Not following1AUSQLD1. P.Peter Senior titleisttitleist-10F-56767134
Not following2AUSNSW2. P.Peter O'Malley titleisttitleist-8F-36769136
Not following3AUSNSW3. P.Peter Fowler titleisttitleist-7F-77265137
Not following4AUSNSW4. G.Grant Kenny titleisttitleist-5F-57267139
Not following5AUSVIC5. P.Peter Woodward -4F-37169140
Not followingT6AUSVICT6. M.Michael Harwood -3F-37269141
Not followingT6AUSVICT6. L.Lucien Tinkler -3F-17071141
Not followingT8AUSVICT8. D.Douglas Francis (Am) -2F-47468142
Not followingT8AUSNSWT8. P.Peter Lonard titleisttitleist-2F-27270142
Not followingT10USAUSAT10. R.Richard Gilkey -1F-47568143
Not followingT10ENGVICT10. B.Ben Jackson -1F-37469143
Not followingT10AUSQLDT10. N.Nigel Lane -1F0Par7172143
Not followingT10AUSVICT10. T.Tim Elliott -1F0Par7172143
Not followingT10AUSVICT10. R.Richard Cooney titleisttitleist-1F+17073143
Not followingT10AUSQLDT10. T.Terry Price titleisttitleist-1F+26974143
Not followingT16AUSNSWT16. D.Darryl Purchase 0ParF0Par7272144
Not followingT16AUSQLDT16. R.Richard Backwell 0ParF+17173144
Not followingT16AUSVICT16. P.Paul Powell 0ParF+36975144
Not followingT19AUSWAT19. S.Stephen Herbert titleisttitleist+1F-27570145
Not followingT19AUSVICT19. D.David Diaz +1F+17273145
Not followingT21AUSQLDT21. D.Darren Rix +2F*-47868146
Not followingT21AUSVICT21. B.Bryan Wearne +2F+37175146
Not following23USAUSA23. S.Shaquill Mongol +3F+17473147
Not followingT24AUSQLDT24. M.Mark Tickle +4F+47276148
Not followingT24AUSVICT24. J.John Wade titleisttitleist+4F+47276148
Not followingT26NZLNZLT26. M.Martin Pettigrew +5F+17673149
Not followingT26AUSVICT26. J.John Onions titleisttitleist+5F+67178149
Not followingT28AUSNSWT28. S.Simon Jagot +6F+27674150
Not followingT28AUSVICT28. D.David Hill +6F*+27674150
Not followingT28AUSNSWT28. M.Martin Peterson +6F+47476150
Not followingT28AUSVICT28. T.Trevor McDonald +6F+57377150
Not followingT32AUSNSWT32. M.Mike Zilko +7F+37675151
Not followingT32AUSQLDT32. P.Paul Dalgleish +7F+37675151
Not followingT32AUSVICT32. M.Michael Paterson +7F+47576151
Not followingT32AUSVICT32. D.David Good +7F+57477151
Not followingT32AUSWAT32. A.Andrew Gott titleisttitleist+7F+67378151
Not followingT37AUSWAT37. K.Kenneth Oung +8F+47676152
Not followingT37AUSVICT37. D.Darren Rodgers +8F+47676152
Not followingT37AUSNSWT37. M.Michael Holden +8F*+37775152
Not followingT37AUSNSWT37. D.David Robb (Am) +8F+57577152
Not followingT37AUSQLDT37. J.John Price +8F*+27874152
Not followingT37AUSNSWT37. A.Adam Revai +8F+67478152
Not followingT37AUSQLDT37. B.Brad Burns titleisttitleist+8F+77379152
Not followingT44AUSNSWT44. D.David Hando titleisttitleist+9F+57677153
Not followingT44AUSNSWT44. G.Grant Fyander +9F*+47776153
Not followingT44AUSVICT44. T.Tony Page +9F+57677153
Not followingT44AUSNSWT44. P.Peter Jones +9F*0Par8172153
Not followingT48AUSVICT48. T.Troy Alsford +10F+67678154
Not followingT48AUSNSWT48. D.David Fearns +10F*+57777154
Not followingT48NZLNZLT48. P.Peter Hayes +10F*+18173154
Not followingT51AUSNSWT51. S.Steven Aisbett titleisttitleist+11F*+67778155
Not followingT51AUSQLDT51. C.Chris Hollingsworth +11F*+47976155
Not followingT51AUSNSWT51. A.Andy Dakers +11F*0Par8372155
Not followingT54NZLNSWT54. B.Bryce Mawhinney +12F*+77779156
Not followingT54AUSVICT54. W.Wesley Greene titleisttitleist+12F+97581156
Not followingT54AUSSAT54. D.David Galloway +12F*+57977156
Not followingT54AUSVICT54. R.Robert Emond +12F+107482156
Not followingT58AUSVICT58. S.Scott Wearne +13F+97681157
Not followingT58AUSVICT58. J.John Martin +13F*+58077157
Not followingT60AUSVICT60. W.Wayne Rogers +14F*+87880158
Not followingT60AUSQLDT60. H.Hugh Dolan +14F*+87880158
Not followingT60AUSNSWT60. S.Scott Ford +14F*+58177158
Not followingT63AUSWAT63. M.Mostyn Farmer +15F*+107782159
Not followingT63AUSVICT63. D.David Armstrong +15F*+87980159
Not following65AUSQLD65. B.Brad Cumming +16F*+78179160
Not followingT66USAVICT66. D.David Bowyer +17F*+88180161
Not followingT66AUSVICT66. M.Mark Griffin +17F*+48576161
Not followingT68AUSNSWT68. D.David Snelling +18F*+137785162
Not followingT68AUSQLDT68. T.Tomas Mezera +18F*+68478162
Not following70AUSVIC70. S.Stephen Montgomerie +19F*+88380163
Not followingT71AUSVICT71. A.Anthony Sanders +20F*+137985164
Not followingT71AUSVICT71. F.Frank Conallin +20F*+88480164
Not followingT73AUSNSWT73. S.Shane O'Brien +21F*+147986165
Not followingT73AUSVICT73. J.John Dawes (Am) +21F*+147986165
Not followingT73AUSQLDT73. G.Gary Bruyeres +21F*+98481165
Not followingT76AUSVICT76. D.Donald Dickson titleisttitleist+23F*+148186167
Not followingT76AUSVICT76. A.Andrew Conn (Am) +23F*+118483167
Not following78AUSNSW78. G.Gary Begg +25F*+138485169
Not followingT79AUSNSWT79. G.Greg Mytilinios (Am) +26F*+148486170
Not followingT79AUSVICT79. P.Phil Clarnette (Am) +26F*+118783170
Not followingT79AUSNSWT79. V.Vincent Slattery (Am) +26F*+118783170
Not followingT82AUSVICT82. S.Stephen Buckley (Am) +29F*+148786173
Not followingT82AUSQLDT82. O.Ossie Moore +29F*+89380173
Not following84AUSVIC84. C.Cliff Dobbie (Am) +30F*+148886174
Not following85AUSNSW85. G.Geoffrey Moore +34F*+198791178
Not followingT86AUSQLDT86. M.Michael Mills -F*0Par84DSQDSQ
Not followingT86AUSNSWT86. G.Greg O'Brien (Am) -F*0Par86DSQDSQ


Titleist = The player is using a Titleist ball

* =  The player began their round on the 10th hole

(Am) = The player is an amateur

CUT = The cut is made after the completion of 36 holes. Prior to this, the cut line represents the projected cut.

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A/S = All Square
EH#2 = Extra Hole
DSQ = Disqualified
WDN = Withdrawn
RTD = Retired