OK so Tour Insider didn't get the winner last week but it is fair to say I am in great form. Three players yet to record a win on Tour, who TI backed at the QLD Open, finished in the top-ten including the winner Jake McLeod.

TI was extremely happy for Jake who has worked hard and been a consistent performer on Tour over the last couple of years and is a cracking lad to go with it.

Harrison Endycott and one of the old boys in the event last week David McKenzie recorded top ten finishes while Brett Coletta finished just outside the top-10. All in all, I am in form!!!!

The Lakes GC is in spectacular condition and as Sydney's weather has been a little wet of late it could be set for scoring if the predicted winds don't arrive.

Cam Smith

Cam Smith - I am really bullish about this guys chances this week. He is a ripping fella and the more Aussie crowds get to know him the more they will grow to love him. You get, what you get, with this guy and he has already demonstrated in a number of ways his love for the Aussie tournaments and helping young Aussies improve in the game. He won't have it all his own way but he deserves to be one of the favourites.

Abraham AncerAbraham Ancer - TI met this guy for the first time and is sure he will become a crowd favourite by the end of the week. He played some impressive golf during the Fed Ex playoffs and TI sees no reason why his first trip to Australia won't be a successful one.

Matt KucharMatt Kuchar - rarely plays poorly and if last week is anything to go by he is in great form. Popular with the crowds wherever he plays, Kuch will no doubt make a mark on the tournament at some stage.

Cam DavisCam Davis - another young Aussie with his head screwed on right. He could have played on the PGA Tour this week but has done the "right" thing and come back to defend his title. Some thought a surprise winner last year but Davis has gone on to show his win was no fluke by gaining his PGA Tour card after starting the year with no status at all on any Tour. TI would love to see him defend again this week.

Ben AnBen An - this talented Korean who plays the PGA Tour just goes about his business quietly but he can sure play. TI took some time out from his day job and watched the young Korean a little today and believes he too is in good form. The softer conditions probably help as the adjustment to the usually firm and fast courses in Australia will not be as pronounced this week.

Hardly anything earth-shattering among the tips here but TI wants to keep the winning record going. For those that want to chase the odds TI believes some of the younger Aussies Zach Murray, Brett Coletta, Harrison Endycott, Jake McLeod and Cameron John should have big weeks and also a guy a little "Senior" than those players will also play well.

The amateur race is wide open with some really talented young guys teeing it up this week. US, Aussie and Asian Amateur champs in the field but TI is going to say young David Micheluzzi from Melbourne will clean them all up.

Good luck to all, what a great week it promises to be.