Three fresh faces are forging a career in golf and are helping to encourage more females to participate in the game they love.

Corrina Bryant, Karena Vendy and Melanie FosterCorrina Bryant is a first-year PGA Trainee at the Sandhurst Club, Karena Vendy is a second-year PGA Trainee at Peninsula Kingswood Golf Club and Melanie Foster is a first-year PGA Trainee at Gardiners Run Golf Club.

Linked together by their passion for golf, they are the future faces of the game which they believe is growing in the female demographic.

“I think the game of golf for females is definitely growing and I think there are different ages involved now as well,” said Vendy.

“There isn't an age bias in golf which is really beneficial for everyone but especially for females because you can start at a young age and continue for as long as you are physically able to.”

While Foster added,Golf is a game that anyone can enjoy. Yes, it was once a men’s sport but girls can do what guys can do now. It's a different world and it's a different environment now.”

Starting out in the game as a junior golfer, Vendy remembers it was another female who fostered her love of the game.

I went to a junior clinic when I was younger and a lovely lady, Jean Cassidy, was very supportive of us, helping us to feel confident and comfortable on the golf course,” added Vendy.

“I just fell in love with it, it was such a rewarding sport, I really enjoyed being outdoors and enjoyed the mental side of it as well as the physical.”

By pursuing a career as a PGA Professional, Vendy’s dream is to encourage more females to play golf where she can now be the role model for other women starting out.

“I think it's been really good to have different types of role models, especially females because our swings are different and we have different strength levels,” added Vendy.

“I hope to be a good representation for younger females to be involved and excited by the game.”

Starting with the junior game, Vendy believes that golf should be fun.

“I think the more fun that juniors have while they are being coached will keep girls and boys in the sport for longer,” added Vendy.

“Golf is a great sport for girls as it is good for fitness, health and it is very mentally challenging and I think girls will develop and thrive in that type of environment.”

While Bryant is helping to create programs at the Sandhurst Club which makes golf more accessible to young women.

“I think we are on the right track by creating more programs for women,” said Bryant.

“At the Sandhurst Club we have a champagne ladies program and a fit golf program so that the game is more social than skill based.”

Vendy, Foster and Bryant are part of a new wave of PGA Professionals. While 6% of the total PGA membership is female this is a figure that is growing in the future.

Currently, 13% of PGA Trainees are female and the average age of a female PGA Professional is 36 versus the average age of a male PGA Professional being 44.

The PGA of Australia is committed to supporting Golf Australia’s Vision 2025: The future of women and girls in golf.