Chasing a European Tour card, Lucas Herbert has teed it up in 17 tournaments including two Majors, across 15 countries and earned in excess of AU$1.2million.

Lucas HerbertBut for the heights the 22-year-old has achieved, Herbert has his feet firmly on the ground and will this week tee it up in the AU$100,000 Eynesbury Masters on the Ladbrokes Pro-Am Series.

It is a tournament many may be surprised to see him entered into, but for Herbert it was a no brainer as he continues to prioritise Australian golf.

“I am going to play Dubai; I am not going to play the Australian Open which is kind of upsetting. I would love to come home and play it and I will in years to come,” said Herbert.

“But an event like Dubai, this early in my career, is a good chance to gain some financial security as well as give myself a really good chance to get to that top-50 in the world.

“I hope everyone understand my decision to play Dubai and don’t think it is a pattern of years to come. I really want to buck the trend on how Australian golfers don’t seem to come back and play our events.

“I want to be a big supporter of Australian golf, with missing the Australian Open I felt like I want to give back in some other way. Playing Eynesbury seems like a good idea to be able to do that and hopefully having me play helps promote the Ladbrokes Pro-Am Series.”

But there was a caveat to Herbert teeing it up in the pro-am; he wanted to play with the Club Champion Jason Pallpratt and Nathan Mills.

“I played the Eynesbury pro-am at the start of last year and met a couple of really good guys. Pro-ams are always a little bit funny; you can tell pretty early on in the day what type of day you are going to have based on your partners,” added Herbert.

“These guys were really good to play with, irrelevant of the quality of golf, they were just good guys.

“I made some pretty good friendships, Jason who is the club champ, messages me frequently while I am away, wishing me good luck and congratulating me when I have had god results.

“So If I was able to play with those guys again I was more than happy to come and play again.”

Inherently competitive, Herbert will be out to win the Eynesbury Masters, just as he is aiming to win a European Tour event before the end of the year.

“I say at the moment I am not taking it too seriously; that it is just a good way to kick some jet lag and have some fun with the guys out there,” added Herbert.

“But, like always, I think when I walk onto the golf course I will get competitive and I will want to make putts and hit good shots.

“I don’t think I can ever stop that innate drive to win that is in me, so I am sure it will come out.”

The Eynesbury Masters will be played at Eynesbury Homestead and Golf from 19-21 October.

Joining Lucas Herbert in the field are 2018 ISPS HANDA PGA Tour of Australasia winners; Simon Hawkes, Daniel Fox, Daniel Gale and Aaron Pike.

Positions are still available for amateurs to tee it up in the Eynesbury Masters, for more information please visit