Tom Murray, 2019 ISPS Handa World Super 6 Perth, Round 3 Interview - 16th February 2019

Q.  You missed the cut here last year, you didn't play -- how did you find I guess the ever-evolving scoreboard?  Did you have a different mindset for today?

TOM MURRAY:  Not really, no, no, if I'm honest.  I kind of, I didn't really know what the number would be to get in the match play, so just sort of mindset to start the day was 3-under par because I knew it was going to get windy.  Did that and it looks like it's good enough to get to Sunday.

Q.  Nice little bounce-back after 13.  Like I said, it was just an important swing off the top of the tee?

TOM MURRAY:  Yeah, it doesn't -- it just doesn't suit my eye, that tee shot, that's all.  Hit a poor one in the trees and had to chip out and then missed it, missed my third shot in the worst position.  So 6 was actually pretty good.

Q.  You had assistance from the rules official which way to drop it?

TOM MURRAY:  I kind of had to flop it over the TV tower in the end so I was happy to get out of there with double and then birdie-birdie after that was a nice little bonus.

Q.  Are you pretty good at bouncing back normally?

TOM MURRAY:  Yeah, I would say all of my life I've been pretty good at that.  Don't really let it affect me as such and just get back and --

Q.  Do you have a little -- do you say to yourself to leave that last hole behind, or how do you move on?

TOM MURRAY:  No, don't have anything that I particularly say.  Just sort of I have Henry on the bag and just sort of get back to it.  There's nothing you can do about it.  Just next shot, focus again.

Q.  When was the last time you played match play?

TOM MURRAY:  I played Belgium last year but missed the cut.  I finished fourth in a Challenge Tour match play the year before in Spain, which that was the first event like that on the Challenge Tour.  I feel I quite like match play.  I like the feel of it, I like the dynamic of it.

Q.  Are you looking to having played these holes now for three days, do you think the holes that will be in the match play you have to have an aggressive mindset?

TOM MURRAY:  Both really, because like 13 and 18 aren't really birdie holes whereas you have the 12th, which is obviously a wedge par-3.  It's a tricky hole, but anytime you get a wedge in you think you birdie.  Obviously the 10th is a birdie hole.  It's a good mix -- the six holes that are chosen are a good mix.

Q.  I thought it was karma when you were sort of sharing a little moment with the girl on 12 walking down and then make the putt from the fringe?

TOM MURRAY:  Yeah, it was nice, and I gave her the ball as well.

Q.  Oh, very nice.

TOM MURRAY:  So hopefully she can put that to good use.

Q.  What have you made -- does it change -- does it change the atmosphere around the course, a Saturday like today?  You're not just playing for --

TOM MURRAY:  Yeah, I know what you mean.  It's a good buzz around the place today.  Obviously way more people around.  Everyone's sort of there's a few different, like obviously try to get as low as you can to get in the top-8 to get through, top-24 get through, so there's a few things going on.

Q.  Do you expect (no microphone.)

TOM MURRAY:  Anyone, (inaudible).  I think six will get through, yeah.

Q.  So you'll play in the afternoon?

TOM MURRAY:  Just go and chill and just get ready for tomorrow really.