Paul Dunne, 2019 ISPS Handa World Super 6 Perth, Round 3 Interview - 16th February 2019

Q.  You put yourself in a nice position, now you just wait and see.

PAUL DUNNE:  Yeah, yeah.  Hopefully that's enough to get me into the top-8 and get me a bye in the first round.  The main goal today was just get into the match play, so it was nice to have done that.  Hopefully I don't have to do any playoffs later on and I can sit back and relax.

Q.  And when were you last in Perth?

PAUL DUNNE:  I played this tournament in 2016.  I've been in Australia --

Q.  Back when it was the Perth --

PAUL DUNNE:  I played it when it was a stroke play event.  This is my first time with the new format.

Q.  Have you thought much about it or is it more get in there first?

PAUL DUNNE:  No, I like the idea of the format.  I played at the Golf Sixes, the six-hole match play.  It's intense, which is good.  You don't always get a final few holes feeling on the third hole of the day.  I think it will be mentally sharp right from the get-go in the morning and just try and make as many putts as you can.

Q.  If you can get that top-8, how much of a bonus would that be?

PAUL DUNNE:  Well, I mean, it's a bonus because you get a little bit more rest, but I think if you were to play the first round and win, it's an advantage, I think, because you've played the six holes already, you've seen the pins, you kind of are in the middle of your round.  So I'm not sure really.  Like obviously you don't want to have to play the first round because you might lose, but I think if you were to play the first round and win, it could be an advantage.  At the end of the day it's six holes, anything can happen over six holes.  Just kind of try and play my best and hopefully it's enough.

Q.  How do you prepare for it, because you don't get time to really warm into it or anything.  How do you get yourself up straightaway?

PAUL DUNNE:  I think it's a mindset really, and then you just got to get the breaks at the right time.  If you go down, you don't really have that much time to get back.  So kind of take it as it comes, try to hit the right shots at the right time, hole a few putts under pressure.

Q.  You had a good amateur career where you played a lot of match play, it's a little while ago now.  Do you draw on that tomorrow or just completely --

PAUL DUNNE:  I play a lot of match play anyway in Tuesday practise rounds and stuff.  I like it.  I like the competitiveness of it where you play against someone apart from just playing against the course the whole time.  Match play, it's a funny gig.  It's the best format if you get a bit of momentum, and if you're struggling for momentum, it just feels like you're down the whole time.  So I feel like getting off to a good start is a big help.

Q.  This round was a little slow to get going.  You had a little question as well about the ball marking.  Did you think Thursday that you would be leading the golf tournament?

PAUL DUNNE:  No, but to be honest with you, my practise on like Tuesday, especially Wednesday, I hit the ball so well.  I did, my expectations were a little bit high.  I was getting frustrated too easily on any bad shot.  I would be practising so well the days before, but I keep -- given the format it was, I keep telling myself, if I could just get three weeks, the game is there, just get to Sunday really and then I have a chance to win.  I think more than a normal event, I felt like I didn't really shoot myself ahead of it, I just gave myself a bit of work to do.

Q.  Is there any part of you that here you are leading (inaudible) I wish this was a stroke play event?

PAUL DUNNE:  Not really, because I knew it coming in really, it is what it is.  I knew it was the format it's going to be.  Hopefully I can go out and win anyway.

Q.  You have pretty good support from the Irish community?

PAUL DUNNE:  Yeah, the guy I played with is a local as well and he said at the 9th that I had more fans out here than he did.  I think you find Paddys everywhere in the world.