Per Langfors, 2019 ISPS Handa World Super 6 Perth, Round 3 Interview - 16th February 2019

Q.  No. 1 seed, are you keen to be going into tomorrow in that same position?

PER LANGFORS:  Yeah, it feels really good.  Exciting for -- excited for the match play, see what happens there.

Q.  When did you last play match play?

PER LANGFORS:  Last year on Nordic League, like one year ago.  I think I remember how to do it.

Q.  Do you think how much (inaudible) getting that first round off, do you think?

PER LANGFORS:  Obviously it's really good (inaudible), so just got to stay focused and I'm going to keep doing what we're doing.

Q.  First time in Perth?

PER LANGFORS:  It is, yeah, first time in Australia.

Q.  What do you make of it?

PER LANGFORS:  It's really good, I like it.  It's cold in Sweden at the moment at least, so really nice to be here.

Q.  What's your Tour status at the moment and what would a win mean for you?

PER LANGFORS:  I got the Q-School status from last year, so obviously a win would mean the world to me.  At the moment I don't get into Rolex Series events, so obviously would be nice.

Q.  And when did you turn pro?

PER LANGFORS:  Four years ago.  This is my fifth year.  Played four years on Nordic League in Sweden, so big step to the European Tour.  Obviously a big step to being in the lead as well.

Q.  What's pro life been like so far?

PER LANGFORS:  Really good, it's so fun.  I mean, just enjoying every second of it.  It's really good.