Paul Dunne, 2019 ISPS Handa World Super 6 Perth, Final Match Interview - 17th February 2019

Q.  Take us through that shot on the last to win it.

PAUL DUNNE:  Yeah, I thought I had it won with two holes to go.  I was in nicely five feet on the second‑last hole and Scott was 35 feet and he holed it.  So, I mean, I couldn't tell.  It was 99 yards, I couldn't tell if it was going to play 110 or 120 with the wind. And he went up first, I think he hit his 120 club and he flew it into the grandstand, so I kind of made up my mind and just hit a nice shot.  Without the wind and the situation it's a pretty basic shot, like 99 yards from a ball in hand.  But it was nice to pull it off and kind of get third place, but I would have preferred to go a couple better.

Q.  You mentioned you should have been up earlier in the match.  Does that just add to the excitement of the game that you can made it as far as you did?

PAUL DUNNE:  I mean, that's the excitement for watching.  Maybe not if you're me, I prefer to be boring and doing 2 & 1. But yeah, that's what this format throws at you.  Six holes is so short, anything can happen.  Like normally match play momentum is so important, but six holes, you can't even get momentum, it's just a matter of throwing shocks in people's faces and seeing how they react to it.  So that was a shock to me on the 17th.  I played nicely all week.  Third is pretty good under given circumstances.  It probably could be better would have been nice enough.

Q.  Is this a format that you've enjoyed playing and would you like to see more of it?

PAUL DUNNE:  Yeah, it's a good format, it's different.  I think everyone around the green enjoyed it, the excitement kind of five or six times a day as opposed to just once a week.  So yeah, I enjoyed the Golf Sixes as well, kind of a similar format except it was a team.  Yeah, I think it's entertaining.