purchase +2F+1776873218
Not followingT11AUSNSWT11. G.Guy Wall +3F+3737175219
Not followingT11USAUSAT11. P.Perry Parker +3F+3737175219
Not following13AUSQLD13. C.Chris Hollingsworth +6F+2777174222
Not following14AUSNSW14. M.Michael Holden +7F-1827071223
Not followingT15AUSQLDT15. D.Donald Edwards +9F0Par817272225
Not followingT15FJIFIJT15. A.Arvind Lal +9F*-1787671225
Not followingT17AUSNSWT17. S.Steven Aisbett +10F*0Par797572226
Not followingT17AUSNSWT17. S.Simon Jagot +10F+4787276226
Not followingT17NZLNZLT17. M.Marcus Menara +10F*-2817570226
Not followingT17AUSQLDT17. G.Gregory Rix +10F+6767278226
Not followingT21AUSVICT21. J.John Martin +11F*+1797573227
Not followingT21AUSQLDT21. H.Hugh Dolan +11F+3777575227
Not following23AUSNSW23. M.Mark McFadden +12F+4797376228
Not following24NZLNZL24. C.Craig Owen +13F+6777478229
Not followingT25NZLNZLT25. P.Peter Hayes +14F*+4787676230
Not followingT25AUSWAT25. K.Kenneth Oung +14F*+3817475230
Not following27AUSQLD27. M.Malcolm Wilson +17F+9777581233
Not followingT28NZLNZLT28. R.Richard Ellis +18F+9767781234
Not followingT28AUSNSWT28. S.Scott Ford +18F*+1827973234
Not followingT30AUSQLDT30. T.Tomas Mezera +20F*+10817382236
Not followingT30AUSNSWT30. A.Andy Dakers +20F*+2897374236
Not following32FJIFIJ32. K.Krishna Singh titleisttitleist+21F*0Par867972237
Not followingT33AUSQLDT33. G.Gary Schofield +22F*+5827977238
Not followingT33AUSNSWT33. G.Grant Fyander +22F*+3867775238
Not following35FIJFIJ35. M.Mira Singh +24F*+10837582240
Not following36AUSQLD36. J.John Kirchner +25F*+7828079241
Not following37AUSQLD37. O.Ossie Moore +26F*+7828179242
Not followingT38AUSVICT38. W.Wayne Rogers +31F*+8897880247
Not followingT38AUSVICT38. D.DO NOT USE Fran Blazevic +31F*+7858379247
Not following40AUSQLD40. D.Denis Brosnan +33F*+9927681249
Not followingT41FJIFIJT41. M.Mahmood Buksh -F*0Par81DSQDSQDSQ
Not followingT41AUSNSWT41. G.Gary Wheatley -F*0Par106DSQDSQDSQ
Not followingT41NZLNZLT41. D.Dean Sipson titleisttitleist-F*0Par78DSQDSQDSQ
Not followingT41AUSQLDT41. G.Gary Bruyeres -F*0Par81DSQDSQDSQ


Titleist = The player is using a Titleist ball

* =  The player began their round on the 10th hole

(Am) = The player is an amateur

CUT = The cut is made after the completion of 36 holes. Prior to this, the cut line represents the projected cut.

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A/S = All Square
EH#2 = Extra Hole
DSQ = Disqualified
WDN = Withdrawn
RTD = Retired