Overnight leader Mathew Webb from the PGA of Great Britain and Ireland was declared the 2016 PGA National Futures Champion after a frustrating day in the clubhouse.

Mathew WebbWith the weather gods not on side again today, heavy rain saw the suspension of play just after 10:30am. Competitors sheltered in the player's lounge whist the Ballarat Golf Club's ground staff worked furiously during intermittent breaks in the rain in a bid to clear the greens.

Victorian Adam Burdett was eagerly awaiting the resumption of play, after a string of birdies through the front-9 saw him claw back Webb's lead to only one shot and he was keen to maintain his momentum.

Disappointingly after a three hour delay, the round was officially cancelled. As if on cue as the announcement was made the skies once again opened and a barrage of rain followed.

Mathew Webb was crowned the champion with the results reverting to the 54 hole scores.

Players, staff and officials breathed a sigh of relief after what has been one of the most challenging tournaments of the Trainee season - testing their skill, mental and physical endurance.