Min Woo Lee, 2019 ISPS Handa World Super 6 Perth, Round 3 Interview - 16th February 2019

Q.  Got to match play again, that was the goal?

MIN WOO LEE:  Yeah, yeah, a bit disappointing, I guess I lost a really good bunker shot, I was in the top-24 in that bunker so I just couldn't do anything silly.  So hit a really nice shot and then left it short somehow.  Yeah, disappointed with that putt, but we're on to match play, so game on.

Q.  And game on, last year you seemed to thrive on that atmosphere.  Does that give you a lot of confidence going into tomorrow?

MIN WOO LEE:  Yeah.  Missed it in the right spots and made a lot of birdies, so that's the game plan tomorrow and hopefully it goes well.

Q.  How have you played the match play holes this week?

MIN WOO LEE:  Not too bad.  I think I did pretty good.  Obviously didn't make birdie on 14 today and that was pretty disappointing and that was a big key to this round.  Yeah, just reflecting on it tonight and see how I go.  Yeah, I've done all right.

Q.  Do you try not to think about the opportunity tomorrow?  How do you approach it?

MIN WOO LEE:  Yeah, it's just one shot at a time, isn't it?  It's six holes.  Literally said hi and bye last year to the opponent.  Hopefully you're up early and finish it off.

Q.  Are there some players do you think it might not be an advantage finishing in the top 8 because you meet someone who's already played six holes?

MIN WOO LEE:  Yeah, yeah.  Thanks for the positives there, I can take away that as a plus, I guess.  Yeah, well, you can practise after every hole, so maybe just have a few putts afterwards.  I guess have a bit of advantage.  Yeah, I guess it's good because you have a bit of momentum if you win.  Yeah, it's nice.  And the guy that you're playing next knows that you won.

Q.  And how much confidence do you take out of last year?  Obviously you did well here.

MIN WOO LEE:  Yeah, that was probably one of the highlights of last year.  Yeah, it was really fun just playing in front of a crowd.  Lots of pressure coming in, so that's what we play for and yeah, I love it.

Q.  And you're a bit more well known this year, probably a bigger crowd.

MIN WOO LEE:  Yeah, I guess play one shot at a time, I guess.  Bigger crowd, it's better.

Q.  Do you feed off of it?

MIN WOO LEE:  Yeah, I love it.  Like I said, it's a bit of pressure, that last shot coming in.  You can't miss it left, you can't miss it short, which I did.  But yeah, you learn from it and I guess if you lose, you learn.  It's nice.

Q.  Does anyone in the field pose any fears for you if you take them on?

MIN WOO LEE:  No, no, no fears.  I did well last year.  I love this course, so yeah, hopefully they're scared of me.

Q.  What's the routine?

MIN WOO LEE:  I've got to go to that function and then sleep early and early tee time, I guess.