Ryan Fox was destined to be a professional athlete. It was just a case of which sport. This episode shows how Ryan benefited and was literally hurt by being the son of New Zealand's World Cup winning rugby union legend Grant Fox. Ryan reveals how the hits he took saw him turning to other sports and how, for a while, he looked as if he might follow in the footsteps of his grandfather, former New Zealand test cricketer Merv Wallace.

Ryan FoxLate by modern standards, Ryan Fox turned to golf. He admits how early in his professional career he thought he was done with the game. But how with the help of his father, he turned it around and is now flourishing.

With the Irish Open this week, Ryan talks of the one that got away twelve months ago. But we begin at the start of 2019 with four weeks that proved momentous in so many ways. His first European Tour win and marriage to Annike.